Thursday, May 26, 2016


Today... I'm going to 'label' boxes.
Different colours for different rooms... so the movers know where things go.

ABOVE: See?  I will have each box marked with the corresponding colour so there's no confusion.
This floor plan will be at the front door of the new house so the guys can see where to put things.

Hopefully things go like clockwork!

I talked to the Estate Agent in Cambridge last night.   We have arranged to meet at the new house on Sunday the 5th of June, to do the final inspection, and to talk to the present owners about the alarm system, and any other idiosyncrasies of the house, rubbish days etc.

There are several fruit trees on the property, and I want to know what they are.  I know three of them are fig trees.  That's 3 fig trees too many!  Though, we might keep one cos it looks nice where it is.  Time will tell if it goes or not.

I mean, who likes figs?  I don't even know if I like them!  What can ya do with figs???

 ABOVE:  Tallulah has a new chew toy...

ABOVE:  this was her last one.  It WAS a set of three keys... but both dogs chewed it up and now?  No keys!  Just little bits of chewed up plastic.

Right, off I go to do stuff... it should be a cruisy day really.


I got something wrong yesterday... The number of sleeps to go till we are living in our new home!

ABOVE:  we have one day less than I thought.  Yaaaa.  It's not going to be long now.

I've done heaps this morning.  Washing.  Boxes made. Packed a few more things.  Now it's time to relax for a little while.

For no apparent reason, I'm feeling incredibly crabby this afternoon.  The kids are getting on my wick BIG TIME.
Maybe I'm just tired?  But for sure, I'm just in a bad mood.

I look around and all I see is work I have to do. Feeling a bit like... why do I have to do all this shit?  

Clearly. I know why.  But still.  CRABBY.

Let's just get crabbier.  I rolled my right ankle a couple of days ago on the driveway, and took a nasty fall.

And just now I did it again, same ankle, and fell against the garage door.  Big graze on my right lower arm.. blood... tears.

I think I will stop working now and just relax!  Clearly I'm tired.


  1. Also put a colour code at the entrance to each room so there's no doubt they are in the right room. Great idea ! I bet it will go very smoothly, the only issue will be how much stuff you discover you have once you clear out all the storage! I'm sure you'll have fun figuring it out though and it's a big house.

    Imagine Stew's joy when you move - no longer having to drive to and from Auckland!!

  2. I would love a fig tree! Very nice on a cheese platter, just quartered, and Llovely. With a bit of Merideth goat cheese.. You are super organised Chris, things should go without a hitch!

  3. Barbara Anne9:29 AM

    Oh, having fig trees is lovely and I hope you have a good think before cutting any down. We enjoy fig jam made from our one fig tree's figs and would love to grow more than one. Try it!

    Your color-coded floor plan and color-coded boxes should work wonderfully. I agree with Lynda that having the same color on the door of each room so it's even more of a no-brainer to get the furniture and boxes delivered to the correct room at the new house.

  4. I love fig jam, but that's the only way I eat figs. Colour coding is a great idea

  5. Oh you have to keep the fig trees if they look pretty. You could sell off the excess figs - you would be surprised at how many people do actually love them once they have tried them. Some inspiration for you .... (Maybe you could donate them to the ladies - and any men - at your new Weight Watchers meeting you talked about joining). :)

  6. You are doing a wonderful job.

  7. Figs are WONDERFUL! Fresh figs are such a luxury. There are a lot of ways to use them. My friend poaches them in wine - they are scrumptious!

  8. OH MY GOD FIGS yummmmmmm figs grilled with yoghurt and honey, figs and cheese fig chutney fig jam raw figs YUMM YUMM. You are such an organized person that chart is such a cool idea, yes clearly rest is needed hope your ankle doesn't stop the packing process in it's tracks.

  9. kids could sell BAGS figs for pocket money.....

  10. Honey I know you have a million things to do but you need to take a day & just have a rest, between the stress of selling your house, the stress of nearly buying a leaky house you need to have a bit of a break and regroup. Things will get done I assure you, even if I have to come & help!!!

  11. I don't care for the flesh of fresh fig, but they are really good preserved. Here in the States, especially in the south, we preserve them with a bit of lemon. They are delicious slathered on hot biscuits. Sorry about the ankle. Hope its not too bad of a twist.

  12. I think they are oookkaayyy like one or two lol. There are quite a few recipes on Pinterest if you search. Three trees is a lot for sure.

  13. I could eat a whole bag of figs, seriously! Do they all ripen at once or could you have a few each day, how does that work??


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