Sunday, February 10, 2013


I was looking in my pantry yesterday, trying to find some 'One Square Meal' thingees I'd bought a week or so ago. 

I hauled heaps out onto the floor... and found these:

ABOVE:  Whoops!  Seems I keep buying more when I really don't need to.  Oh well... we ain't gunna run out in a hurry are we?

So, after delving into cupboards head first to find the One Square Meals, and NOT finding them, I gave up.
I even thought Steve might have taken them to work for his lunch, but no.

So, I'm sitting at my computer desk, and Bex says "Did you put them in your desk?"

ABOVE:  Why!  Yes I did.  So now I have found them they are going in my bag, so when we are out and I feel faint with hunger (It does happen)... I can grab one of the small ones outta me bag.  EXCELLENT thinking.

They are rather nice too.  I find the big ones just too much to eat in one go, but the cute little bite size ones are perfect.

Yes, they are a bit on the high side re: carbohydrates, but I do believe they are still a very good alternative to a whole block of chocolate... correct?

3RD DAY being a good girl... feeling so confident I CAN do the damn weight loss thing again... I'm buzzing with ...... ???  CAN'T say JOY but it's close. 

I keep thinking of how good I will feel once I've lost even half what I NEED to lose.  Climbing stairs, bending down, getting up off the floor, not hating my own reflection.  It's going to be so good ... and I feel sure I will get there and THIS TIME freakin' well stay there.

God loves a trier, and my god I'm that if nothing else.  I will never give up trying.  Actually, SCRAP THAT.  I AM DOING IT. Full stop. End of Story.
ABOVE:  Bex painted her toe nails... so I wanted mine done too.. only not green like her's.  I got dark blue.  My feet look withered and dried up next to Bex's! Oh well, I will admire them cos they are the only part of me that's got bones showing right now!
I can't wait to see me collar bones again!
THAT is going to be a blog post all on it's own.  lol

Next tidbit for the day:

ABOVE: A little video of Steve and Dante.  Dante is starting to babble, it's so damn cute. *The weird noise towards the end is my 'cuckoo clock', only mine is a 'Hee haw clock' cos we can hear donkeys braying across the valley.

Someone asked me yesterday for photos of Liam and Emily, Amanda's two youngest children. 

Unfortunately, some things are out of our hands, and us seeing Amanda's children is in HER hands.  We did the right thing and went down to see her new baby boy.  Now it's up to them.

Until the rift in the family is healed, nothing will change.  That is in THEIR hands too. 


We had a laugh last night... we decided to see how Rena would look in the cupboard under the strairs... for a LAUGH people, she didn't sleep there:

ABOVE:  she thought she was the bee's knees.

ABOVE:  "Look Grandma, NO HANDS!!!" .

ABOVE: no shortage of adorable babies here.

ABOVE:  Keera checkin out Uncle Steve last night.  At one point she tried biting his nose while pulling on his ears!

Everyone is taking it easy right now, saving energy for when the storage box gets here.  Then we will all be sorting it out... 

BLONDIE: That cupboard is empty because everything that was in it went into storage when we had the flood.. it was full of water.

Well the box is sorted out... and it didn't even take very long!  I was wanting to find my fabrics (done), and my big king size quilt that I have not finished... but we couldn't find it.  Dammit. Now I have NO IDEA where the hell it is.  It's the ONE project I really wanted to get finished this year.  *sigh*
ABOVE:  for a certain Auzzy Tart.  She's issued me with a challenge.  To look after MYSELF ... and it would appear now she has to come up with another challenge for next month.  ha ha!

ABOVE:  It was all hand to the pumps (so to speak) unpacking and repacking the box.  Well, except for me.

 ABOVE:  I got to walk up and down the street with Dante until he went to sleep, then I watched over him.  And took photos.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Dinner tonight was proudly presented by Steve.  We had a very nice pork stir fry accompanied by baked mini wedges and sour cream.  It was delicious.  

End of Day:  another darn good day, another day on track and loving it.
nite nite.


  1. You are doing well Chris! This is going to be our year! We can support and encourage each other on our paths to lose weight! And yes I would definitely say one of those small "square meals" would be better than a block of chocolate!
    Gorgeous wee video of Steve and Dante!

  2. I hope your family is healed in its relationships soon. I know how very much you care for them all.

  3. Yes cornflour can go off, there should be a best before date on the packets.

  4. I can't help you with any info about the cornflour, but I can give you a big pat on the back for your determination to lose weight. It sounds like you are in a very positive frame of mind about it. I will look forward to the collar bone post.

  5. Cornflour donate some to AKLD city mission and or foodbank then its not wasted, Dante and Dad just delightful together. Rena's eyes looked twinkly as ans WHY is that cupboard empty why hasnt it got blankets, sewing, toys, dog stuff baby stuff or any stuff in it? is thta where the water leaked? ICEBLOCKS for dinner after unpacking and repacking the storage box. when repacking DRAW up a plan of where things are for Easy reference next time.

  6. Those babies are so damn cute!

    Good on you - day 3 already :-)

  7. Lorraine H5:18 PM

    Way to go Chris.Tell your Aussie Mate,"bring it on" you're a tough wee nut(don't take offence)you can do ANYTHING she throws at you.

    Southgirl x

  8. You may have to make some play doh with all that cornflour! Ba haha! Day 3 - I am soooooooo proud of you my beautiful girl!

  9. Love the new attitude :)

  10. Yay for staying on track!! How many kg's are you trying to lose?


  11. Anonymous10:09 PM

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  12. Who's the Aussie Tart? Because this Aussie Tart has been trying to get you to accept a challenge too!!! Hello, Diet Coke? What about a 25% reduction?

  13. the new challenge rocks chris and you will master it , steve's dinna lokks yummo well done :)

  14. Yum, that dinner looks sooooo good!!

    Good luck with your new eating - I sincerely, really, absolutely want you to succeed. I know you don't agree/want to do what I do but I'm here to help and support anytime you need to. Now the wedding is over I will have time to meet up!!

  15. I think carrying a snack with you is an excellent idea. I hate it when I'm out and about and become famished to the point of sticking anything in my mouth.

  16. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Loving your new attitude mate!!! Keep up the good work :0) xo

  17. I don't think flour will go bad as long as it stays dry and bugs don't get into it.
    The girl under the stairs is my new favorite picture ever on your blog!


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