Monday, February 25, 2013


Apologies to anyone who has to go to work.... while I get to stay home and do the housework, cluck over babies, sew, go shopping, bla bla bla!
It's such a wonderful life I lead.  lol's more photos from yesterday:

ABOVE: Stew and Keera, she is one of the happiest babies I've ever met.

ABOVE:  Rena modelling her new outfit.  I gave it to her before her birthday because I wanted to see if she liked it.  She did.   So she got it early.

ABOVE:  Stew and his darling granddaughters.

ABOVE: Steve and Keera, she clearly loves her Uncle.

ABOVE:  Sandra... doesn't she look so cute with the hairband you made?  We LOVE them.

ABOVE:  I said to Steve ... "Go and stand by the pillar so I can get a lovely photo of you and Keera".  So that is what he did!  What a dick... he knew exactly what he was doing.  

ABOVE:  now THAT is better.

Today:  once I get the kids off to school I plan on sewing.  Hopefully I will get both bags finished today.
I will need to go out at some point for cord for Kelly's bag, and maybe a few other bits 'n' bobs.

ABOVE:  just cos I can... views on me 'bun'?  I often up it up just to get it off me neck... but I've never gone out with it up like this.


The builders arrive NEXT Monday to start work on the kitchen, then the flooring company arrive  Wednesday 6th to lay the new floor.  If the builders don't finish their job on the Monday, they will come back on the 12th to finish off.

So, all going well our damage will be all fixed by 13th March.

The outfit Rena is wearing is IDENTICAL to the one I just got back from Hamilon.

I popped out this morning to buy more dowel and cord so I can finish Bex and Kelly's bags.
Kinda got distracted by other things...

ABOVE:  I decided I needed a new hacksaw... why are there SO MANY to choose from?  I hummed and ha'aaed for ages before deciding to go with a 'middle of the road' one cost-wise.  

After Bunnings, I went over to David's Emporium again and picked up some lace, braid, ...

...  buttons and pretty embellishments for cards.

NOW... I can get back to me sewing. 

*Hi*.... been sewing for the last few hours... and here are the results:

ABOVE:  Kelly's Zumba Bag.  She can have it next time she comes up... as an early Birthday Present.
Ha!  So much for me NOT giving Birthday presents to me grown up kids.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Bex's Baby Bag... THIS is also her early Birthday present.  I think her Birthday is sometime soon?  (yep, just checked the Birthday Book), her birthday is in March.  OH and she ♥ LOVES ♥ orange.  Just sayin'.

I have really enjoyed sewing again.  I love being productive ... and it's even nicer if you enjoy what you are doing.

My 'turn' to cook dinner tonight.  Chicken nibbles baked in a Lemon & Herb marinade, accompanied by rice and stir fry veges.
I need a WOK.  Might just go looking for one tomorrow.

WHOOPS!  I forgot the rice.  Dinner was a flop too... the chicken was too rich, and I kinda burnt the bottom.  Not often I have a failure... dammit.

End of Day:  a lovely day, thrilled to get two bags done and dusted in such a short time.
nite nite.


  1. Like the bun, and your face looks slimmer already, keep going!! Have a great day. Cheers x

  2. Love the hair up and no fringe is definitely the way to go. Loved the outfit on your granddaughter. Enjoy your sewing day . Did I miss when your new floors are being laid??

  3. Love the bun! It has multiple benefits.....keeps the neck cool in those 'hotter' moments and has the effect of lengthening your neck & slimming your face :)

  4. Luv the pics keera is a real cutie the outfit looks great on rena such a shame the other one got rejected but im sure it will go to a better home :)
    Enjoy your day home sewing....

  5. Rena looks precious in the outfit.
    Love the hairbows on Keera and love your bun!
    Have fun sewing!

  6. Rena's hair looks great!! Guess they found a better stylist finally.

  7. Thumbs up for the bun, like it! Happy sewing can't wait to see finished bags.

  8. Love the photos of Stew and his granddaughters and also of Steve and Keera! None of the gorgeous Dante as yet today??? He is such a cutie too!

    I think the bun looks great - and agree with others that it makes your face look slimmer :)

    Yay for a timeframe re getting your floors fixed! Hope it won't be to much of a disturbance for the household :)

  9. I agree with all they said ... and what stunning blue eyes Rena has!!! Just like her grandmas ;)

  10. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Keera & Rena is soooo pretty and very photogenic Love Rena's tea pot model stance. Stew & Steve (props)
    Love the bun Yep face is thinner
    Mary H

  11. Love your hair up! You've got the face for it:)

    Rena's outfit is gorgeous. The fuss about it was totally uncalled for. You are doing fantastic.

  12. Love the baby bag & zumba bag.

    That wee outfit is gorgeous.

  13. The bags look great. I'm still using mine for work. It's starting to tear a bit now (it does get knocked around a bit). Might have to get my act together and re-make it myself :-)

  14. Great looking Bags Chris - I have never seen anything like this - they look great.
    Keep up the inspiration

  15. How clever are you, the bags look fabulous! Lucky girls! Reena is looking cute as ever, so lovely to see all the littlies together.

  16. Your hair looks pretty that way!!!

    Oh how I wished you lived closer to me, I'd have to make me a bag!!!! Those are absolutely beautiful! How talented you are!!! You could make money with your talent!!!

    Rena is a gorgous little girl. She has those beautiful eyes of yours. She is going to be a heart throb one day!!! Also the outfit is very cute.

    God Bless~

  17. Bags turned out awesome luv the colours in kelly's one

  18. Simply LOVE the bags!!! You should sell them on Trade Me or set up a Facebook page and do "make to order" bags etc! I think they are so cool!! How much would you charge to make them??? :)

  19. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Hey bags are awesome would you make and sell any they are perfect hou are very clever, the outfit is very cute all your grand kids are very cute cheers Lucinda

  20. A pattern for the bags would be kinda cool :P I could make one of those myself :) Great job in managing to get two done today!!

  21. Loved the bun loved the photos loved the bags Love that your face is looking way slimmer I must say!!

  22. Rena looks gorgeous.. that outfit is so cute.. and those eyes!! i wonder where she got those? Lol.. Love your hair up... makes you look younger! Those bags are awesome, you could use them for anything... didn't you post the instructions on your blog a while ago?

  23. Well, where to start? So much to comment on today. I love your hair up - it suits you Chris. I'm surprised you don't wear it up more often if it is cooler - because you are one of the lucky ones who has lovely hair - whether up or down. The photos are all gorgeous. Rena looks beautiful in her new outfit - and it really brings out the gorgeous blue eyes she has. The bags look awesome - I'm sure you are going to have a couple of very happy ladies there when they receive their bags. Shame about the tea - better luck next time! Great to see you enjoying life - and your sewing :)

  24. You love Mondays and you needed a new hacksaw.
    Somehow those go together.

  25. Great pictures of the family. Glad to see your sewing projects. Enjoy.

  26. LOVE the bags!! Rena's eyes are just stunning (think that was a newer post but I meant to say so).


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