Friday, February 22, 2013


Today is Lacy's birthday.  She is 33!  I don't give out presents to big kids now... but she is lucky cos I actually made her something she said she DIDN'T WANT... but secretly I think she will be thrilled with it!
Time will tell.  We will probably have her over for dinner tonight.  
Lacy... Don't expect cake !

Yesterday, while backing out of Lacy's driveway, Bex yelled out "Look out for that silver van!!!"... and I literally SHAT MYSELF with fright!

She. Was. JOKING.

Ha ha ha ????


I have warned her that I will get her back... AND. I. WILL.

When she least expects it.

A bit like me getting Lacy back by toilet papering her house.

I'm already laughing cos I know EXACTLY what I'm gunna do to her!

Now, she is shitting herself.   *insert evil little snigger here*

Also yesterday, my washing machine shat itself and stopped spinning out the water.
So I'm lucky ... Steve is handy like that. When he got home he hauled it outside and looked into the back, where the filter is.

ABOVE:  Steve hauling it outside.  I had already drained the water out with a syphon hose.

ABOVE:  Oh my god.  So glad there wasn't any dead critters under the machine. Just dust, dirt, twigs, leaves and a few other 'sundry' things!

So, Steve found the problem, the filter was blocked by....

ABOVE:  Bex's hair clips!!!   I virtually never use hairclips, so they had to be her's.  Oh well... she did clean the mess up, so I forgive her.

Coco came into heat again yesterday.  Man yesterday was a busy day!  Anyway... it's back to keeping her locked up for almost a fortnight. Making sure she doesn't escape out the front door looking for Mac ...  (well actually, any boy dog would do, she's a hussy!).  We really don't want her to have puppies again this soon. 

Right, off to do the lunches, make beds, tidy the house and then sew a bit I think.


So... I went out for some dowel... to finish off a UFO (Unfinished Object), and got ummm... a little bit more stuff than I intended:

ABOVE:  the new dog collar is for a 'fake' bark collar I'm going to make.  We have one and it works EXTREMELY well, but the dog who doesn't have it on still barks and howls like crazy at the drop of a hat.  So I am making a fake one to put on the 'other' dog, so it thinks it's got it on and hopefully won't bark!
The trick is to switch them around all the time so both dogs get zapped on and off.  I hope it works.

The other things are gorgeous buttons... which I got from David's Emporuim on Cavendish Drive.  Oh my god, I so have to take Bex there!  She will love it.  I sure do. 

 ABOVE: I finished Lacy's gift .... now all I have to do is hope she likes it!

COMMENTS TODAY?  Has everyone gone bush after me rants yesterday?    Am I boring today?  *smiles*

SOUTHGIRL:  Nope, it's not a wallhanging... I will show all of it once Lacy has arrived and  received it.  And Nope, I'm quite sure you are not DUMB!

ABOVE:  She got her parcel.  I had to use three separate pieces of gift wrap cos I didn't have any single piece large enough.

ABOVE:  As  you can now see, I made her a 'baby bag'... NOT to put THE BABY IN ya twit!!!
But she tried anyway.  

ABOVE:  Clearly, she LOVED IT.  She screamed when she realised what it was... be thankful you were NOT in my lounge!  It was LOUD.

 ABOVE: Another nice photo ...

 ABOVE:  and another one of her being a twit.

Bex has spent a long time in the kitchen today, making two cakes for tonight.  One is a Banana Cake and one is an Apple Pie Cake.

Lacy arrived, smelt the cake... and sneaked into the fridge and....

ABOVE: she took a bite out of the banana cake!

Now that Stew is home, he's off to get dinner.  This will be the first takeaway meal we have had in 2 weeks!  Wow we are doing well.
I've decided to partake in fish 'n' chips and a little piece of Birthday Cake tonight.

As it will be my first 'naughty' meal, I hope I don't end up regretting it.

IF I DO... well I will be able to use that feeling to my advantage... and probably won't do it again?  Not sure.  I'm probably trying to talk myself into believing it's OK... lol.

We shall see in an hour or so I suppose...

End of Day:  the fish 'n' chips?  Nope, did not enjoy them at all.  The cake?  Yep, liked that and don't regret eating some at all.
Tomorrow.... right back on track.
nite nite


  1. Haha!!! I literally laughed out loud at 'steves grope!!!' Too funny! (and very cute seeing the loving cheeky look she has back at him ... awwww). My washing machine did that with a piece of plastic a few years back and I had to get a fixit guy to sort it ... $150 later!! You're very lucky to have a fixit guy in your home! Ohhh and happy birthday Lacy!!!

  2. Too funny! Steve and Bex are cute. She's holding the washer clog culprit and he's holding, er... her! Glad it's all fixed now. I've found coins and even lighters in our washer even after I checked all the pants pockets! ;)

  3. So let me get this straight, your washer broke, you hauled it outside, found Bex's hairclip clogging it, removed hairclip and put the washer back inside and grabbed Bex's boob. Right? At least you didn't buy a new washer.
    I have to say, not a very good boob grab, more of a push than a squeeze. Squeezes are better. In my expert opinion!

