Saturday, February 23, 2013


It has been a long, hot, dry summer here.
We get cracks in our lawn.  Well to be honest, you can't call them 'lawns' right now... more like weeds and crispy bits!
I will show you:

ABOVE: Lacy sitting beside one big crack... you can't tell... but it runs along the lawn quite a way...

 ABOVE: she decided to see how deep it was seeing as she could get her hand in it...

 ABOVE:  hmmmm, quite deep then!  Up on our back lawn most of the cracks are that deep!!!

ABOVE: these cracks are not as deep, I think!  They are down by our lounge.  As you can see, there is almost NO actual grass growing, all you can see is weeds.  

I hope we get rain soon.... and lots of it.  For a week would be nice!

Now... here's a little video I took last night when Lacy, Keera, Kelly and Rena were visiting...

ABOVE:  Our gorgeous 'Auckland' Babies.   I can see them growing up together and hopefully being great friends all their lives.

TODAY?  I'd like to start on anothe UFO, so I can keep to my 'schedule' of getting at least one  finished a month.  THEN I can start on something new!

IF the girls let me!
Bex wants a baby bag now (she's been using my bag), and when Kelly saw Lacy's last night,  she now wants one too!

I told her she had to go to Spotlight and choose the fabrics herself.  I shall probably go and make sure she gets the right sorta fabric!

Bex bought her fabric on Wednesday... so technically, I could start on her's today... hmmmm.... maybe.


Today is a gorgeous day!  Sunshine, but not too hot.  We are heading out soon to Botany Mall.... I want to look at another sort of doorguard.

ABOVE:  this was my BEST doorguard ever... but in the past couple of months it has sustained a bit of damage.  First Sienna put her foot through it, and last night Lacy did too. 

I am going to try and mend it or maybe put some other fabric in place of the mesh.

 This morning I managed to fall over it, hurting both my knees, and both my arms!  I even managed to jam me fingers in the sliding door of the linen cupboard too!   Not fun.  

We are trying to confine Coco to just the laundry and hallways of the house while she is on heat.  I can't bear the thought of her lying on beds or couches/cushions right now.  Ikkkky.
Hence the doorguards being up.

ABOVE: this is the fabric for the next baby bag I will be making.  Bex LOVES orange.  I don't think I will ever be able to look at anything orange again without getting reminded of 'The Outfit from Hell'.

Botany ... where Kiwiyo is... and I learnt today that my resolve can easily be dented.  After last night's naughty dinner... I had promised myself that I would be EXTREMELY good today.  

I had a small helping of Kiwiyo, and while it wasn't that much, I still feel I shouldn't of had it.

I am going to fast for the rest of the day cos I really don't want what I ate to impact on my loss this month... and I am really hoping for a decent loss on Day 30!

Bearing in mind I am not going to gauge how well I've done on NUMBERS alone, but rather, more on how I feel, and how my clothes fit.

I found a new door guard, a retractable one that I hope lasts the distance.  I'm still trying to decide where to fix it.  I want the kitchen to be safe guarded from crawling babies, and the stairs.  

ALRIGHT ALREADY.... I won't fast.  I will have a TINY dinner, and some fruit.  OK?  *poking me tongue at ya*  lol

End of Day: Stew's turn to cook. He made a Chicken/Bacon/pasta dish ... it was really nice.
We all had a lovely relaxing evening... and then everyone went off to bed.  I stayed up because I've become addicted to Real Life Medical stories on YouTube.  OMG YouTube is addictive!
Must work on curbing that.
nite nite.


  1. We had big cracks like that in our yard when I was a kid. It was a drought.

  2. At least your lawn still has green!! Ours is totally brown and it amazes me how it comes back when the rain comes. It is a very sorry sight to see at the moment.

  3. You know we're going to moan after the first few hours of rain. *smiles*

    It does feel weird when we go a while without rain. We are so used to the freshness, the green and te clean smells after the rain.

    We are watering our tomatoes like mad but I don't know why because the birds are eating the darn things faster than we can see them colouring up.

    Hope you are getting on with life. I know we are very different, personality beliefs and situation but you might like to check out my past post when you get a chance. Not that I dealt with things perfectly but I feel better about it all every day.


  4. Lorraine H.1:55 PM

    I love Bex's colour choice for her Baby bag great combo.
    Hope you can have a restful weekend Chris.

    Southgirl xx

  5. Anonymous3:45 PM

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  6. Don't fast for the rest of the dsy, it will make your blood sugars go all silly. Just have something small and stop besting yourself up. It was one small treat, just carry on doing what you have been doing.

  7. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Geez don't fast.

    That's what someone on a diet would do. A diet that is going to end once their goal is reached.

    You're not on a diet.

    You are slowly changing to living a healthy life. Change comes with setbacks, and from setbacks we learn new ways to react to the world and adjust our future behaviour accordingly.

    Instead of fasting for the rest of the day, maybe go without one thing you would have had otherwise...e.g have dinner but don't eat the potato or have less pasta etc.?

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

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  9. Anonymous6:03 PM

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  10. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Hi Chris, here is a nice comment from an anonymous commenter for you! Have you looked at cutting sugar out of your diet? Not completely... But just some common things have so much sugar in them. Do some research on I Quit Sugar. It's Aussie based but very informative and easy to follow. Good luck! Michelle x

  11. Gosh that door guard looks intriguing hopefully you can fix it, I loved those baby bags, and the girls will no doubt love theres. We are in drought here in Waikato so yes when the rains come it will be flood central!


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