Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Stew talked with the agent who listed the leaky home last night.
And he was told all we had to do was get our solicitor to tell 'their' solicitor we did not want to continue with the purchase and they would release us from it.

Really?  Apparently it was our solicitor who said we needed to put a finance clause in retrospectively to get out of the contract.  Right now I don't care how the hell we get out of it, I just want OUT OF IT!

I can't think of anything else.  I can't eat.  I can't sleep.  I am a total MESS.  I shake whenever I think of it.  I get a hot flush every time I think of it.

So basically I'm a shaky, tired, starving, HOT MESS.

It ain't pretty.

So today I will be once again sitting here, in me lazy boy chair, looking at the computer screen, waiting for an email from our solicitor saying it is done and over with.

If I don't see that by 5 pm I suppose we are screwed.

I'm sorry my blog is just crap right now!

OH and guess what I will be doing right after we are released from the contract? (presuming we are released that is).

Sending an email to 'our friend', the estate agent, sacking her.

I have absolutely NO confidence her now. She wasn't looking after our best interests when she added her building report clause.  NOT AT ALL.


Well... after the most fearful 4 days of our lives, our bank refused to finance the leaky house (THANK GOD), so our solicitor could use that to get us out of the contract.

It's over.  We don't have to spend over 3/4's of a million dollars on A FRIGGIN LEAKY HOUSE.

Can you believe that right up until a few hours ago, our LOVELY agent was telling me that the vendors would let us out of the contract, NO PROBLEM, and we were not to worry.


When our solicitor rang the vendor's solicitor this morning, she was told that the vendors wanted the right to rectify the defects and were going to hold us to the contract!

So who's been telling us big fat lies then?

Guess who won't be selling us a house now?  You guessed it... our LOVELY friend, our Real Estate Agent.  But she is no more.

We will go it alone, find our new home OURSELVES, and get any contract we want to enter into checked over by OUR solicitor before we sign anything.

I feel like a ball of jelly... still shaking!  But so relieved.  I might have a nap now and try to wake up refreshed and ready to put this all behind us.

The purchasers of our home have agreed to extend the settlement date here, so we have till June the 10th to get out of here.
If that means we have to put all our stuff in storage and live in a motel for a couple of weeks, we will do it.


10.25 pm: Am I ever so glad today is over.  I thought selling our house was the worst experience of my life (in real estate matters)... but how wrong I was.  This leaky house has been a nightmare to get out of.
I am NEVER going to even LOOK at a plaster house again, and I don't care if it's a brand new one with all the new codes and checks in place.

Gimme brick and tile from now on.


  1. It will be alright Chris, remember when you were waiting to find out if the buyers who had signed contracts to buy your house you always had to wait until the very last second and you got the bad news, so the same thing will happen to the sellers of this house, they will find out at the last second that the sale is cancelled. This whole selling and this instance if buying is absolutely incredible, I have never heard of someone having such a nightmare of a time.

  2. Get on the phone at 9am and talk to your solicitor & ask them what the hell is taking so long and demand that they git it sorted immediately. This is not ok for you to be waiting like this

  3. You need to eat something. Anything! Something you like, don't worry about what it is. And get on the phone to that solicitor and ask for an ETA. Then ring him at 1 minute past that time and ask what is taking so long.
    And I am so PROUD of you for fucking off that bitch of a REA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ne thinks you Hamilton agnet was working on the side of the home owner I remmeber once viewing a house asked agent (who had admitted to being a friend of the home owner)what the gates at end of street lead to she didn't know...very near to signing up went back to house on way to signing up asked around the gate only lead to the sewer farm needless to say I didn't sign up.

  5. Anonymous11:28 AM


    Maybe it is best to sack her after you are out of the contract ? so she can still help you if needed ? not to antagonize her ? then get rid of her straight away, the real estate that sold my mothers home a few months ago, did a few dodgy things too, I was not impressed.



  6. my tummy is doing flips waiting to see if you got out of the contract. Bloody scary stuff.

  7. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Thank goodness you got out of that contract!!!!! Hope you have a lovely sleep & wake up feeling better.

  8. I would much much much (!!!) rather you put your stuff in storage and go somewhere temporary. It's short term pain for long term gain. Now to find your perfect house... good luck and I'm so relieved you are out of that contract.

    Filling in a complaint about her might make you feel better!

    1. I agree that a complaint needs to me made, this was not some minor oversight, this was disgusting behaviour and nearly cost our friends hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the lawyers bills it has cost AND the stress & worry. What a crock of bull that the Vendors would let them out, she was buying time until the deadline so they would be stuck with the house.

  10. I am so happy for you that you have been able to get out if the contract, fingers crossed you find something soon

  11. So glad that awful experience is over for you. Thankfully you have sacked the agent. Onwards and upwards now.

  12. phew so relieved for you thank god for the bank hope u managed to have a snooze

  13. I'm so relieved for you all that you managed to get out of that contract - and I can't blame you at all for being disappointed in your real estate 'friend's' work ethics when it comes to putting that clause into the contract. I was a loans officer for a bank previously, and we always advised our clients to run any contract over with their solicitor before signing (and add clauses such as "Subject to purchaser's solicitor's agreement"; "subject to a building report that is satisfactory to the purchaser" and "subject to finance"). Very relieved that you will be checking with your solicitor going forward as I hate that you had to go through that stress - that agent really was looking out for herself and vendors as number one priority there. I hope the rest of your day is relaxing :)

    1. Exactly what we have always done Paula - each of those "clauses" are so important. We always put the solicitor part in. Of course with an auction, which Chris and Stu might do at some stage, none of this applies so you need to be extra cautious with an auction.

  14. Thank God it all worked out for you guys. Phew!!

  15. christine4:55 PM


  16. Woohoo! Now go have a meal and a sleep! Must be such a huge weight off your shoulders!

  17. I agree a complaint needs to be lodged and her attitude behavior in this fiasco held to account that's for sure. and yes please eat something substantial.

  18. High five you on the fuck you to the plaster homes!

  19. Jeepers, what a nightmare!! I know you're relieved! I agree with you about the agents - they look out only for themselves. The good ones are few and far between. Just my opinion... As long as you have a good lawyer to read the contract and look out for your interest, that's all you need.

  20. You've been having terrible luck in the re-estate market. Hopefully from here on out things turn around. All the best.


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