Monday, February 18, 2013


Hold ya breath, I've got a few photos today...

ABOVE:  Hmmm, baby is asleep on his Mum and Dad's bed.... why?

ABOVE:  something is happening...

 ABOVE:  Aaa haaa... now I see!  Seems he was getting a bit cramped in his bassinet...

ABOVE:  he sure seems happy in the cot. Heaps more room, and airy. It was hot in his bassinet.

ABOVE:  Think this is adorable?

 ABOVE:  What about this one?

ABOVE: Or this one?  Keera is getting a kiss from Grandad. 

ABOVE:  I LOVE THIS ONE!  and... I have only just noticed... Dante has the exact same shaped head and hairline as his Grandad!

ABOVE:  Whoops, Dante has had enough of this 'photo shoot'.  Keera is inclined to agree, but she is more concerned about the noise in her ear!

ABOVE: Dante having the first proper sleep in his cot.  I bet Steve and Bex can't wait for the next 'stage'...

I am waiting for the repairs to be done, then I am moving some serious shit in this house! 
More on that AFTER the repairs are done.

TODAY: hmmmm.... I am going to sew up some cot sheets.  Clearly it NOW needs to be done seeing as Dante is in the cot eh.

Now, before I forget, here's a question:

When is YOUR 'worst time' during the day when it comes to craving something/anything???
Mine is AFTER dinner, until bedtime.  So for about 4 hours I'm thinking of FOOD, and that is when I feel a bit deprived.  I crave sweet things.  Badly.

So far (and long may it last) I have resisted temptation.

How do YOU resist temptation?  How do you get through that shit time when all you want to do is dive head first into a box of chocolates?

I really hope this phase passes soon!  It will be a right pain in the butt if I have to go through that every evening.


Bex, Dante and I are off to the mall (Manukau)... I have a parcel to post, and we can have a wander around the shops.
It's another stunning day ... the cicada's are in full chirp and the lawns are crispy dry.
I think everyone is looking forward to winter.

Back home, and it's already 1pm!  Frig the day goes fast.

Talking about cravings after dinner.  I DON'T feel hungry after dinner at all, it's just a CRAVING.  And it is something I am learning to resist, because now I sit there saying to myself :
"I don't need it, I just WANT it."

There is a difference.  Snacking is pure self indulgence, and something I am winning the war on.

The way I am feeling is going to be better than any sweet or treat will taste.

BUT... I am going to have 1 treat a week... so I don't get all crabby and feel deprived ALL THE TIME.
That is the best way to end up diving into the chocolate!

Now... a couple of photos this morning:

 ABOVE:  Steve in the 'popular chair'... it's Stew's chair.  So, he got the dogs as well as Dante.

 ABOVE:  cuteness overload.  Dante likes the TV.
Coco... well she just likes anyone's lap.

ABOVE: Tracy down at the mall... we can't get past her without her snatching our babies!  She has changed jobs, she used to work at the Camera shop, but now works right next door at the INK shop.

ABOVE:  Bex bought me these gorgeous ear rings!  I adore them.  Blue - tick.  Nautical - tick. Bling - tick!

Just had a very late lunch, a small baked potato with onion, baked beans and cheese.  That will keep me full until bedtime almost!

I'm making the family homemade pizzas for dinner.  Chicken, cranberry sauce, spinach, feta cheese and some onion, served with a side salad.  Should be nice.

End of Day:  dinner went down rather well!  I ended up making 4 pizzas, which was quite a bit of work, but worth it.
Watched some tv then whoops!  I remembered I was supposed to be making some cot sheets... so might have to do that before going to bed.
nite nite.


  1. OMG! Those photos of Stew, Dante and Keera are gorgeous (as always)! Dante looks almost as long as Keera in that first photo!!!
    Loving the cot and all the work you have done for the quilting! Looks fabulous!
    I have 2 bad times of the day when it comes to craving things.... straight after lunch (chewing gum (sugar free) is helping me there. And then again after dinner as well, but I find keeping busy helps (lunches, computer, knitting etc).

  2. Hi Chris,

    My worst time is from when I get home from work until dinner time. I haven't been resisting it lately which is why the bloomers are getting bigger! When I'm in control, I prepare dinner then go for a walk.

  3. Stew and the babies! Where's the "like" button?

  4. Mine is after tea too - when I am serious about being good (where you are at now!) I make up WW jellies... if you aren't "sharing" them, I suggest doing them into about 3 ramekins so you can have just a smaller portion of it and you have three nights worth.

    Kate (444)

  5. Those pictures are ADORABLE! Oh my gosh, Dante's bedding is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! WOW Chris, did you make all of that? You are SO incredibly talented! I am so impressed! Seriously, it absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Aww...great pics of the little ones with their grandad. There are fun times ahead for those three.

  7. Mine is Lunchtime, with little kids it just seems so much easier to grap something crappy than make something healthy. Gorgeous photos, Dante is growing so fast. Tell Bex not to wish the stages away, it goes too fast and then the next thing they are at school. I am really enjoying all Will's stages and trying really hard to document them all, I have learned from the other 3 that it all flys by.

  8. I meant to say that Dante's bedware is AMAZING you are super talented.

  9. If I tell ya if you don't yell at me :)

    I don't have cravings and have not binged since 2011. By cutting the carbs I do (yes I do eat carbs for those who think I don't, I just don't eat "white" carbs) it has simply taken away cravings. That is how I've managed to lose my weight and keep it off. No magic.

    I realise you are doing something else and am happy for you but as long as you spike blood sugar with certain foods, you will feel hunger and cravings. It astounds me now how "sweet" normal food tastes after having virtually no sugar for well over 30 months.

