Sunday, May 08, 2016


Yep... another Mother's Day rolls around.

And I will be getting up fairly early so we can go back to Hamilton to look at more houses.  *sigh*
I am starting to dread it.

Maybe today we will find something and actually buy it?
Miracles happen don't they?

I really don't have much else to yabber on about right now, so I will go and catch ya later.

 Have a wonderful Mother's Day girls! 


Well... I've managed to line up 3 houses to view today, 2 are in Cambridge and one is in the wop wops.  (In the country)  *smiles*

Leaving soon...

No luck yet. Going to revisit one that used to be top of our list months ago. 

6.03 PM:  Finally home after another long day looking for a new home.

I can't say it went well, though there is one that is a POSSIBILITY. Maybe two if we get desperate.

ABOVE:  While in Cambridge we browsed the local market... bought some lovely fruit loaves.

 ABOVE:  I found a little fabric shop in Cambridge.

 ABOVE:  And a bloke with a parrot on his shoulder.

 ABOVE:  Ran into Russell and Ange!  They had decided to check out the market too.

 ABOVE: This is one house we liked in Cambridge.  

ABOVE:  This was out in the Wop Wops.  Not quite right for us for a few reasons.  Quite a long way out of Hamilton, dark and dingy bedrooms, nowhere for the sewing room etc.  Had a lovely pool though.

So, that was our day.

Tomorrow is going to be mega stressful.  We have to get out of the contract on House Number 3.  Shitting bricks over that.


  1. Happy Mothers Day, positive thoughts to you - repeat after me "today we will find our new dream home and secure it" keeping saying this in your head Chris xx

  2. happy mothers day to u Chris good house hunting xxx

  3. Happy Mothers day, hope some of your kids treat you... WOP WOPS sound's awesome. Nowt like living in the country!

  4. Happy Mother's Day sweetie. Chin Up!

  5. Not too far from Grandmothers Garden either!
    Helen in France and Ruawai.

  6. Wasn't No 3 dependant on a building report?? Should be no problem surely.

  7. Could you look at housesitting for awhile so no need to rent if nothing is suitable? It would be awful to buy because you aren't feeling its right and not being entirely happy.. could you build? or look down a bracket or 2 in price to get more houses to look at..

  8. Hi Chris, If your offer was subject to a building inspection there should be absolutely no problem getting out if it, as the builder clearly identified issues, BUT one tip my lawyer gave me years ago was to always make a house offer subject to my lawyers approval, which meant if something happened and I wanted out, my lawyer could say he didn't approve of the purchase and it was over. ( although I've never had to use it, it must be legit as he is a very good lawyer and wouldn't have suggested it if it wasn't a safe guard to end a contract). Just a thought anyway for your next offer. ( still have builders reports and LIMS etc as clauses, but the lawyers one is a general one so they can pull the pin if need be)

    1. I'm pretty sure we have that solicitor clause in the contract. I just won't be able to relax until it's over, null and void.

  9. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Love love the Cambridge house.


  10. I assume you made the sale subject to a building report, therefore , no problem getting out of it. Considering the current owners actually seem to have deliberately tried to hide some damage by putting some wood in front of it I don not think you should feel guilty at all. The Cambridge house looks lovely


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