Saturday, May 28, 2016


Today's mission is to find suitable school shoes for Brylee, and a warm scarf and black pantyhose.  Then her uniform will be complete.

I've ordered their new school uniforms... to my shock and horror it's costing $746 for ONE set of everything they need to wear.

1 shirt for each of them, 1 skirt for Brylee, 1 pair of trousers for Griffin, 1 jumper for Brylee and 1 Jacket for Griffin and a pair of PE shorts each!  And we have to get their PE t-shirts yet.

Once I add in the shoes, scarf, pantyhose and PE tops I will have spent about a thousand dollars on uniform.  Bloody hell.

I don't remember spending that much on school uniforms EVER.  *sigh*

I think that will be 'us' for the day!  We will probably have lunch at the mall... wander around a bit then come home and relax.

Once we get to Cambridge we won't be 'relaxing' for quite a while, so we better make the most of it now.

ABOVE:  YEP, less than 2 weeks now!


Shoes - DONE
Pantyhose - DONE
Socks - DONE
Scarf - NOT DONE

Lunch - DONE

Sylvia Park wasn't too crowded today, thankfully.  I really loath crowds.  And ignorant pricks who stand slap bang in the middle of the 'walkway' in bunches, and won't MOVE out of the bloody way.  Grrrr.  

I used to love shopping but not when every man and his dog is at the mall too.

Give me 9 am on a Monday morning, when it's deserted.

I bought Griffin a mobile phone today too.  His reaction was very muted.  NOTHING like Brylee's that's for sure.  He is thrilled though.
It means he can now keep in touch with his friends here once we live in Cambridge.

8.47 pm:  just home from having a really lovely dinner at my Aunt and Uncles up the road.  Roast pork 'n' veges followed by Apple & Guava crumble AND Quince crumble too!   I wasn't sure I'd like the quince, but I did.

It's Coronation Street time!  Yaaaa.


  1. I feel your pain. Paige starts a new school next year and the uniform (one of each) is $600 not including the shoes. She will be training to be very very tidy and non smelly! !

  2. oh good lord that's outrageous second hand spare sets ? as boy you wouldn't want to lose anything crikey, Taupo Nui at the start of each uniform sale year they have second hand stuff too and the school office often hold second hand out grown items at school? better be selling heaps of figs then!

  3. This is NUTS! Your kids aren't even the same sex, so no hand-me-downs! Gahhhhhkkkk.

  4. And from memory, we had two shirts, plus of course multiple tights and socks so we (okay Mum) was only washing every few nights instead of every night. Sigh!

    I have had a very gentle introduction to the cost of parenthood- so far it feels like all We have bought is some singlets and a breast pump. Oh, and nappies! Penny xo

  5. How does the average person afford this ?????????????

    1. Well we are 'average persons', and we add to our credit card then pay it off! We are lucky this time around, because we will have some money left after the sale of our home and will be able to clear the credit card, thankfully.

  6. Bloody school uniforms!! I had to buy Sio a new shirt because her two wore out, since yr 13 do not have to wear a uniform and she is year 12 t his year, it is for about 6 months and cost me $ 80odd.

    1. Yep I'm in the same boat as this is her last year so only 1.5 terms of winter uniform. $50 per shirt so am trying to make Paige believe that 3/4 sleeves are fashionable!

  7. That is outrageous costs! WOWZA. What a pain, then trying to keep the things clean and ready to go, especially since you won't have many spares.... Do all kids wear uniforms to school? Here kids only wear uniforms at private schools. My son wears jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. Probably would be better if everyone had uniforms at all schools. Hmmm. Pros and cons, I guess either way.

    1. Some schools have uniforms, some don't. Virtually all private schools have uniforms.

  8. what colour scarf does B need..


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