Friday, February 08, 2013


But only because Wednesday was a holiday I'm sure.

 ABOVE:  I got a lovely little parcel in the mail yesterday from a lovely blog friend.  She made these hairbands for Keera!  I can't wait to pop them on her.  Thank you Sandra B, you are a darling.

 ABOVE:  I saw this photo on Facebook.  It made me think of Mr Owen and his orange crocks!  I wonder if his feet look like this?  Trish?

ABOVE:  this picture was on Facebook too.  I'm like... REALLY?  OMG, who would go out like this  (apart from this woman of course!).  

Now that I've finished assaulting your eyeballs... I will go and find something else to do!

Not sure what... but I feel the need to go out! Maybe I can drag Bex out to the little fabric shop I re-found yesterday!  


Right.  Today I am going to take a small step in the right direction.  I am going to eat well.  I will get some exercise.  For TODAY.  Just today. One day at a time.

IF I succeed for TODAY, I hope I will feel good about myself... so that tomorrow I can try to do it again.

I say TRY... because I really don't know if I can do this again. But I am finally ready to TRY. 

My health is abysmal at the moment.  AND I am 100% sure it is totally down to my weight.

It has been my nemesis since I was a teenager.

And it is killing me.  

For so long I have not given a shit about myself.  I have been living for my family, my life is not my own.  Hasn't been for 34 years.

Maybe it is time I really DID try living for MYSELF (and my man).  On a full time basis.

OK... I know I will still have to take care of the kids... but surely I can do that AND take care of myself?

I have heard my doctors say it over and over again.  I WILL BE NO USE TO ANYONE IF I'M DEAD.

Apparently I am a ticking time bomb.  Diabetes. High Blood Pressure.  High Cholesterol. Stress. All the 'ingredients' of a heart attack waiting to happen.


Just took a few photos of Dante... so will share:

 ABOVE:  I'm having problems with my camera.  Can you tell?  The photos are not crisp and clear.  Driving me bonkers.

On a happier note:  Bex, Dante and I are off shopping.  I am going to have sushi for lunch.  That's healthy right?

Bex and I had a delightful time out and about today.  We both bought some fabric and cute buttons:

ABOVE:  Bex bought this little panel... well actually, it's not that little.  She isn't sure what she will do with it yet, it can be a book, or a quilt, or even a wall hanging.

ABOVE:  we both got buttons.  How can you resist when they are that cute?

ABOVE:  I got this panel, and some matching fabric too.  I also am not sure what I will be doing with it, but it screams out 'QUILT'... so maybe it will become a quilt!  Clearly I am still LOVING bright fabrics.  

The place we got this fabric from is called 'The Crafty Needle' and it is situated at: Unit 6a, 5 Jack Conway Ave, Manukau. (it's off Cavendish Drive).
They also have classes there, and service Bernina Sewing Machines.   YES, their fabrics are a bit more expensive than say, Spotlight, but you have to pay a bit extra to get fabrics you don't see in Spotlight eh?

Sushi.  And only 4 pieces.
Tomorrow I will make my own.

Bex is down in the garage making more nursing pads ... and I'm gunna lie on the couch and relax until I have to make dinner.

Dinner tonight will be Lemon Chicken Stir Fry... with a few noodles.  Not many.


  1. That tanline photo... they need to get out barefoot and fix that! The fat lady looks like she's from Wal Mart. Check out

  2. I am pleased they finally arrived!!
    Fingers cross they fit. I also make crochets pure wool fruit and vege baby hats. I will send you one in the winter for Dante. Have a look on my facebook page to see what they look like.


  3. Such a cutie!

    One day at a time, great idea :)

  4. Love the headbands for Keera! And Dante is such a beautiful baby.
    Take care of yourself!!

  5. Those headbands are gorgeous, I have a friend that makes them too.
    awwww those pics of Dante are gorgeous.

  6. I agree one day at a time Chris. Ive actually started since Xmas using up or throwing out fridge and pantry items to help myself, and the family don't know any different here as long as I have something for them to eat when they are hungry. I found I also had too many options and it has simplified everything. Baby steps, one day at a time and I've also got a small checklist that I see when I wake up to remind me of the simple things I must do every day which is helping :) take care, you can do it!
    Ps I remember when I was young having walks with the baby in the pram each day, how about you and Bex come up with a walking plan with Dante. :))

  7. God first pic of Dante looked like his arm was in a bandage I thought shit what has happened then realized it was his cute teddy

  8. luv'n the pics of dante. Chris good on ya you know how to do it so do what is best for you :)little steps start the journey...

  9. One day at a time is a good way to go. You CAN do it.

  10. Gorgeous pictures! Of Dante, I mean.... I'm sure that's, too. I don't shop there, ever, but I am dreadfully fascinated with the pictures on that website.

    YES, Chris, yu have to take care of yourself, first. Or as my doctor told me when I was whining about taking steroids (I am severely asthmatic), "bitch or die, you choose". One day at a hour, one minute, whatever it takes. Because you won't be cooking and sewing for your family for your coffin, will you? (and I say that with love!)
    Mrs F

  11. Look after yourself Chris. I can only imagine how you are feeling - I know that I am not feeling that great and it really does impact on everything. You are right - look after yourself because you are no use to anyone if you aren't here !!!!
    Gotta love those Walmart shoppers !
    Have the best weekend and take care !

