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Anonymous9:32 PM
Christ Chris, you tell us one thing, get our sympathy, then tell us something else! You had this house up your sleeve all the time. You just wanted our sympathy. Well you got it. Satisfied? Be truthfull to your blog followers. Without us, you wouldnt have a blog and your life would be boring, like everyone elses. Grow a pair and be honest.
Jane Moore, Belfast.

ANON from yesterday (Jane, yeah right):  the house we signed up yesterday wasn't our '3rd choice' that we had 'up our sleeve'.  

As we missed out on the two homes we really wanted, but lost at auction, we had to reconsider our options.

We had to re-visit some homes we had previously discounted.  We realise that we will have to make some more compromises to get the house that is the best option, at this time, for us.

None of this was to 'get your sympathy'.

 It is just me sharing what happens in our life, including the ups and downs.  My blog is an online record of my/our life.  I did not set out to garner readers/opinions from the general public.  My blog has just grown an 'audience' all on it's own.

And contrary to your opinion, I would still have a blog, with readers, OR NONE.  

We don't need your sort of negativity thanks. Go and read someone else's blog.

Now, just to muddy the waters some more... there is a fair likelihood that the house we signed up yesterday will fail the builders inspection, due to it's method of construction and architectural aspects.  We were told this last night by our VERY QUALIFIED builder friend,  who is going to do the 'proper' building inspection on Saturday.

So, we may yet be back at square one, and if that happens we will roll with it, and look some more.  NO sympathy needed.  *smiles*


My truly DISGUSTING story from yesterday:

I am sitting in the car, about to leave Hamilton East after signing house purchase papers.

In front of me is a park.  It's very open to the shops/road/pedestrians etc.

A woman walks past my car and steps onto the grass in the park, about 6 meters in front of me.

Next thing I know, she stops, hauls her track pants and knickers down to her knees, bends over, tilts her posterior up and proceeds to have a piddle! 

Due to the manner in which she had her bum angled, I (and everyone around her), got a 100% view of EVERYTHING she had for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I was gobsmacked and horrified!  All I could think of was "Please don't have a poo too!"

Luckily she didn't, she just had this monstrous piddle, then hauls her pants up and carries on walking across the park!

And the kicker?

Guess where the nearest public toilets were?

200 meters ahead of her, in the park!

I never, ever want to see something like that again.  

ABOVE: Said woman walking away after her piddle!  You are SO lucky I didn't photograph her doing it!

TALLULAH:  is doing well.  Still scared to move much.  But she is eating a bit, though I have to hand feed her as she's not sure how to eat with the plastic Elizabethan Collar on.  Poor darling.

 ABOVE: When I put her in the bedroom, she stood just like that, and did not move a fraction for a good 5 minutes!  She was totally freaked out and bamboozled by the collar!  
That collar thingee is to stop her licking or pulling her stitches out.
She gets her stitches out in 10 days.

ABOVE: How sad yet adorable does she look!  Awwwww... 'Lulah you are gorgeous.

Well... today I have a lady coming to do a quote to move our furniture and effects to Hamilton.  
Other than that, it should be a quiet day.  
As I'm fairly tired, that is a good thing.


Well... the lady from NZ Vanlines came and has done her thing, we should get her quote on Monday.

Now... back to the correct spelling of SPEY/SPAY... when I picked Tallulah up last night the vet gave me an information sheet pertaining to Tallulah's post-op care.

ABOVE:  How our VET spelled the word.  Just like me.  Just sayin'.

My cough  has been horrible the last 24 hours.  Lots of throwing up.  Might go to the Dr again next week if it's still this bad.

I've done lots of housework this morning, and coughing.  Coughing is TIRING!  I'm gunna have a nap.  YEAH. 

Just got a phone call.  No nap for me.  Griffin's been hurt at school so I have to go pick him up and get him to the Doctor.  Hurt leg.  Not sure how bad. 

20 minutes later and I've brought him home with a pressure bandage on his shin. He got kicked playing soccer (an accident). The nurse put ice on his leg and the swelling has gone down a bit.  He can walk just fine, so  I'm not going to take him to the Dr.  Drama over.

Well ... another day ends.  We  have enjoyed a quiet Friday evening.  Off to bed shortly, hoping I don't start coughing again and end up sleeping on a lounge chair.  


  1. Only in Hamilton aye?? Haha ha. Gross story! Must've been high on something. Weirdos.

  2. It's funny how these snotty w**s like to hide behide anonymous. Jane from Belfast yeah right? That woman was disgusting. You should have tooted your horn. Hopefully she'd have jumped and puddled on her pants. Gross! Beautiful Tallulah, she's so cute. Roll on 10 days little treasure. I do hope everything goes right for this house Chris and Stew and the kids.

