Tuesday, February 26, 2013


IT'S DAY 19 of my/our Weight Management Plan, and I'm happy to report that one's resolve is holding firm.
It is getting easier and easier to keep it up... I want 'it' to become NORMAL asap.

Everyone in the house (well... OK, not Brylee and Griffin) are being ever so helpful.
When Steve cooked on Sunday night, he dished up my dinner and then enquired on whether the portion size was good?
See.... looking out for his Mum.  Awwww.

It must be a bit difficult for him and Bex, they love chocolates and lollies and the like... but I have warned them that if they MUST have some... they need to smuggle it into the house!
I don't want to see it... cos I might be tempted to nick it!

lol....even saying that makes me laugh inwardly, cos I am feeling so good right now I don't think I would nick it.  But... let's not take that chance eh?

It's weird that, cos I can see sweets/chocolates etc every time I go out, but I can resist.  Is that weird or what?

Eleven more days until I will get on the scales.  It is rather FUN and FANTASTIC to know that the scales are no longer dictating how I feel EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I am positive I will have a loss on Day 30.  And if it's only a little loss, well hell... it will still be a loss, and that is totally awesome.

I am only going to think POSITIVE thoughts about this 'Weight Management Plan'... no negativity is going to creep in.  NONE... ya hear me?

I would LOVE to think my positivity is going to rub off on some of you 'out there'!  Anyone with a weight problem KNOWS that at the end of the day it will only work if your head is in the right PLACE.  AND if you really, really want to lose weight for YOURSELF.... not cos someone thinks you SHOULD.

NOW:  onto something else.

CUTE BAGS... Yes I can and have made to order.  These bags cost around $50 ($N.Z.) to make.
I have in the past made them,  and sold them at cost.
Now if anyone wants one I will charge $60 Plus Postage cost.

I am going to be making a few more soon... cos I have really enjoyed having a reason to make them!

These are a few of the possible fabric combinations I'm playing with:

ABOVE:  I just LOVE all the combo's!
I have a fair amount of the Shells and Fruit Lady fabric... I got it from an Online Fabric Shop in New York of all places! 

IF anyone is interested, just leave me a comment,  or email me at :  stewandchris@hotmail.com

I plan on making one of each fabric combo over the next week or two.

TODAY:  I'm off to the mall to post a couple of little parcels to girls down the line.  (Jo & Tracy)

NEXT thing I MUST DO is take a few photos of Dante, apparently his little cherubic face has not been on here for a whole day! OMG... how remiss of me! (*tongue in cheek*)  Bex tried to tell me he hadn't been on for over two days, she lied.  tut tut.

Yo Bex!  Karma.  And I.O.U.  Don't forget that eh?   dumm dee dooo... payback is such a bitch. Worse, you don't know WHEN 'it' will happen!


Anyone wanting to make a bag like mine themselves, the pattern is on my blog.
Just do a Google search, type in "Diet Coke Rocks, CUTE BAG" and it will come up.  It is on my post dated:  Saturday, October 23rd, 2010.

So.. Bex, Dante and I went out, posted the parcels and I took her to David's Emporium.  She LOVED the place!  We would have stayed much longer than we did... but our Dante had other ideas and decided to scream the place down!

So... came home.  Just as well... I was busting for a piddle! lol

Steve has had another raging toothache for the past few days, so this afternoon he went to the dentist.
I have photos.  I will show you tomorrow!

Tonight's dinner (cooked by me) will be Beef Spare Ribs in a Sticky Rib Marinade, with a pasta/egg/tomato/chive salad.  I don't think I can ruin that!

Griffin got his first pimple today.  Steve sqeezed it for him.  Too much information?   lol
I was like, damn, I didn't get a photo of his first pimple! 

End of Day:  another awesome day, but too hot and muggy.  I hope that next summer is way better than this one... I'm hoping that by then I will have lost a decent amount of weight and will find the heat more tolerable.  Fingers crossed.
nite nite.


  1. Good luck with your "program"
    I like the shell cloth, but I also like the fruit butt cloth!

  2. I have one of your cards in that fruity bum fabric - too nice to actually use it. I remember seeing you at that Pokeno market.

    You're going great guns with your eating - good on ya!

    Loooove the bags.... and am now trying to justify why I might need one.. :)

    Kate 444

  3. Great work with your heathy eating plan Chris. I am really impressed with your new focus. Xx

  4. I'm wrapped that you are being so positive - and even happier that all the family is on board, that really helps in my opinion.

    One thing though - I know you call it a WMP but HMP is appropriate too!! (Health management plan). It takes the focus off the weight and on to health. Can't wait for your one month weigh in!!

  5. I'm thinking one day you will wake up and be in these teeny jeans and go, I guess I did lose a lot!!

  6. Good to see you so positive. My w/hmp is going great guns.

    I love those bags. You might remember I bought a few a couple of Christmases ago. Everyone I gave them to loves them and uses them and every time I use mine I get comments on it. Even from shop assistants in fancy bag shops :)

    So, Chris readers, if you want something original and unusual that is guaranteed to get a comment, place your orders!!!!!

  7. Yes, you are a positive influence and I like your idea of staying off the scales for a while. I am addicted to hopping on them daily before a shower. I think I'll try your way for a while.

  8. You are doing so awesome with your lifestyle change:) Keep it up! And very pretty fabrics!

  9. I love hearing you with such a positive attitude. I will look forward to hearing the positive results soon.

  10. My daughter is the same as Steve and Bex and loves some chocolate & sweets. It helps me if I just buy her a block and it disappears to her hiding place that I know nothing of, that really helps me not seeing it sitting around but I must say the last time I had what I thought was my favourite chocolate, it was now way too sweet and sugary.
    The fruit lady fabric is sweet. When I was on holidays in Airlie Beach, Qld at a market stall, the frozen mango man wore a shirt made of that fabric! He would just get blocks of frozen mango cheeks and they get pushed through a machine and out comes the most awesome frozen treat! Loved the mango man, who was French and his cute shirt!

  11. Good idea on the monthly weighins ... my weekly weighin today showed a gain which totally annoyed me as I'd been a complete angel this week with eating. Maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book and start doing monthly weighins ... if I can last that long without weighing

  12. I'm so glad you are doing so well!

  13. It wouldnt matter what combo you used all your sewing things have been a hit!!! I am pleased the roster dinner routine is going down a hit maybe Brylee and Hriffin could cook get the kids cookbooks from edmonds and see what they create? maybe once a fortnight even gets them started off on learning etc....

  14. I bet Griffin is gutted you didn't get a photo of his first pimple :-).

  15. I am totally with you on the humidity Chris! It is driving me nuts in Melbourne - fortunately it started raining today.

    Penny xo

  16. Hi Chris, I have been scrolling down your blog what a lovely family you have you all are beautiful,
    The weight thing, it is so hard, I really want to lose weight but my willpower is poor, I wish you lots of luck.

    Jill x


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