Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yesterday is done, in the past and I for one am happy about that.
Next time I have to go down to the school... which I hope will be soon for an I.E.P. about Griffin, I'm taking Stew with me!

He will stop me getting so bloody mad.  He can ask the questions and see how the Teacher answers.

Now, as it's days since I posted a gorgeous photo of Dante, I will rectify that:

ABOVE: his favourite place.  

ABOVE:  on Granddad... 

ABOVE: I think he looks like a little puddin'.  I call him 'Podge'... but I think I should stop that cos he might get a complex!

We have two little fledgling grape vines, one is still VERY small, the other is a wee bit bigger.  They have been in the ground for about 3 years and we finally have grapes!

I 'harvested' our grapes last night:

ABOVE: our grapes!!!   Yep, all TWO of them.
I offered to 'share' our grapes with Stew, but he was a love and let me have them.  Awwwww... ain't that so sweet of him.  lol

I am now wondering if I need to move our grape vines to a 'better' place, cos clearly they are not doing well where they are.  *smiles*

Anyone know when is the best time to move a grapevine???

Today is 'Keera' day.  We are going over to Henderson until 1pm.  

Then on our way home I'm going to stop in and pay for next month's Smartbox in storage.  We pay, then our Insurance Company reimburses us.  Yaaa.

Weight Management Plan.   I'm changing the 'name'.
From now on when I refer to our efforts in relation to food/exercise etc, it will be called our...

What do ya think?   It kinda ties in with the 'ONWARD' that I put on my blog every day.
Sort of like... let's get on with it!  It takes the focus off Weight... and more on moving forward in a positive way.


Having read the last few comments on yesterday's post, I'd like to clarify something.
Yes, I was angry and antagonistic AFTER the interview.  I did not bite his head off literally, but I did point out that he was going against what all the experts and previous teachers had agreed to do or NOT do.  

If he had read all of the information about Griffin and his learning disabilities, he should have done what was indicated in all the reports.  Griffin CANNOT write.  It's as simple as that.  He needs to TYPE his work on a computer.  Full stop. End of Story.

Now as for how Griffin feels about his Teacher? I would say him coming home crying because he got shouted at, or made to stay in at lunchtime because he had not finished the HANDWRITING sheet given to him is a bit UNFAIR.  

Apparently that has happened three times so far this year.  So... do you wonder why I'm not happy with this man?


When I can stop shaking so much I will fill you in.

So, I'd just got home from dropping Keera back to Lacy.

I sat down and then... BOOM ... big noise and even bigger JOLT of our house.  I thought it was an earthquake, but then Bex said she could hear someone screaming out "Ring 111!!!".
I immediately jumped in my car and took off  up the road.

To see this.  The bus was horizontal to the road, there were two adults and a little boy lying on the ground and a young girl on the bus.  She was on her own, so I jumped in the bus and sat down opposite her and supported her until the ambulances arrived. She has some nasty injuries, but I am sure she will be OK after things mend.

I did all I could to reassure her that everything would be alright.

I have NEVER been in that situation before.  To tell you the truth is was GOD DAM AWFUL.  

After about half an hour (not sure how long to be truthful, it felt like a long time!),  three ambulances and at least 6-7? Police cars arrived and blocked off the road and started tending to the injured.

I think I will leave my account there for now... I'm in shock and can't stop shaking.

Now we have the police helicopter buzzing around, and it landed behind our house, doesn't help my nerves!!!

Found out that one of the men involved sadly passed away.  Made me start shaking again.  

End of Day:  please don't worry about me!  I'm a tough cookie.  I'm going to just relax and watch Coronation Street ... so much for having a 'calm day'.
nite nite.

BEASTIE GIRL:  I am not going to speculate on HOW this accident happened.  It is up to the Police Serious Crash Unit to figure that out.  There is some suggestion that the bus driver had a 'medical event' (heart attack or similar)... but that is just speculation at this point.


  1. Love the name change, it encompasses the whole,lifestyle changes you are implementing not just the food changes but your attitude and mental and emotional changes too.


  2. I like the new shows a very positive attitude.

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    As a mum of a hoard of kids,I totally understand where you are coming from Chris.
    I had a son who struggled with reading and writing and if he had of had a teacher like Griffin has I would of done exactly the same as you.
    I had to LOL @ your harvesting the grapes lol

    Kate in Welly

  4. Aww it was so lovely seeing you chat on video in yesterdays post!! Your beautiful smile... yay!!! And congrats on the ring fitting ... yay you!

    I love the new term Onward for Life plan!! Perfect!

    OOOoh so exciting harvesting from our own garden, nice work :)

  5. Um, anyone who is taking this teacher's side over yours is a freaking moron.

    Yeah, I said it. Whatever.

    Griffin is a human being. He's worked on his handwriting. There is no real problem just letting him type stuff. In fact, that's pretty much how the real world works now.

    PS Love your ONWARD pic.

