Sunday, February 03, 2013


Today we are going to Hamilton so I can see Amanda's new baby.
Stew and the kids are coming too... but they will probably hang out at the park/lake while I'm visiting the baby.

Hopefully I will have some lovely photos of the new baby when we get home.

Until then, I will leave you with a few I took yesterday:

LOL, I really enjoyed putting captions on that lot!
Neither baby was hurt in the making of that series by the way!

I showed Steve and Bex the photos last night and they both cracked up laughing.  So glad I can amuse them.

Right, better go get some jobs done, school starts for Brylee and Griffin tomorrow and I need to be organised...

OH, I will show you a photo of the baby gift I made for Liam when we get home this afternoon.


Home.  The visit went well.  Stew, Brylee and Griffin got to see baby Liam too, which was nice.
We didn't stay long as it was just too hot in the room for me... I was about to become a big dripping puddle on the floor!
I will show you what I made for Liam's room...

ABOVE:  Amanda wasn't that keen on the Orange, but unfortunately I didn't have much fabric to choose from as most of me fabric is in storage.  She did like it overall, I think?  Her Father In Law thought the flowers were sperm! 

Mad Taranaki Farmer!

AND he kept pointing out that their van is a 7 SEATER.... and so there was room for ONE MORE BABY!  Somehow I don't think Amanda is having a bar of it!

I will go now and sort out some baby photos to show ya...

 ABOVE:  My first hold of Liam... Yes... I cried. 

 ABOVE:  CLEARLY we do not make many bald babies in our family!  Liam has a good crop of hair.

ABOVE:  Stew and Liam, our 12th Grandchild.   We now have 7 grandsons and 5 granddaughters.  Wonder who will reproduce next!

ABOVE:  isn't he adorable!  I just had to take his booties off and check out the fingers and toes.  I'm happy to report he has ten of each... *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Just checking!

 ABOVE:  Andrew with his son.  A very happy man.

ABOVE:  Amanda, tired but otherwise all good.

ABOVE:  Brylee got a cuddle too, which was lovely.  Griffin... nah he didn't want to.

On our way home we stopped at Pokeno for an ice cream.  Stew couldn't have one as he's fasting for a procedure tomorrow at hospital.  Poor bugger.  He wasn't even allowed lunch.

Anyway, I digress.  He bought me a couple of lovely gifts from a cute gift shop in Pokeno, which was so lovely of him.  He knew I was feeling a bit low and cry babyish... *smiles*
I will show you what he gave me tomorrow, I NEED something to put on for tomorrow eh?

Something totally unrelated to anything else today.... I wrote a 'Roster' of who cooks dinner each night.
I felt it was time I did it so the load is shared.
So, it goes like this:


Sooooo... tonight is Steve's first turn.  And he's gone all out and is actually COOKING something more than baked beans on toast!

 ABOVE:  it would appear we are having something called 'Chicken and Mushroom Bake'!   OOOOOwww.... my expectations are high now.  lol
I wonder if he realises his Dad can have none of it?

How sad Stew can't eat any dinner, the smell coming out of my kitchen right now is mouth wateringly divine...

ABOVE:  Dinner! Chicken baked in a mushroom and leek sauce, served with scalloped potatoes and sour cream.  OMG it was lovely!!! 
I think I am really going to enjoy having other people cooking in my kitchen.  Apparently Steve was really excited about cooking dinner tonight.  Awwww... he did such a good job too.  No baked beans on toast after all.  *smiles*

End of Day:  lots happening today.  Just spent the past hour or so sewing the kids names on the new uniform items they both got.
Time for bed, we have to get up extra early tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Enjoyed the squable of the wee ones! So cute! good job! Keera is getting so big! or is it little cuz is sooo small...?? ...debbie

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Hahahaha just loved that lol....Go Dante, show your Cuzz who's boss.....Love Keera's Mum xoxo

  3. Best of luck for today.

    Kate (444)

  4. Great pics....and also a great job on the captions. It won't be too long before they are having a go at each other for real.

  5. Gorgeous pics.
    Hope today goes well. xxxx

  6. LOVE the photos and the captions are awesome too!
    Hope today's visit goes well :) Can't wait to see photos of wee Liam (and the gift you made him too)

  7. Congratulations on the new grandson. The other two re absolute cuties - can't believe how much hair Keera has!

  8. Those photos are funny as and I quite believe the Kapow and bodyslam, so stew and the kids don't get to see Liam? that's a bit naff... last day of the holidays and your travelling in traffic poor STEW will need a BIG REST next weekend how did his all day at work go yesterday....

  9. Such cute pictures!

  10. Hope you're out and about having a great day! Back to school, yeah! Adorable photos, love the green colour on Dante. Enjoy your week and take care.

  11. You are too clever with your pics and captions miss!

  12. Liam is just gorgeous!!! Been hanging out waiting to see them! And he sure does have a good crop of hair on him! Congratulations Amanda and Andrew!
    Hope tomorrow goes ok for Stew - will be thinking of him.

  13. Congrats on the new arrival...he's cute as :)

  14. I am glad the visit went ok and that you & Stew got to meet & hold Liam.

  15. What a lovely photo of Brylee and Liam. She is growing into a very cute little girl!

    My vote is for Steve & Bex to reproduce next...... ;-)

  16. Poor Stew . Hope it's all good news tomorrow. Love the wall hanging. It's gorgeous.

  17. Good luck to Stew for tomorrow... poor bugger not being able to eat! Arrgh what a nightmare.

    Great photos as usual!

    Kate (444)

  18. Anonymous10:13 PM

    awwww bless.Love new babies! Is it sad that I still look at lacy's pic when she first saw the toilet paper LOL.I still cant help laughing at her expression! Btw Lacy you are looking gorgeous!
    Kate from Welly


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