  3. Who gives a flying fuck about the trolls? Don't give them airtime! xx

  4. That story pretty gross!! Poor Tallulah-hope she is a bit better today. Good luck with the builders inspection.

  5. What a totally gross experience you had witnessing that thing's (can hardly call her a 'lady') vulgar behaviour yesterday - eeek!! Maybe you should have taken a photo of her face and handed it to the cops. As for "Jane Moore" - sounds like she needs to move on from your blog if she feels that way - I certainly don't agree with her remarks. Poor Tallulah - she does look rather bewildered by the collar. Have a good day Chris.

  6. I wonder why people always have to speak negatively? You can criticise in a positive way, you don't have to be so negative. What you write on here or how you live your life is your business. I CHOOSE to read your blog every day. Keeps me from doing some work ;). Why on earth would you lie to us? You don't owe us anything. And garner sympathy? Like you don't get enough already with the soap opera that is your life! haha! Anyway, congrats on your house purchase. I'm sorry it's not the perfect one you wanted. But, it is what it is and I hope you have many happy years there (building inspection pending). And if not, then it wasn't meant to be. Half the fun is looking, I say. Hugs for poor puppy too xx

  7. "Jane Moore" what a complete tosser! I hope everything goes smoothly with the house purchase xxxx

  8. Anonymous11:14 AM


    The piddle woman must have mental health problems, I saw the same thing here a year or so ago, just without the was shocked the police were called and advised people of her mental health condition...right in the middle of a shopping centre !


  9. Best of luck with the builder's report; if you have to look again you have to look again and something that you might like even more will come along. Any chance this is your last move?

  10. what a toss pot you dont right your blog for sympathy this woman needs a chill pill
    good god havnt u had enough dramas without pretending to get attention stupid biatch

  11. Re Anon - TWAT!!!!
    Re woman peeing - too gross!!! She must be a bit mentally unbalanced surely???
    Re Tallulah - poor wee poppet, she is obviously of delicate constitution, hence not coping with the puppies & her reaction to the surgery.

  12. I just dont understand why Jane has relay her opinion.. its not her blog.. you can write anything you dam well please which is why i come back everyday... if she doesnt like it why is she still reading?.. good luck with the house.
    Hope Griffen is ok.

  13. Please be careful buying a new house - I'm glad you will have some expert advice. Don't let your heart (ie need for a house) rule your head. If there is doubt expressed already by a builder is it really a house you'd even want to consider after what you've been through selling yours. Oh and gross that woman - in a public park??

  14. Anon - seriously??? What a tool. If you haven't anything nice to say then shut up!
    Peeing Lady - ewwwwwwwww
    Good luck with the house. Being in limbo is awful!!!!

  15. I love reading your blog the dogs puppies kids dramas good news bad news PICTURES it all is interesting and varied. The piddle woman how utterly gross I too would have tooted horn and probably taken her pic that's indecent exposure.. Gosh dog in collar Griffin home sore leg well she can rest on Griffin and feel the love. Hope the house report is ok so no more stress IF its isn't ok then that's good too because I couldn't bear you buying a lemon... after all this time

  16. cant have Griffen out of action you need all men on deck with muscles for shifting wrap that lad in cotton wool for the next 3 weeks and the rest of the men for that matter

  17. What a horrible thing for that troll to say! Forget her and know your true fans live your postings.
    We were at A shopping center about a year ago and a man pulled his sweat pants down and peed right in front of his car which was right by ours. Gross! So I do understand. Thing is he had just walked out of the Walmart where the rest rooms are!
    Good luck in your house hunt!

  18. Christine4:29 PM

    Wow - What a ridiculous comment about wanting sympathy. I just have to laugh. This has all been so difficult and stressful for you, the LAST thing you would is concoct such a story to get blog sympathy. Crazy idea! Hope the leg heals quickly. Hoping the pup will leave her stitches alone so she can get her cone of shame removed! My little dog had a cone once and I remember him scooping a bunch of snow with it! He was not pleased!

  19. When I was younger, I would get very disgusted when I see adults urinate in public. I thought they should know better. Later I realised that these people are mentally ill. Normal adults do not do such things. Nowadays I feel sorry when I see it happen because for them to be reduced to this stage means they are being neglected, somewhat. Still it's very disturbing to witness it. I usually try to walk away as fast as possible.

  20. Some people are crazy. Seriously! The Belfast commenter and the public pisser!

    Happy Tallulah is on the mend. :)

  21. I want a pic of the pee-lady's face! Name and shame! What a story!

    Of course you are making it up for sympathy from your blog readers! pff lol

    "Jane" is prolly not really her name, it could be someone you know and see every day, nature of the internet.


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