  10. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I eat fruit Apricots Red Delicious Apples Peacherines Black Doris plums & if I have any Watermelon. YUM YUM YUM Have never been a chocolate eater but love cheese and also eat tomatoes (home grown) like apples
    Mary H

  11. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Hey Chris - the pics of Stew and the babies are adorable!!

    Snacking - I'm not a snacker in-between meals. But after dinner I always want something salty, like chips or popcorn. Here of late I've been buying raw nuts...almonds, walnuts & brazil nuts and roasting them in the oven. I lightly oil them, roast them and then lightly salt them. I count out 15 total nuts and that is what I get. No more, no less. Ha!

    I've also removed just about all wheat bread & wheat flour from my diet. It has really helped with my stomach not being so puffed up and distended all of the time.

    Once you get used to not eating wheat flour items, you soon forget about it. I realized I did not need the added calories just to have a piece of bread. I would rather have some extra veggies or fruit.

    Happy Day!

    Ky Girl

  12. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I have a glass of water if i feel im hungry... 20 minutes later if im still craving something i have a small tub of yoghurt with some blueberries and almonds. Does the Trick!
    Ashlee xx

  13. Hey, Chris, same as you. After dinner. One tip Weight Watchers had for a treat, a Cuppa Cupp lolly pop. Suck on one of those a night after dinner for your "sweet" fix. Won't do you any harm.


  14. sharinganharvey9:40 AM

    Late at night like that the best thing for cravings is protein.The body is unable to store protein so there's no worrying about consumption late at night being stored as fat during sleep. protein helps you feel full for longer as its harder for the body to digest than carbs/fats, this leads to an increased thermic effect (calorie burning effect) in the body which may contribute to body fat reduction. Lean meats, egg whites and whey protein are considered 'clean' sources of protein low in saturated fats, carbs and calories. A quality whey protein is my prefered choice of fast, convenient protein and is a great meal substitute when trying to adhere to eating 6 smaller meals a day as apposed to the wideley accepted notion of eating 3 large meals daily.

  15. Hey Chris, thats my time too....and I usually have a skinny ice-cream...or frozen helps ...sometimes!

  16. Anonymous10:18 AM

    To stop the sweet cravings I'd have to agree Lynda's method works for me as well. After I eat dinner I tell myself the kitchen is closed and I force myself to drink water. I'm making a big effort to lose at the moment for a certain event so I appreciate this might not be helpful as you are more about lifestyle & health. I did find increased protein and greatly reducing carbs really eliminated my hunger... I really like not being hungry.


  17. great pics! you can see that Stew is just crazy for those sweet babies!

  18. How gorgeous is that husband of yours. Lovely photos. Little Dante is growing up. I cant wait till Keera grows up to see what happens with her hair.

  19. How gorgeous is that husband of yours. Lovely photos. Little Dante is growing up. I cant wait till Keera grows up to see what happens with her hair.

  20. After dinner is definitely my weak spot too. The kids are asleep and I've tidied the house and I think I *deserve* a treat. That deserve word is a tricky one!

    The key is distraction distraction distraction. Sometimes I'll give myself a manicure (to keep my hands busy) or maybe do some beading. Sometimes I'll go to bed and read a book or magazine.

    Sometimes just brushing my teeth works. The strong peppermint taste makes eating sweets much less appealing! xxxx

  21. absolutley love the quilt etc in the cot looks awesome chris and the pics are real treasures :)
    After dinner is my bad time too so have taken note of everyone else's comments :)
    Enjoy your day

  22. Such cute little babies, makes me want just one more. I love seeing Stew with them, I can see his love for them, reminds me of how my dad was with babies.

    I have created a habit of always having something after dinner, I am not sure how to break it. Goodluck I hope you get some good advise. I will have to read on to see hwat others advice.

  23. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Same as Lynda.. I don't have cravings, because I don't spike my sugar with carbs. Seriously, this is the only way to make sustainable difference. Try it! Your life will change for the better.


  24. The photos o fStew Dante and Keera are really delightful, and dante sure looks like his grandad, I even like the crying face one!! hot and dry here too....

  25. Luuurrrvvve the earrings - they will make your eyes look even more gorgeous than they are ;-)

    I'm seriously thinking about doing the massive carb reduction thing. Can any of you ladies let me know what you eat? its only a lack of imagination that has delayed me starting. I keep thinking meat, eggs then what?!!! I'd love an e-mail at with some lists of breakfasts and lunches.

  26. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Has Dante got a black singlet
    He would look so cute with him and Steve in a singlet
    Mary H

  27. I have found that my cravings have reduced dramatically since I cut out dairy and wheat and I do feel so much better. It isn't easy and with the whole menopause thing happening, my heart goes out to you.
    Take care and thanks for sharing your photos - gorgeous as always !
    Have the best week and good luck with the repairs.

  28. My vitamines are super sweet....and LC... so i get a dose of sweetness every day! Maybe you could find a LC sweet that you like... sweets for a sweetie!
    AND that baby is a cutie!

  29. Another series of great photos. Looks like a very busy weekend for you. Good to hear you are doing well. Keep strong, its all up to you!

  30. Chris that set you made for the crib is absolutely stunning!! I just love it you do such great work.

    Love the pics of the kids with Stew. He's such a great Grandpa!

    I'm most hungry from breakfast until lunch while I'm at work. At home I could go until lunch without eating but at work ALL MORNING I feel like I'm starving. And I eat, not like I don't. breakfast, snack, watch the clock until lunch. Sucks.

  31. Such cute pictures of the babies! I love Dante's new cot and the bedding is adorable! Love the picture of Steve with Dante and Coco watching TV. To cute! Your new earrings are lovely too. Way to go Bex!


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