Monday, May 30, 2016


YEP... today is the start of the last full week we will be spending in this home!

Stew's last day of commuting every day to Hamilton.

Brylee and Griffin's last week at their current school.

And me?  Probably not much different from the past few weeks, winding up this home, getting everything sorted and ready for the big move.


Mostly today I'm going to do some of the ikky jobs around here.  Give the loos and showers a massive scrub, get them clean as a whistle, so there's less to do next week.

Hopefully it's not a wet dreary day again.  I'd love to be able to open all the windows and doors and let some fresh air in.  It's been a good week since we have had a dry day.

 ABOVE: I got my camera out last night, and took some cute videos of the kids...  and young Archer saw the camera and next thing...

ABOVE:  He's right beside me looking at the camera.  He LOVES the flash!  Weird baby.  He's adorable though.  I love how he anticipates the flash and screws up his face!

OK... enough for now.  I've got plenty to be getting on with.

p.s.:  In case anyone needs reminding:



OK... while I'm cleaning.....

You can watch this little video. *smiles*

The kid's new school uniforms arrived today.
They just tried them on.  I got the sizes right, except for Brylee's PE Shorts, which I will have to send back for a swap. She can hardly get into them.  WHOOPS.  lol

I've got lamb chops cooking in mint sauce, the smell is divine!  Though I always expect it to, having done lamb like this many times before.
It's one of my favourite meals.

OOOOOh, Happy Valley starts tonight!  Three consecutive nights this week, and again next week.  Yaaa, love that show.

Oh and it WAS a wet, dreary day here.  The house feels so cold and uninviting to be in now that all our pretty stuff/paintings etc are gone.
It's just blank.  


  1. Awwww so cute Chris. I am excited for you too. Hard to leave your beautiful home but I look forward to seeing pics of your new place. Love Cambridge. Beautiful place, antique shops, quilt shop, toy museum?.. And close to the big stuff if you need it. Home today with bronchitis so catching up on blogs etc. getting one set up for my trip in next few weeks when b-i-l has time.

  2. I have learned it is neat to capture pictures of the wee ones because they really love it- and then they turn into teenagers and run from you???

    I love your Steve . He is such a great father -one of the most important jobs in the world.
    Wish my pups could get well enough to play again.

  3. Watching Happy Valley now!!!

  4. I love Happy Valley too... you'll love this new series, we watched it a few months ago on ITV (where we watch most of our TV these days). I love British TV :)

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