Monday, February 04, 2013


My day is gunna go something like this:

7 am:  Take Stew to Middlemore Hospital for a precautionary procedure which is gunna be yuk for him. (Colonoscopy).

8 am:  Hopefully I will be home in time to get the kids sorted out for their FIRST DAY back at school.

11 - 12 noon:  Pick up Stew from the hospital.

IF he is up to it we will then hot foot it across town for the funeral of a dear friends' Mum.

I am so very thankful that Bex is living with us now because she can fill the gaps if I'm not home in time for the kids.

Much later on today I am expecting a visit from a blogger from up North.  She is down here on business and is calling in to give Bex a whole heap of nappies!  How cool is that!

Now... I mentioned Stew got me some gifts yesterday, so I'll now show you:

 ABOVE: These gorgeous glass grapes!

ABOVE:  They are a blueish/purple colour and I love them.

ABOVE: He also got me this cute wall box...

 ABOVE:  You can put keys inside it, but I'm not going to.  It's going on my lounge wall along with all my other 'nautical' treasures.

I just realised I missed a photo yesterday of Liam that I wanted to post, so here it is:

ABOVE:  Amanda  LOVES  The Smurfs... especially Poppa Smurf.  She got a Big Poppa Smurf when she was about 4 years old and still loves them. So I wasn't that surprised to see a small Poppa Smurf in the bassinet with Liam!

Well, that's all for now... I'm off to take Stew to hospital.

WOW!  We have rain.... thick, dense, drizzle type rain.  The sort that might just soak into the ground and do some good.  Our ground is so parched right now, I took these photos yesterday:

ABOVE:  see?   Very dry, hardly any grass for the animals at all.  Hopefully today's rain lasts for a few days and helps the farmers with some grass growth.

ABOVE:  cracks in my lawn.  The one just above is really deep too.  The only greenery growing on my 'lawn' right now is weeds.

I just picked up Stew.  Apparently all is OK... we just have to wait for a biopsy report to be sure.
Awesome.   Now we all have to listen to him fart all day cos they pumped him full of air.  
I hope like hell he's passed most of it before we go the the funeral this afternoon!  Can you imagine him dropping farts all through the service?

Right, off to cuddle wee Dante, have lunch, get tidied up and then go to funeral.

The funeral was lovely, lots of people, and my word they put on an amazing 'cuppa' afterwards I must say.  I shouldn't have had any lunch before going cos there was a virtual mountain of food!

Coming home at 4pm... a NIGHTMARE.  The traffic was diabolical, our last stretch took 35 minutes to cover about 1 km.  Madness.

Very happy to be home, can relax now.  Bex has taken over dinner preperations tonight, so I get to do 'her' Wednesday night dinner now.  Being flexible is great.  I'm so happy we get on so well, she's such a help around the house, even while she is caring for Dante.  
Love you Bex.

End of Day: had a lovely visitor just before dinner, more on that tomorrow.  I'm knackered and just want to get to bed.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Good luck Stew hope it goes ok. U are back to being busy chris. Happy first day back to school B & G

  2. GL Stew!! Hope your day goes smoothly today, Chris.

  3. Hope all goes well with Stews test. We too have rain down south that will soak into the ground and help the plants. Shame the temp has dropped with it.

  4. Anonymous9:01 AM

    We both got a smurf doll, I got the poppa smurf and she got smurfet.....

  5. Good News about Stew :-)

    I hope the funeral is not too dire.

  6. Your new grandson is a looker! Congratulations.

    Best wishes for Stew xx

  7. Belated congrats to you and all the family on the darling little Liam xxxxxx

  8. Mr T had a colonoscopy in November so I hear what you're saying girlfriend.

    Hope it went well and results ok.

    Congratulations on your new grandbaby xxx

  9. Hi Chris, been away so catching up, lovely name Liam ( I have one) and he is a wee cutie.

    Stew, I am sympathising with you as I have to have them bi annually.

    Bec is a treasure!

    Cheers chicky x

  10. Like the blue glass grapes there really nice, Liam looks snuggly as next to the smurf, I bet the house feels nearly normal after this week and school settling down it will be easy peasy how did the kids go first day back?

  11. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Yea ya Bex you rock....yea we all love ya chky....xoxo.
    Love Lacy & Keera xoxo

  12. My husband had a colonoscopy late last year. They are definitely not something you would ever choose to have, although the preparation is probably worse than the procedure. I wish Stew well.

  13. Gee - I really hope that Stew deflated!!!

    Can I hear a "yay freaking hey! School is back?!?"

  14. Anonymous3:58 AM

    So, u friends with amanda now?


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