  4. Lorraine H.3:58 PM

    Chris can I be rude (and dumb lol)is that a wall hanging you have made.If so I love it especially the colours in it.No sweet pea you are never boring I LOVE YOUR HONESTY.

    Happy birthday Lacy. My youngest daughter shares her birthday with you as well.But just got a wee few years on

  5. Happy Birthday Lacy!! Hope you are having a great day with your gorgeous wee girl!!! The present your mum made looks awesome - can't wait to see the rest of it as I am so curious to see what it actually is!
    And Chris you certainly aren't boring!! Far far from it :)
    Oh and so glad the washing machine was something so simple like hairclips! You are so lucky having helpful useful guys in your house :)

  6. Hi! We're snowed in here.

    Your paybacks are gonna be fun. lol

  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    It's an orange dress for Lacy so it matches Keera one for her birthday.LOL
    Mary H

  8. Eww I hate to think what is under and behind my washing machine.

    I hope Lacy likes her present, can't wait to see what it is.

  9. Oh dear god the washing machine our washing machine man came to my mums house once a pair of my undies had clogged the drain HOW I DONT KNOW but I was 14 and sooooooo embarrased! As for the grope squeeze push geeze romantic much! lol Hmmmmmm pressies here's hoping she likes it A HANDBAG like the ones you used to make? surely not a SMOCK dress top at least its not orange ohhhhh wait we haven't seen all of it IT might be orange yet!

  10. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Happy Birthday Lacy!
    I pissed myself at Steve's hand on Beks boob! Classic!
    Kate in Wellington

  11. Happy birthday Lacy! It's your birthday so your allowed to sneak bits out of all cakes today! Clever Chris making such a nice gift. So Steve's a boob man, lol!

  12. I haven't put a comment today, simply because I was too pissed at yesterdays one that I wasn't able to respond to!
    If "Anon" (still hiding behind a fake pseudonym) really thinks that I am not that bright, and only willing to comment when she/he thinks I disagree with something Chris or myself have said, then he/she is even more dense than he/she thinks I am!
    I speak my mind, at all times, and I don't care whether I agree or disagree with anyone - because EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions!
    If "Anon" had actually ever taken any notice of what I had to say, he/she would see that I don't particularly believe that any one person in this world is 100% completely right or wrong.
    I just get on with my life without attacking any one human on a personal level if I don't know the full and unedited version beforehand.
    Perhaps "Anon" should try taking a leaf out of my "non-bright" book and do the same?
    Just sayin.....

  13. *Clapping hands together" ONYA JO.

    I know that you are privy to the FULL STORY behind our families dramas concerning Amanda, so you were fully aware of where I was coming from with my post yesterday.

    I thank You and Everyone else who left a supportive comment, even those who did not know the FULL STORY. Most of my readers know that I am a damn good person, who would never just fly off the handle and have a go at someone on my blog without just cause ... (in my mind anyway).

    I stand by everything I put on my blog 100%. I'm honest to a fault, and speak my mind. I am sure that is why so many people like my blog. I ain't no bullshitter and I call it how I see it.

  14. Wow! I LOVE the bag! It is awesome! :) You are just so clever!!!
    Becs sure has been busy today - that banana cake looks great even with the bite taken out of it!!!
    Enjoy your meal and I know you WILL be back on track tomorrow :)

  15. Have some yummy treats!!... walk around the block after dinner if necessary... xxx

  16. Enjoy tonights treat meal. I love the baby bag.

    Good onya Jo!!

  17. Happy birthday Lacy :) enjoy the cakes everyone :)

  18. Jo, totally agree with that assessment. That insult was totally uncalled for and untrue of you. You can actually make a point without insulting the person you disagree with. Good on you for sticking up for yourself.

    Chris, same with you. I might not have done the same thing you did on your blog but there is a long history (which I don't know all of either) and you did what you did, after a long period of being treated pretty poorly. I can understand why you did it after all of this time.

    As for posting anonymous comments (Jo's original point) you can identify yourself with at least a first name even if you don't have a blogger account. If you are really afraid of repercussions as was suggested yesterday why are you even on here reading? There is plenty of other reading material on the internet and other places to keep you amused. Don't choose to read someone who doesn't in your view respond well to what pretty much came across yesterday as vile personal attacks, as opposed to constructive criticism. I'm glad I decided to keep my blog private.

    Penny xo

  19. Great work Chris Friday Saturday nights are the nights most people r less strict, you're doing great .

  20. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! That is too funny about the cake and a bite being taken from it. When I changed my eating I found I couldn't go back because the stuff I used to love upset my body now. As well I really liked how I started shedding the pounds and I truly felt better. Your doing great with things! Keep up the fantastic work!


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