  6. Sounds like the kind of teacher Guy had last year. Guy and "he" did not connect at first. Poor Guy cried every day, and he was only 6 at the time.

    These old dudes need to retire or at least re-train to connect with the world they live in.

    Stay strong! xxxxxxxx

  7. Maria9:47 AM

    Griffin will need to be able to write for so many things in life. I'm just thinking of the stuff I have to do and mostly I just type but, what about every time you go to a dr, or dentist for the first time and have to fill in forms. What about travel with all the paper work you have to hand write? Some job applications will request to be hand written. And what about when you just have to leave a note on the fridge at home?

    He doesn't have to be brilliant but he needs to have some skills otherwise he will be embarrassed about his lack of skills later in life.

    Are the tears because the teacher is unreasonable in the way he is teaching, or because Griffith feels he shouldn't be made to try?

    I realise Griffin has learning difficulties but does that mean everyone should just give up because it is too hard?

  8. Anonymous10:37 AM

    It is not right for Griffin to be shouted at to the point that he cries. I am sorry to hear that. I had hoped that the teacher was trying to be encouraging. I would think about getting a different teacher for Griffin.
    Good luck,

  9. Love the Onward for life plan....

    Sux about the teacher, hope all can be sorted out soon.

    BTW loved the wee video chat yesterday x

  10. Anonymous11:58 AM

    hehehe love the grapes! Bee - Gold Coast -

  11. Anonymous12:49 PM


    I agree that the teacher is totally out of line, Griffin should be made to feel confident and happy at school he should not be made to try and change his disabilities in that environment, being made to feel "different".
    If Griffin wants to try and write himself he can do that in the safety and comfort of his own home. I suggest that the "teacher" can write lines in his own lunchtime, along the lines of "I should be more diligent in taking note of my the recommendations made to educate the children in my care, and not make them feel inadequate in the school environment".
    Taking away confidence from children is wrong and I think the headmaster should be involved. Griffin will learn best when he is made to feel good about the things he can do well.
    Some of the most successful people in the world are dyslexic including Richard Branson the boss of Virgin, look him up on wikipedia.

  12. Glad you were there for that little girl! What a shock.

  13. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Very Proud of you Mum for jumping on that bus and helping that little girl, I do hope everyone does recover, Loads of Love Lacy & Keera xoxoxox

  14. What a shock Chris. Hope the nerves are starting to settle-it always hits when you walk away from an event like that. how wonderful you were able to give comfort to the girl-I'm sure it made a big differce to her.
    Sux about the way Griffin is getting treated. Hope it improves for him.

  15. Oh no Chris! How awful for that accident to happen! The little girls parents will be so grateful to you for sitting with their daughter keeping her occupied until ambulances etc arrived!
    *hugs* and you sure deserve a drink after being there. So sorry to hear that one of the men has since passed away - such a shock for everyone involved!

  16. Are you ok? shock can make you react in different ways, look after yourself for that was one horrific scene for you to witness, lovely that you comforted the little girl. Maybe the bus driver has a stroke or heart just never know whats around the corner - literally too!

  17. Good on you for being there for the wee girl. Very horrible situation to be in.

    Puts things into perspective when an event like that happens. I hope you are okay.


  18. I was just about to mention your "calm, nice day" when I saw your comment. Obviously, you didn't cross your fingers!!!!!

    PS: how much does Dante look like Stew???? Surely I'm not the only one to notice the resemblence?????


  19. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Night Mum, am so very proud of you for jumpin in and being there for the wee girl..she will not forget you for that, just goes to show that you have a HEART OF FUKN GOLD [sorry bout the swearing] takes a real human being to do somthing like that. Love Lacy & Keera

  20. Yep, you are a tough cookie on the outside but really you are a big softie & this will affect you more than you think, if not now then when you least expect it.

    Don't bottle it up & if you need to have a good cry the go for it.

  21. What on earth happened? Was the driver drunk, or something? How do you just veer off the road into a TREE in a BUS?!

  22. OMG Chris, what an eventful day you've had. *Big hugs* for being there for Griffin's classmate. You will indeed be counted as one of her heroes of the day. I hope everyone recovers well. Very sad to hear about the elderly man dying. Thoughts are with his family.

  23. How amazing is the Internet for news. I have just read your local newspaper reports on line. You were n amazing person. We have awards for here for bravery, I hope you have the same. I hope you are feeling calmer now. Sleep well

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. What a horrible accident. It was kind of you to help out.

  26. OMG that's just horrible! Was it a city bus?

  27. I hope you soon feel better after those dreadful events
    Love seeing you on Video . I have Skype but no idea how to connect or use it

  28. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Squeeze his balls Chris. Then pluck his pubic hair! That will stop the bastard bullying Griffin!
    Mary, Oz

  29. Yikes have been offline for 5 days as COMPUTER froze and had a virus and had to be repaired, awful bus accident and lucky you were there to help.....

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