  12. Hey Chris, Sushi is good, but just the vege/fish rolls. Also, if you have hypertension, avoid the soy sauce as its full of salt :-(

  13. Anonymous6:21 PM

    May be a walk instead of a lie down? Will help your mood, and your weight....


  14. Low GI foods are good for diabetes. I'm still trying to learn. The sushi is good along with noodles, brown and basmati rice, sweetcorn, kumera but it can all become confusing as some veggies can change from high to low by the way they are prepared. I actually came off my cholesterol tablets after abut 10 years only to find that I had diabetes. No tablets yet just trying to control it by diet so far( reading about your problems is a bit more incentive to avoid tablets as long as I can).I have even managed to lose about 2 kg in 2 months which is pretty amazing for me. Hypertension well I have just accepted that after 24 years. lol

  15. P.S. Good luck

  16. Keep making healthy choices - day by day. That's all you need to do... Even meal by meal!

    PS: i'm going to post soon about the *amazing* wall hanging you so generously made for Corby. It's a bloody disgrace I haven't done it before now!!!!


  17. Anonymous7:47 PM

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  18. Anonymous7:47 PM

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  19. Yes! Yes! Yes! Look after yourself cheeky! I have seen that photo of the woman, from the front!!!!!! Gah!

  20. Yay for you Chris!! That's all you can do - one day at a time! After a while it becomes a habit. I'm sure you can get your mojo back. I've seen you in action when you've had it before:-)

  21. Baby steps Chris and one at a time! I can totally relate to how you are feeling which is why I made the drastic decision that I did re my weight loss - 5 days into the program and I am doing ok! Yes it is pricey but decided it was MY only option! My BP was going up and up... my weight was going up and up.... Sugar levels were starting to go up too! Cholesterol wasn't to bad surprisingly but it was just a matter of time.... Diabetes run in my family too! So it was time for me to take action! Anyway, enough of my rambling - just thought I would share my experience!
    Bugger about dinner not being that great - hate when that happens!
    Oh lovely photos of Dante and the fabric - love them all!

  22. Woo hoo Chris.:) All anyone can do is take one day at a time, one meal at a time. Just try to keep it simple to begin with. all changes take time to become a habit. just remember what they tell you on the airlines......put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Take care of you first :) You can't be all things to all people...I know, I've tried and learnt the hard way. Make time in planning your day just for you even if it means shutting yourself away in your room to read a magazine or downstairs doing what you love to do just for half an hour. Write it on a sticky and post it somewhere where everyone can see it. Call it "Mums Time, Do Not Disturb" :)You are the important one in the house keeping it all running smoothly but maybe the time has come to delegate :)
    Big hugs and all the above is said because I care xx

  23. Forgot to say ... I can relate to not walking in the heat...that's a killer for sure :)LOL
    Love all the baby pics too. Still waiting for our new little one to arrive. xx

  24. Awwwwwwwwww cute as photos of Dante, not so of the other lady WHO goes out like that? do they not own mirrors? lovely fabrics and buttons can't wait to see what that all becomes.

  25. Well done Chris for making such great healthy choices today. I really must try making sushi as it is one of my favourite foods. Have you tried seaweed salad - it is usually available from sushi bars, and oh my gosh,it is yum! (And VERY healthy!). I love the fabric panels that you and Bex bought - they are lovely. The colours are so vibrant. Have a great weekend!

  26. Congratulations on your great day today. I know what it's like to have a 'great' day......feels really good, doesn't it! May you have many more 'great' days. Krissy (Melbourne ex-Singapore)

  27. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Chris,I totally get you,but ya know what??I wish I had a Mother like you,god I would give my left arm,and first born to have a Mum like you and ALSO to BE a Mum like you!I know you are not perfect (no one is blah blah blah)and that is a real credit to your writing and honesty.
    You tell it like it is! Its refreshing,it is normal!
    Keep up with your blog and keep being you!

    As for your health.Suck it up chook,you HAVE to do it.
    You are a lucky duck! You have so many people that care and love you other than your lovely family,us all that read your blog do too!So do what you have to do,and ask if you need help!
    Lacy..sorry but I love your expression when you saw the toilet paper.That was the best shot ever Chris! You captured it all in one shot.
    *Think I have written a novel* *SORRY!*

    OMG Dante is gorgeous!

    Kate in Wellington

  28. Anonymous2:08 AM

    And Lacy,I look at the pic everyday and I still laugh! Sorry love lol!
    You are really looking great Lacy,I have been reading your Mum's blog for a long.And I admit,I wasn't one of your biggest fans.I am being honest here.
    But you Lacy have turned out to be a wonderful mother!
    I know you don't need verification from randoms on the internet,but just know there are many people other than your family that are really proud of you! xxx Kate in Wellington

  29. Dante is so adorable! Yes please do start taking care of yourself. One day at a time.


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