Saturday, February 09, 2013


No one has to go to work today, this is great.

Top of the 'to do' list today is to get hold of Smartbox and arrange a time so we can go and re-arrange what is in the box, take some stuff out (like my fabric), and put some of the bigger things in (like Bex's washing machine/freezer etc).  

We want to keep all Bex's 'stuff' in storage for an indefinite time now.  After some discussion, suggested by us, they will be continuing to live with us.  There will be no pressure for them to move out or for Bex to return to work.  This will give them time to save some money towards their next step in life.

The benefits for US?  We get live in babysitters, I get live in help with the housework, I have company and a gorgeous wee grandson to cluck over whenever I want. WIN WIN.

Last night Bex had a little fright:

ABOVE:  she got a really hot rash over her face and neck!  No idea why, and it went within half an hour.  Weird.

ABOVE:  clearly NOT her best profile.  It will be interesting if it happens again.  At least she didn't swell up, which I was worried might happen.
ABOVE:  Master Dante was a right rat bag yesterday.   He simply did not want to sleep much.  This photo was taken around 9 pm, and he was finally looking like he might go to sleep. Stew, clearly the 'favourite' person in this house... both dogs AND the baby on his lap!   Dante didn't last long before he cried again ... I think he got overtired.  

Right, enough yakkity yak, I'm off to sort out ingredients for sushi....   everyone in this house loves it which is very helpful... I won't have to make separate lunches for me and 'them'.


After ringing the Storage Company numerous times yesterday, and three times this morning... I finally got to speak to a human instead of an answering machine.  What a pain in the arse.

A N Y W A Y... it's all sorted and our box will be delivered back to our house tomorrow afternoon, and we can re-pack it before they come and get it again on Monday.  
I can't wait to get my fabrics back!
YES... I am weird... in a fabric lover way.  lol

I woke up starving.  I'm thinking of having some breakfast.  But I can't think what to have that's not 'evil'.  Maybe some muesli and fruit?
Day 2 ...  bring it on.

Ya... all sorted for the storage box to be delivered tomorrow, I can't wait!
Grocery shopping done too... now it's time for lunch.  Lunch will be fresh corn on the cob.  NO BUTTER. NO SALT (for me anyway).

And dinner will be sushi. It was gunna be for lunch, but I won't have time to make it for lunch  now.  Steve in NOT impressed.

Stew and Steve are going to the cricket, 20/20 match:  Black Caps Vs. England.  So they won't be here for dinner.  SUCH A SHAME.  ha ha ha

ANON: this is for you.  The Smartbox company is one of the best economically for LONG TERM storage, and the added advantage is they bring the empty box to you and take it back full.  

ABOVE: you can 'visit' your box on site to get stuff out or put more in, they only require 24 hrs notice.  We have chosen to have our box brought back to our house so we can unload it and reload it here.  Then they will take it back again.  There is a fee for that, but we are happy to pay for the convenience of having it here to sort out.

Kelly, Rena and Keera have turned up for a visit.  Kelly is babysitting Keera so Lacy can have the weekend 'off'.  Oh to be so lucky.

Lacy is talking of moving over to West Auckland.  This will mean I no longer have to take Keera to visit with her Father.  AWESOME.  Lacy can do it.  Or he can pick her up.  Either way, I won't be.

ABOVE:  here is Keera wearing one of the headbands Sandra B sent her... 

ABOVE:  another gorgeous one!  

ABOVE:  Rena enjoying the baby doll and clothes that my Mum sent over.

ABOVE:  the little 'car seat' is rather cute too.

It just got really noisy, Stew is doing the lawns... he's got the line trimmer out doing the edges, thank goodness our section isn't too big, cos my head is banging.

I'm over today already.  Tension is in the air and it does my head in.  

ANNE:  I miss you Palmy girls SO MUCH, you have no idea.  I wish sometimes that we had never moved.  But we did, and we are finally happy here.  Having the kids here helps so much for me.  Company during the day is so nice.

MARGIE:  no I've not heard of that diet.  Let me know how you guys go please!

Kelly didn't fancy spending the night at Lacy's all alone apart from Keera and Rena, so she has come back here for the night.

I think Bex, Kelly and I are going to play cards...   when Stew and Steve get home from the cricket they will get to have their sushi.  Bex tells me it is delicious.  I had some, but didn't like the salmon one at all.  I don't like much fish now... well not to eat anyway.

I do enjoy catching fish *smiles*, particularly the ones that fight... like Kingfish.

JUDITH:  I think Bex's rash was possibly heat or something she ate or touched.  It went fairly quickly, so all good.

End of Day:  well the guys got home from the cricket happy ... even though our guys lost the game.... dicks.  They have not been playing well at all.  Oh well... like I give a rat's arse about cricket!  ha ha ha
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

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  2. Stew is very popular - that's cause he is such a great guy! :)
    Oh that would have been scary for Bex but glad it went away quickly!
    Yay for Bex and Steve staying living with you - think that will be a "win win" situation for you all :)

  3. I had a hot rash like that once - it was an allergic reaction to some new cleanser I'd used. It wasn't immediate though - I think it was around an hour after I'd used it.

    Poor Bex!

  4. Gosh that is a weird rash reaction, it was a particularly hot day yesterday a little unsettling even if you are not a baby!! How nice no one has work we don't either and we are laying in...

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Hi am wanting to know how much does it cost for your storage box?

  6. Anonymous11:03 AM

    That's great for Steve and Bex, having the financial and emotional support from you guys is amazing. You are a good, kind person Chris (and Stew), bless you both. Bec

  7. Steve & Bex are lucky to have you guys & you are lucky to have them & Dante. Having them stay longer is a win win for all of you.

  8. Are you familiar with the 5/2 diet in NZ?? My husband and I have started it this week and so far have not found
    it difficult.
    Some people say its good for blood sugar reducing so that would be a bonus for me and you. As for weight loss well I think you need a month on the diet to get proper results. I will let you know how it goes if you are interested.

  9. Breakfast suggestions
    Banana smoothie or another type of fruit
    Cereal, yoghurt
    Good on you Chris!!! Wish we were closer as us three down here are motiviated as well!

  10. I am so excited that things are working so well with your family living at home. And being able to see your grandchild each day is such a blessing. :)

  11. P.S. Dante looks so cuddly! He's very cute!

  12. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Thank you, that is a great help for me. Enjoy your lovely weekend..

  13. You have such beautiful grandbabies! :o)

  14. Pics of Keera are too cute. Hope the headbands help her crazy hair. :-)

  15. Scary for Bex! It's a good few years since I was a nurse but has Bex had rubella? In adults one of the symptoms is a facial rash. I hope she's better now.

  16. Anonymous8:18 PM

    How is your new grandbaby doing? Amanda's son? Please post some photos of him. I remember he's got a cute little sister also. Haven't seen her on your blog for ages. You have very cute grandies. God bless them. <3

  17. Keera is the CUTENESS !!! Oh me God, she makes me so clucky for a little girl... no chance of that tho xxx

  18. Keera's headbands are just gorgeous! I would wear one of them for sure : )

  19. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Keera is such a cutie. Very lucky grandkids you have to be blessed with you and Stew. How is Russell and his health now he is home?


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