Sunday, February 17, 2013


Well... that is the question.

I had a very modest dinner last night at my Aunt's.  And dessert was VERY SMALL... and I am sure it did no 'damage' at all.

So... my quandary now is... do I have that Movenpick ice cream or not?

My head is trying to say "NO", cos I really don't NEED it.  But there is that naughty little devil saying I deserve it.   I've been dreaming of that ice cream all week!

So... should I or shouldn't I?

I think this is one decision I am going to regret, no matter which way I choose!  DAMMIT.

TODAY.... sew?
Or... go to a nice beach and have a walk?
Or... stay in bed all morning?

Everyone slept in today. It's looking like being a lazy sunday.  

LYN:  Clearly you have no idea EXACTLY what I do every day... and how hard it is to stay on track, allowing yourself NO 'treats' at all during the week.
I think choosing to have ONE treat a week is totally acceptable.
As I said last night, the 'dessert' last night was a very small fruit tart.  Probably only 'worth' 150 calories, or 1.5 WW Points.

Where do you get off saying:

"Treating yourself for what? The exercise and really good eating you've maintained this week? Seems to me like you are not really committed to this... If you're already treating yourself for what actually amounts to very little effort."

In what way is saying that 'helpful'?  Or polite? If you only have scathing comments to post, how about you fuck off?

Right... I'm off to have a very late shower and tidy up me room, before Stew and I go and do the grocery shopping.

And... before anyone else has a go at me... I had already decided an hour or so ago that I would NOT have an ice cream today.  I don't feel like it.  And I don't want to disappoint MYSELF.

OK... sort of funny ... how me having an ice cream or not can provoke so many comments!
Thanks for the support ... maybe tomorrow I will tell ya all that I feel like a KFC Burger and Chips and see what happens!

But seriously, I do feel utterly committed to doing the right thing for me, and that is watching what I eat, being careful with portion sizes, and getting a bit more exercise every week.

I love how being in control feels... I had forgotten how BLOODY GOOD it can be.
And today is Day 10!   Ten days down... and only 20 to go till my first weigh in.  I CAN'T WAIT, because I am sure I am doing this right, it is sustainable, and with no deprivation.

 ABOVE:  on our way home with the groceries, we picked up Lacy and Keera.  Here is our Little Miss Muppet trying to scrag Coco.

ABOVE:  she is so cute... such a happy baby.

ABOVE: her hair isn't so crazy today!

I have asked everyone in the house what way they think looks better with my hair.  ALL OF THEM prefer no fringe! edit:  STEVE said I didn't ask him.  Booo Hooo.


So ... I'm now growing it out I suppose!
I only liked the fringe cos you couldn't see the bloody re-growth so fast, but I tend to agree, no fringe it will be. (in a few months it should be gone.)

My camera gets a bashing... it's always being pulled out and used!   Today was no exception... but I will only give you 2 photos today:

 ABOVE:  Keera and Dante with me... I'm bloody hot and sweaty.  Not pretty.  It wasn't the best shot of Keera either, but I only had one semi decent one of me and the babes.

ABOVE:  Lacy decided to clean Teddy's eyes, he often has mucky eyes.  She did some dry retching!  Lightweight Chick.  lol

Steve is cooking dinner, Bex is giving him a hand.  Man I'm loving this 'share the cooking' lark.

End of Day:  the 'kids' cooked beef meatballs with a tomato/mushroom sauce, over noodles.  It was lovely.   I'm watching a silly movie on the telly, then off to bed.
It's been a lovely quiet, relaxing day.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Chris - just have a bite or two of someones. If you buy yourself one, you'll eat the whole thing. I find if I just snitch a bite or two, I am satisfied. Good luck!!

    Ky Girl

  2. Good advice about just snagging a bite or two of someone elses!!! You satisfy your craving but you don't overdo it. Win-win!!!!!

  3. Nope. Don't do it! You will be pissed at yourself if you do....but more importantly, you promised yourself ONE treat...stick to it. You know you can! Movenpick will still be there next week!

  4. why don't you see if you can go another week and THEN have it?

    Or just have a small one.. kiddie one! You'll get the same enjoyment from a few mouthfuls without going OTT!

    Kate (444)

  5. I say no, don't do it Chris!!! Just have a few bits of Stew's one (or someones) and that should give you the satisfaction. But you do did say just one treat per week and to me, that would have been the dessert last night.
    Make the Movenpick your treat for next Sunday :)
    Hope you have a good day.

  6. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Share one with Stew or say no and be strong and say no. You won't regret it tomorrow if you say no though...

    Did you get my email?


  7. I'm with the others Chris - you said one treat a week, so don't blow it on the first week. Make Stew have one and have a bite, then have a mint or some chewing gum so you aren't tempted to have any more!

  8. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Treating yourself for what? The exercise and really good eating you've maintained this week? Seems to me like you are not really committed to this... If you're already treating yourself for what actually amounts to very little effort.


  9. Lyn that's a bit harsh lets see chris has moved furniture all week and sorted garage and repacked the storage box, If you choose not to have the icecream well done a small victory for yourself if you choose the HAVE the icecream a small reward to yourself for your hard week, either way is a win win there is a positive in both sides, IF you had the dessert at the sunties then I'd say hold off another week, AND LYN weightwatchers have cheat days and cheat points so do Jenny Craig I believe...

  10. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Nope dont do it. You had 1 treat last night so I would not go to the ice cream shop at all as I don't think you are ready. Convince yourself you are not missing out and and save it for next weeks treat. This is all mind games Chris. games that you can win!! The feeling you will have in about 20 days when you weigh in willl be so much better then any ice cream. Go for that walk on the beach and let your treat be the extra years on your life that will come with the changes you are making, Bec

  11. My opinion is that the longer you cut foods that are your weakness ie, icecream, then the less you crave them. If need be make this a once a month item or as others have said, share the taste of someone elses. Seriously though Stu is diabetic so could you both look at a different kind of treat? Have you tried the Zilch icecream? Maybe treat yourself with this, it is very good!!

