Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Right, let's go with PIZZA first!

Here is one of the pizzas I made last night for dinner:

 ABOVE: a bit 'crispy' on the edges, but really nice!  No one said 'IKKKK' so they tasted nice too.  I had ONE piece with some salad. 

After dinner I watched Criminal Minds then popped down to the garage to sew a couple of cot sheets for Dante.  I got one totally finished, and there is one left to finish today.  Plus one more to make after that.

ABOVE:  rather cute this one!  So easy to whip them up ... and nice to actually be sewing again.

So, the plan for today is finish 3-4 cot sheets, then I want to sit down and read some blogs.
I have been rather negligent lately and feel very guilty. 

I also want to plan a few lunch time meals... as it's the one meal of the day that I'm probably going to struggle with more than any other.
I'm so used to having a sandwich or two, and while I am NOT cutting out bread altogether, I do want to cut down.  

Everything in MODERATION is my motto.  Healthy, balanced and tasty ... how I want my meals to be.

I will not last long if I try to eat shit I don't like!  Don't mention TUNA, or I'm likely to run a mile!

(yeah, as if I could RUN) ha ha ha!

Stew and I were talking in bed the other night, as ya do... and I said I didn't want to say I was on a 'DIET' ... cos that can do ya head in... and he suggested we could call what we are doing a 'Weight Management Plan'.
Not bad, not bad at all.

It's not a Diet, it's not a Lifestyle Change, it's a WMP.

So, our WMP is to eat healthy, watch portions, include all food groups, keep 'unhealthy foods' to a bare minimum and just enjoy life.  Don't act like one is on a DIET, cos then we are sure to fail.  Just change things slowly, and slowly we will see the right results.

OMG I can't wait for my next blood test!  (I can't believe I just said that!).  I'm hoping it will show some improvement in me blood sugars and cholesterol levels, and maybe my blood pressure will have gone down too?  Who knows.

Right:  give me lunch ideas girls!


Change of plans, we are off for a walk in the gardens!  Bex suggested it cos it's an overcast day, perfect for walking.  
See ya later...

Walk done... and it was lovely, but hot, even though it was overcast.  By the time we got back to the car Bex and I were both dripping with sweat.  NOT a good look ... lol!

I'm now preparing to make sushi for dinner...

Done.  Three BIG plates full of sushi ... all ready for dinner.

 ABOVE:  all ready for dinner, and it only took 80 minutes or so.  It did get done faster as Bex did a lot of the preparation for me.  

Best thing, Dante stayed asleep long enough for us to get it done too.

End of Day:  and dinner is eaten, everyone loved my sushi.  Lacy ate her's in the car on her way home... she said she didn't expect it to be nice!  But she had eaten the lot even before I got her and Keera home... seems it was DELICIOUS!  Nice to know.
I thought my rice was too stodgy and sticky... not sure how to change that?
Time to get off the computer, I've been reading blogs all afternoon!  I shall visit just a few more later on tonight (All the PRIVATE ones), then call it a day.
nite nite.


  1. Everybody in Blogworld is eating Pizza but me! :-(

  2. Sushi, pasta 'quiche' baked in muffin tins, eggs, mountain bread wraps, soup, yoghurt & fruit with granola (muesli).......
    Now I just need to follow my own advice!

    LOVE WMP :)

  3. Well done you!! I love that you only had one piece of pizza plus salad. Pizza was always too hard for me to only eat one.

    I also love that it is now about health - it always should be of course but when we are younger we just don't see that, I certainly didn't. Keep it up!!

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Curly pasta pineapple ham carrot pepper celery with pasta sauce.
    I buy it in punnets at the supermarket
    Mary H

  5. I like to make a massive pot of vegetable soup and freeze it in individual portions. I eat it with a slice or two of brown bread. It's very filling, tasty and cheap! If you wanted, you could add some shredded chicken of cubed ham/bacon.... Great for winter too! xxxx

  6. Instead of sandwiches, how about wrap for lunch?

  7. Well done on the mind changes towards healthy eating. We all know Dieting just sets us up for disaster!!
    I am doing my best to get back on track also... Hard work :(
    But I must before I get any bigger!!!

  8. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Mountain Bread wraps made with lean ham, seeded mustard, heaps of lettuce, tomato and beetroot.

  9. ham,avocado sprouts tomatoe lettuce or replace with tuna/salmon Dantes bedding is gorgeous how did he sleep in his new bed?

  10. My easy go-to lunches are Soups or stews, wraps, salads with deli meat, and egg/savoury cups - I combine beaten eggs with what ever veges I have and some form of protein, pour into silicon muffin tins and bake into cooked.

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  12. Fantastic work on the keeping to one piece of pizza!! I'm doing the cutting down on bread thing too (I personally think that's the key to losing weight for me). As for lunch ideas - omelette with veges or maybe one slice of bread with some relish, stacked with veges like corgette/mushroom/tomato/red onion and topped with a little parmesan cheese and baked ... yummo!!

    (BTW - I'm back to blogland again with my blog www.lynfinallyliving.blogspot.com ... finally!! been a while I know)

  13. My Dr says I need to lose weight, so far I have managed to cut sugar in coffee down to two, and eat weet-bix with no sugar. Oh, and today I've used avocado on my sandwich instead of butter. Lol. I'm so used to eating whatever I want!

    I don't like to call it diet either. That's just so much hard work!

    My worst time of day for cravings is ... all day. :(

  14. That pizza looks delish! WMP! I like it! Whatever floats your boat and get you to where you wanna be:)

  15. Good work my lovely....so very very proud of you. Martine xx

  16. Anonymous6:54 PM

    OMG mum I absolutly love your Sushi, Man i cant stop thinking bout how dam good it was I WANT MORE........ xoxoxoxoxoxoxox SUSHI YUMMMMMMMMM :)

  17. What is you address again????... I'm coming over for some of that amazing looking sushi !!!!

  18. What is in your sushi? Sounds and looks amazing. I've done another update by the way with a slideshow of the wedding in case you are interested :)

  19. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Dont change a thing in your Sushi [apart from put some seefood in it lol] yummmmm xoxoxox Love L & K xo night thanks mum

  20. Hi Chris. Good luck with your WMP :-)

    I've updated my blog too if you want a read :-)

  21. I'm cutting down bread as well! But I'm not cutting it out as I KNOW if I cut it out I will want it MORE. Keep it up!

  22. WMP sounds good to me. Diet makes me hungry! Yum, that sushi looks good.
    Oh, your babies are so CUTE! xx

  23. Good luck with your WMP. I'm way too lazy to make sushi, yours looks good.

  24. Mmmm give me that pizza stat! although the sushi looks pretty tasty too!

  25. That pizza looks delish!

    I mostly eat left over dinner for lunch. We have found a low cal bread that is only 45 calories a slice, it's not bad.



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