Sunday, February 24, 2013


Today, all going well.. I intend to make a start on two more bags.  One will be Bex's Baby Bag, and the other will be Kelly's 'Zumba Bag'.

I sent Kelly out yesterday to choose her fabrics for her bag, this is what she came home with:

ABOVE:  Very pretty,  I will enjoy transforming it into a pretty bag for her.
Bex's, not so sure.  It is a rather bright orange... (whoops! there's that word again!)... but anyway, hopefully it looks nice once teamed with the blue she chose too.

ABOVE:  Right, Jo... get back to me with your address so I can send you the pretty wee girl's outfit that has no home!  

AND.... anyone got a wee boy around 1 year old who can use the wee jumper?  It is brand new, never worn... and apparently quite hideous!  A bit like the wee girl's outfit... unwanted, and lucky it didn't end up in the bin.

Moving on... Bex did a bit of shopping for Dante yesterday at Farmers... they were having a sale again.

ABOVE:  Dante is growing so fast he needed bigger summer suits, so Bex got this lot for under $40!

ABOVE:  Talking of Master Dante... how darling is our wee man?  Such a spoilt little bugger, he loves nothing more than being held up on your shoulder while you pace the floor with him.  *sigh*  Can anyone else see a definite ginger-ish tinge in his hair?

ABOVE:  And yes, the men are trying to teach him bad habits already!  He looks so content!  Bet in a few months when they WON'T let him drink it he won't be quite so happy.

Ok... enough for now, I want to get the washing on before I venture downstairs to the sewing ...

Does anyone else have trouble with vacum cleaners?  I swear to god ... every single vacum cleaner we have ever owned has been utter shit.
This one has constantly given us problems.  Stew has literally taken it apart fully, and he still can't find a reason/blockage why it's not working.

The only vacum I have owed and loved was a Kirby.  Stew didn't like it much cos it didn't get into the corners well... but I thought it was a fantastic machine.

I might even investigate getting one.
ABOVE:  now there's two of them trying to make it go.  Fingers crossed...

Stew's sister has arrived for a visit... we are having a lovely time showing off the grandkids, Rena, Keera and Dante.

I had had a very productive few hours... I stayed and visited with Khady for an hour or so, then took off downstairs to get started on the bags for Kelly and Bex.

ABOVE:  Great-Aunty Khady and our Keera.  

ABOVE:  Rena's turn for a cuddle.
ABOVE: it was lovey to see Khady, although we live in the same city, we don't get to see her nearly enough.

ABOVE:  Lacy walking Dante around.... the expression on his face is so funny.... I'd love to know what was going on in his head!

ABOVE:  I think I'm making good progress on the bags... hopefully I shall finish both of them  tomorrow.

Steve and Bex cooked dinner tonight.  Steve made an amazing marinade for the pork chops he was going to cook... accompanied by a lettuce salad and mashed potatoe with little cubes of apple in it!  The pork chops were delicious, he had grated apple on the top of the chops too.  I am so impressed with his and Bex's dinners!  

And even more grateful that they are trying different things... it's fun trying different dishes.

End of Day:  I took lots more photos today, which I will show ya tomorrow.
Time for me to relax for the evening... 
nite nite.

EDIT: No ANON, Amanda did NOT send them back, our daughter Kelly went and got them back.


  1. He is getting so big! Did she actually send the clothes back?? Crazy.

  2. Interesting that you got the clothes back....much better than having them thrown away.
    Dante is getting to be quite the big boy.

  3. Love the fabric that Kelly has chosen! The bag is going to look awesome!
    Dante is so beautiful, and that cute little smile :)

    Leanne xx

  4. I had a dyson which was crap, then two years ago bought a Miele cat and dog M A X, was expensive, but has never ever lost suction and is just amazing at picking up every little speck, even threads that have entwined into carpet. Had a turbo head thingy but never had to use it. Cheers x

  5. Wertheim vacuum cleaner :) They are brilliant! Go and check them out.
    Think my last comment disappeared!

  6. Dante looks so cute, I love the zumba bag colours, I never have had vaccum cleaner problems, only problem is NO one does my vaccuming!!!!

  7. Yep I can put my hand up... I have never come across a decent vacum cleaner.. we have gone through two last year.. first was a bagless.. (I could suck the carpet harder than that thing!!) and then hubby bought next one.. went really well until I pulled it along and it hit the corner and broke a piece off... *sigh*

  8. I've got an el cheapo Kambrook one from Briscoes and I think it's a Jaguar... anyway - pretty good really - I hate vacuuming and it's really "sucky" so makes life easy.

    Sooo hot. feel like napping! Have been cleaning out Paige's bedroom (2 black sacks later!!). She's growing so fast, the clothing is next - hate that job!

    See ya.


  9. Dante is such a cute little thing. Maybe not so little, eh? He sure has grown! We have Kirby Vacuums here in the states too and people swear by them. Do you have Orecks? They are good too.

  10. Well that just stinks. The usual thing to do is to say thank you when a gift is given. I would give about anything to have my parents involved in my kids' lives now... :/

  11. I love love love my Miele vacuum. I have the light blue colour model, retails for around $350 and is awesome!!

  12. yep can definately see red in Dante's hair :D

  13. I was gonna suggest a Kirby, but they are expensive. We have had ours about eight years and I can't see us getting rid of it any time soon :-)

  14. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Well done Amanda.... you actually went ahead and sent the pressies back to your mom? I hope when you get to become a grandma, your kids will hurt you TWICE as much as you have hurt your mother!! You are not fit to be called a mother, you disgraceful thing!

  15. ANON: No, Amanda did not send them back... our Daughter Kelly went and got them back.

  16. You're making fast progress on the bags. Keera is an absolute sweetie, growing so fast.

  17. The outfit that Rena is wearing looks just gorgeous on her, is it the same one that was not wanted, also in my opinion the little boys jumper is very, very nice, it looks hand knitted, I really like it.