Saturday, May 07, 2016


Today we are heading off to Hamilton to meet up with our friend Martyn, who is going to do a building inspection on our prospective new  home.

I am feeling super hopeful that all will be well, and we can proceed with the purchase and get ourselves out of limbo finally.

After the inspection, if Marty has brought his good lady wife (Jacqui) and kids, we might just end up having lunch together before heading home again.

Marty is coming over from Tauranga, he's such a lovely guy doing this inspection for us.

If the inspection shows up too many risks with the house, we might end up looking at more houses.  I hope we don't have to.

So, that's our plans for the day.

I'll be back later on with the 'news'... keep your fingers crossed for us.  



So yes... we are back to square one and are now off looking at more houses with our expert builder and his cute family in tow. 😊

We have just put an offer on a 4th house.... an are awaiting the outcome.

If it isnt a GO... we are looking at another house later today.

Finally on our way 'home' .... with no new home secured. 

I will update fully when we get home. Long story. 

So.  We met Marty and Jacqui at the house and I drooled over it some more.  Meanwhile, Marty did his inspection.  He took ages.
Then he met me in a bedroom away from everyone else and gave me his verdict.  Me and Marty in a bedroom... ALONE.  hee hee (family joke now)

Oh I digress:

The house WAS/IS a leaky home.  Lots of repairs had been done, but in Marty's opinion they had not been done well at all.

And there are overriding issues with the method of construction and architectural aspects, which back when the house was built meant it is always going to have leaky problems.  He took photos of all the 'problem' areas he could SEE.

He went into the garage and saw wooden planks up against one of the garage walls, so he moved them and found they were covering 4 big bulges/bubbles in the wall.  Obviously water was causing them.  Sneaky sneaky.

So, we have backed out of the contract to buy it.

I am so relieved we had Marty check it out for us.

After that we looked at house number 4, which we liked very much, it was 3 years old and of brick construction.  We put an offer in on it on the spot.  It had just come on the market yesterday, and was having the first Open Home today.  More on that later...

Then we went off to lunch with Marty, Jacqui and all our kids.  It was nice to relax for a little while, even though I was really stressed to the max.

After lunch Marty and Jacqui left for home, and we went and visited some friends in Hamilton to await some news on our offer on House Number 4.

After not hearing anything by 5 pm we decided to head home.  Half way home we heard from our Agent.
The Number 4 house's Open Home was flooded with buyers!  And the vendors asked that all interested parties present their offers by Tuesday, as although they had our offer, they had 3-4 other parties wanting to make offers as well.  

So, we retracted our offer, with a view to maybe making an offer again on Tuesday.  Though in the back of our minds we feel like with that much 'competition' for it, it will go beyond our budget.

The Hamilton housing market is just NUTS right now!  Something that was around $700,00 six months ago is now over $800,00!  It's because the Auckland market is so hard to buy into now, Aucklanders are buying in Hamilton and commuting to work in Auckland!

So, we are struggling with all the competition.
But... we WILL find something eventually.

We can extend the settlement date on our home here luckily!  

Tomorrow we are going back to look at a few more houses.  We MUST. FIND. A. NEW. HOME!

And that was our day... lot's of up's and down's.

I'm happy to be home now though. 
The poor dogs went NUTS when we got home.  They missed us obviously.  
Tallulah's stitches look good, no sign of infection or irritation.  I was a bit worried about leaving her alone all day so soon after her operation, but she is fine thankfully.


  1. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Once again everything is crossed

  3. Hoping for good news

  4. Bugger although I don't think you were completely surprised. Good luck with number 4.

  5. Christine4:43 PM

    Such excitement in your world. I am rather envious. You can get so trapped in your current situation, you don't even think about change. Whatever happens - you will have a change.

  6. well at least there are options and that's great and what an awesome guy for coming all that way and hope the weather was nice as we are having a mini heat.....

  7. Gutted for you. The right house will be there for you, hope it turns up soon.

  8. oh shit Chris thanks god u got it checked and had that loop hole

  9. Lucky you have Martyn! How lucky!

  10. Unsettling time for you - but the right home is there for you!

  11. So will it be a silent auction on the other house or will you have an opportunity to increase your bid?

    1. Ahhh more like a tender situation. I doubt we would get to increase our bid as we already offered our max. I don't think we will be putting the offer in again.

    2. Get it. When my friend was buying in Sydney they had all these awful silent auctions, so you could put in your max and be maybe 50K more than the next person down! They lost houses by $1000, $2000...ridiculous.

    3. We were involved in a sale like this once. Our solicitor advised us to bid £1,210 above a round sum. We clinched the sale like that.

  12. Those vendors may end up regretting that decision, saying there are others wanting to make offers but how many will actually do it. Not much time for them to get builders reports or finance arranged.

    1. Unfortunately for us, there a plenty of buyers in Hamilton and from other areas all trying to buy a house! Hamilton's prices are still rising and show no sign of slowing down, so it's getting harder and harder to get a house in certain price ranges. Mostly our price range it would appear!

  13. Well shit! Hopefully this just means you haven't found that really awesome house yet.

  14. Hugs. I am glad you have such a terrific house inspector.


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