Wednesday, February 06, 2013


It's a National Holiday today.

I'm going to sleep in. (this post has been scheduled to post while I'm still in bed)

And that's about all for now.

Steve, Bex and baby are meeting friends at Botany today.

Stew, the kids and I are going to sleep in, then think about what we shall do.  I really don't feel like doing much at all.  

And I don't have any photos for the start of the day either.  Boring old blog today.

I can't wait until tomorrow.  I want to know when the floor etc is going to be fixed.  I'm living in a kind of limbo right now... just waiting for the upheaval to start, then be over with.

I am going to explore flooring options... I don't know if I'm that keen on getting wood laminate again... it is the only flooring I know that can be utterly RUINED by water!  I mean hell, water on the floor is a rather common event if ya ask me! (this is our 3rd flood in 6 years)

I am going to talk to the building company about it and see what can be used.... it will all come down to $$$'s of course.


Yaaa, a sleep in was had.  I got up at 9.15 am, but sadly I'm in a grump.  Just not sleeping well at the moment.  I may have to concede defeat soon and see a Physiotherapist for my left arm, the one I damaged back in November!  It's still a right pain.

 ABOVE:  Dante .. in clothes!  Doesn't happen often, it's been too hot to dress him. He got weighed yesterday, he's now 6.1 kilos = 13.4 pounds.  He's doing really well.

ABOVE:  their bedroom.  I am working on getting them more room... just have to wait until all the repair work is done in the house.  THEN it will be move around time!

It's a stunning day today... the cicada's are chirping like mad.  Stew and the kids have gone to the supermarket for some supplies.  Then who knows what we will do for the day.

I just got a lovely email from THE OWENS, and some darling photos of Poppy:

 ABOVE:  How cute is this? !

 ABOVE:  this is more 'sedate'... 

ABOVE:  NO IDEA what's with the orange 'beard'.... maybe she was trying to match Mr Owens crocks?   Hysterical.   I'm left wondering just WHAT made her orange?

Well apparently wee Poppy was given Spag Bog and that's whats on her chin!  lol

End of Day:  crashed this afternoon, ended up in bed for a couple of hours.  Felt much better for a power nap that's for sure.
Spent the evening watching the telly and just relaxing.
nite nite.

P.S.  Kate in Welly, Poppy is a wee girl, and she is adorable eh?  *smiles*


  1. Hope you have a lovely relaxing day and just chill out! :)

  2. I wish it was a holiday here today!

  3. I hope you got your sleep-in. Have a lovely day

  4. Maybe Poppy had some spaghetti?

  5. Anonymous9:49 PM

    omfgggg Chris,that is so freaen funny,,,he looks like s scott that has forgoteen his quilt,sorry for the bad typos,I am laughing so much,he is so FREAKEN CUTE!!!!!!-Kate in Welly

  6. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I mean kilt!!! I can not stop laughing at his facials!!!!LOVE IT!!!-Kate in Welly

  7. Well i didn't sleep in we fundraised at our local Waitangi Day celebration there was thousands there it was a long tiring day BUT NEAT! lovely photos of Dante and Poppy.


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