  12. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Another thing don't let other people's asshole comments affect your strength and your journey. Use those comments as motivation and lean on the others for support, Bec

  13. C Valley, Scotland10:22 AM

    Chris, I think you should have one. It's clear to me that you're serious about your healthy eating and having one ice cream a week is fine. Don't be bullied... you have done it before and you can do it now.

    Good luck love, you deserve it.

    Courtney Valley, Scotland

  14. Chris, any dietician will tell you don't deny yourself. If you do, then you'll suddenly get to the point where you blow the lot on something stupid. Do you remember from WeightWatchers they even have a naughty allowance?

    Please always remember, don't deny yourself. If you want it, have it. But not every day. And make lower fat choices when you do. For example, if the ice cream place has a "lite" option, choose that, don't have the nuts on top, ditch the sauce or something similar.

    Be kind to yourself and reward yourself for your hard work. And remember, your diet choices are your personal choices, they have nothing to do with anyone else, so no one else has the right to be hard on you for it.

    Keep up the good work and have that ice-cream - you earned it.


  15. Obviously, it's up to you, but just so's you know, I binged on MANY chockie biscuits the other day and I still feel like total crap.

    But I guess a "treat" is different to a "binge".


  16. It's just ice cream. Tempting, but I know you're stronger than that:)

  17. There are two schools of thought here - one is "have a treat, it will stop you binging" and the other is "will having a treat make you want more and mentally undo the good you are doing".

    Seriously, at the end of the day, one icecream just does not matter. You know this too that is why you've decided to have a treat once a week. We all know that whatever you do it has to be a lifestyle change and anything too harsh means you'll not stick to it.

    If you feel better doing the WW points again then do that, at least you can build the icecream into it but from my experience it is a slippery slop and before long you're using more and more of your points for bad foods.

    BUT my gut reaction is you are doing really well to be making the changes you are and I am so happy the family are with you on this (thank you Steve and Bex and Stew). You know what to do so don't feel guilty - it is what you do 90% of the time that matters and one icecream a week is not doing any harm.

  18. Some food for thought! Amazing how feisty people can get over you having an ice-cream!! I guess it shows they care!

  19. I have just started a 12 week body transformation course & Saturday is my free day (within reason). I decided I would have. Piece of cheesecake (Siobhans birthday cale) and a glass of wine. I had the cheesecake and decided I didn't feel like the wine. I felt pleased with myself.

    You have decided not to have the ice cream today because you didn't feel like it - THAT is the best reason, not because you felt you should or shoulld not or because of what others say.

    Now you have your treat to look forward to next week.

  20. Talk about start a shit fight! You're NOTORIOUS for doing that.

    It's your decision... honestly where some people get off!


  21. Anonymous2:18 PM

    You are on FIRE! Go you! Im 46 days no Sugar and i feel AMAZING. you can do it Chris, im right here behind you! xxxx

  22. Oh boy. You know what you've eaten and haven't. What calories you've burnt or haven't. The pics look yummy. What, fat people should NEVER have treats? Ughh.

    Gonna shut my mouth now.

  23. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Lyn must be a stick insect

  24. You do what you feel like doing chris !!!!! Thats what works :)
    Luv the pics of keera
    Enjoy your day

  25. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Not a stick insect no! Sadly! My point is, that it seems too early to be 'treating'. The only way to make long term changes is to think of this as a good thing, not of a deprivation that you need to treat yourself in order to endure. WW and Jenny Craig DONT work.. The only way is to ditch the carbs and sugar, and you will lose interst in the crap food, and not think of the unhealthy food as something to treat on. Just my thoughts...

  26. Hi Chris - I think Keera is just the happiest looking baby I have ever seen! She is always smiling and laughing. What a joy she must be for Lacey and your family! I think she is just gorgeous. Karen xo

  27. Every decision not to eat something that you may not need is like building a foundation on which your self esteem will become strong. It seems to me that you are in a really good space now... Go you :-) (I'm looking for my mojo - it left a few months ago and hasn't been seen since)!

  28. You are doing well Chris.
    I find that i need a bite of something that i have been craving helps me get over it. I work on the theory that if it works stick to it. Everyone is different though. Everyone needs carbs but there are good carbs and bad carbs.
    I think the 'weigh once a month. is a good idea that I may have to try.

  29. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Your face looks thinner Well done
    Keera what a doll Dante lookng well fed
    Mary H

  30. Hey Chick, re your fringe. When I said all those months ago that you should try it, I actually meant a small thin fringe, not the full one you ended up with. It would have softened your face when you wore your hair up (which you did a lot at the time).

    It looks nice either way, so if you want to grow it out, go ahead! :-) x

  31. Keera is such a happy wee girl and a real credit to Lacey (and all of you too). I don't think I have ever seen a photo of her grumpy or sad - she has the most contagious smile!!!
    Yay for dinner rosters - am missing that already while on my program!

  32. I used to ALWAYS place myself in no-win situations. For example, I need to mow the yard, but I want to go to the gym. My choices were: Mow the yard and be angry I wasn't at the gym, or go to the gym and feel guilty because I wasn't mowing the yard. This is like your ice cream. Don't place yourself in no win situations.

    I always love the bucket babe photos!

  33. Mandy3:34 AM

    Oh My Gawd, Linda on her soap box again!

  34. I'm proud of you. You are doing what we all know is very difficult. Hang in there, and do what YOU want to do. xoxo

  35. haha I totally LOL at the "fuck off" lololol

    Love you!


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