Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Some babies are hard to get to smile... but not our darling little Keera!
I swear, every time I see her she laughs at me... she is just delightful.
I got a gorgeous little video of her the other day and so now I will share it:

ABOVE: Isn't she just a little doll? She is such a happy wee bubba, Lacy is certainly doing something right!

Now, how about seeing what we did yesterday in the garage?  Shit, can you even remember how many times I've 'rearranged' our garage?
You poor buggers must be sick to death of photos of my stuff moved here and there... but TOO BAD, I've got nothing else to show ya today (YET)....

ABOVE: my sewing 'space' is still in the same place. The only real change is I have two new shelving units to put all me fabrics and stuff in.  

The big arrow is pointing at that large plastic box, it's full to the brim with little scraps and left over fabrics.  I had to get Stew to take it down late last night cos it was ready to topple off.  
I think I will spend a day sorting the scraps into separate little boxes of similar colours etc.  I find it very hard to throw them away!

ABOVE:  As you can see, I've still got to finish the job. 

DAY 5!  Still feeling very, very positive and motivated.  I don't think I've lasted this long without caving in and having a treat or two, which then lead to falling off the 'wagon'.  NOT this time.  I think I had sunk so low in self esteem I couldn't go any lower, the only way was UP.  

Or down, depending on how ya look at it!  *smiles*
Still feeling so damn HAPPY!  Not used to this.  I like it a lot.


No weighing.  No measuring.
My clothes will tell the story as I lose weight. 
I don't feel the need to take my measurements at all.  I am not starting out being defined by numbers.
This is not a 'number' focused change, this is all about how I FEEL.

I am being kind to myself, I am not going to put pressure on myself to lose 'X' amount of weight, or wear 'X' size clothes.  This whole household is working on eating healthier meals, getting more exercise and ENJOYING being HAPPY.

Lacy has started feeling stir crazy and lonely in her little house, so Bex and I picked her up and we had a girly couple of hours at the mall.  The girls looked in baby shops (of course) and I tagged along for the exercise.  We all had sushi for lunch, an excellent choice.

 ABOVE:  shoppin' with the girls.

We got home just in time to be here when Brylee and Griffin get home from school.

ABOVE:  I got this darling set of photos of wee MOLLY who lives in the 'Naki' (Taranaki).  Tracy said she is doing really well, and she loves visiting friends ... here she is playing with her 'boyfriend' Ably.  Too cute.

Dinner tonight:  I am making salmon quiche.  It's a firm favourite in this house and I've not made it for quite a while.  I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.

1/2 cup standard flour
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
4 eggs, lightly beaten
2 cups milk
75 grms butter, melted
1 X 440grm can pink salmon, drained
1 cup grated tasty cheese
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 Tablespoon chopped fresh chives
Sift flour and baking powder into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and pour in the combined eggs, milk and butter.
Add the salmon, onion, cheese and chives, mix well. Pour mixture into a greased ovenproof dish.
Cook in a moderate oven at 180oC (350F) for about 45 minutes, or until quiche is set. Add garnish at end.
This recipe is amazingly quick and easy, and I usually double or triple  it so we can have a 'spare' quiche for another day cold. It's lovely cold as well.

End of Day:  knackered,  just spent 2 hours bent over a huge container of all my fabric 'scraps.  Sorted them out, and got VERY ruthless in the last half hour and threw MASSES of tiny bits and strips away!  I know it sounds nuts if you are a sewer/quilter, but I had teeny, tiny bits that in reality were good for nothing!  So out it's going.
So tired now though, and my tummy is not happy with me.  Bending over that long really made me feel ill.
Time to relax before bed in another hour or so.
nite nite.


  1. OHHHH WOW... love your sewing area... nice crafting area

  2. :) great to see you so motivated and happy, feels good eh? :)

    Sniggers to herself as she bounces her legs on the bed while listening to (gasp) Glee sigh..... Sad I know :)

  3. It looks like you have found what works for you - one day at a time. Good on you :-)

    Keera is such a sweetie.

  4. She doesn't even have a New Zealand accent yet!

  5. I know you said you were not going to weigh yourself often (which is good) but please do your measurements!! It is such a boost to actually realise inches are coming off. Many people regret that they don't have starting stats.

    Good luck :)

  6. Yeah for feeling happy!! Gorgeous wee video of Keera. I LOVE how organised you are with your containers, shelving etc - wish I was half as good at this as you are. Have a great day Chris.

  7. Hi Chris,
    So good to see you feeling so positive about your weight loss and your health eating. I love that you are going by how you feel, and how your clothes fit.

    Keep up the good work!! And I'm right here doing it with ya, so you're in no way alone in this!!!

    Leanne xxx

  8. such a great post. Wish you were here to orgnaize my sewing area. What kind of boxes are on your shelves. I am wondering how to store scraps and stuff. I need to organize my cupboards but here I sit on "me arse."
    love to play ahh boo with babies she is so sweet.

  9. Way to go Chris - sounds like you are on a good path!
    Enjoy the day

  10. Every time I see Keera she makes me think of a little doll. She's lovely :-)

    Keep up the great personal work, too, Chris xx

  11. LOVE the video of Keera! She is such a wee doll! :)
    LOVE your new storage for your sewing area! Very organised indeed!
    LOVE the positiveness that is coming out in your posts at the moment! You WILL do this and only YOU will know when you are happy with your health/size etc!! Take care :)

  12. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Yay for you Chris! Scales can and do alter our moods...the numbers go down and we feel great...the numbers go up and we feel like shit.
    Good on you for not weighing yourself all the time.
    Gosh Keera is so cute,love her crazy hair!
    -Kate in Welly.

  13. You go girl.
    Love hearing how up u r hun

    All day yesterday at work I thought of you. 2.25 lt bottles of pepsi r on specsil this week and I swear to god everybody in chch bought at least 3 yesterday. Each time they went thru I say I hate Pepsi to Chris. Xxx tried to kid myself swiping them over the checkout was moving some of my flabby arms. I know it wasn't helping my bloody sore shoulder. Oh and the joy of it all I'm off now to do it all over again for another 8 hours yippee

    Keep up the great work

  14. Lorraine H.5:37 PM

    Hey Chris can you be so kind as to put up your recipe for your Salmon Quiche.Thank you.I am glad you girl's had a great time out today.

    Southgirl x

  15. Anonymous5:40 PM

    So proud of you Chris!

    You are doing it right and you are doing it for you!


  16. Love the video of Keera, Molly looks soooo happy, you sound happier THE sewing/garage/storage is getting there good on you 3 for moving stuff around.

  17. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Good on you no numbers is the way to go.. No scales worked for me during my journey xx be happy and change little things you will rock it xxxx

  18. Keep up the good work Chris! Hope you get your sewing area sorted out to your liking. Super cute video, thanks for sharing.

  19. WTG!! Starting off it's great to just focus on getting your head in the right place, so proud of you!


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