Saturday, February 16, 2013


It was a hive of activity in my kitchen last night... Steve and Bex made us all kebabs.

ABOVE:  not only did they cook, they cleaned up the whole kitchen too!  They can stay.

ABOVE:  In the past week our Dante has become very interactive.  He smiles, he talks, and I'm TOTALLY POSITIVE he laughed at me yesterday too!  He is just delightful... when he's in a good mood!  Sometimes he is NOT in a good mood, and the only thing that shuts him up is a feed.  Luckily his Mum is always nearby.

ABOVE:  I went down here last night, had planned to do some sewing.  But I spend quite a lot of time measuring and plotting the next big 'move'.  Which can't happen until the back wall of the garage is ripped out and replaced. 

I am not looking forward to that.  I am sure we will have to cover everything with dust cloths.
I wonder if the builders will supply them?

Today:  Steve, Bex and Dante are going to Hamilton to see all the Mums, Dads and babies who were in their Ante Natal class.  That is bound to be a lovely get together, all those new babies!

Stew and I (and the two kids) are going down to Carpet Court to look at the choices for our new laminate floor.  I hope we can get something we like... in the 'price range' our Insurance Company have given us.

Also today, I will have my 'treat' for the week.  I plan on having a Movenpik ice cream.  AND THAT IS All.


We have had a fun morning out and about!
First up, we were headed down to Manukau to look at floor samples, when we noticed there were people lining the road waiting to see something.  Stew said it was a Harley Davidson Convention today, and maybe it was that?

So we parked up and sat on some grass beside a reserve and YEP....

ABOVE:  we got to watch 1,000 Harley Davidson bikes pass on their way to the Convention Centre.  Pretty awesome. 

After that we went down to the super centre, where Stew bought a new tap to replace a leaking on out the back of the house... and I bought a new office chair for me sewing area.

At Mitre 10 I saw the MOST AMAZING Tool Chest, it would be so PERFECT for all me bits 'n' bobs : 

ABOVE:  see?  It has 16 drawers AND a little fridge, just perfect for me Diet Coke!  Sadly, we had to leave it there... it was $2,195.  *sniff*

After drooling all over it... we went to Sylvia Park for lunch.  I had a sushi salad, and it was yum.
I don't think I will be having my Movenpik ice cream today after all.  We are having dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's up the road tonight.  So I will have some of her dessert if it's yum and that will be my 'treat'.

Off to do some housework... washing etc.  Oh yaaaa.

End of Day:  dinner at our Aunt and Uncle's was lovely, and I had a very small amount of dessert.  So all in all... another excellent day done and dusted!
nite nite


  1. Mmmmmmmm.....Movenpick. :-)

  2. And you'll enjoy it all the more because it's special. Well done, kiddo

  3. Looks like you got the house all cleaned up nice and neat. Now relax for the weekend.

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    WOuld tiles be included in your price range for the floor replacement? WOMBAT

  5. That tool box is amazing!

    Have a great Saturday:)

  6. Ha - I was at Sylvia Park today AND I had sushi (but we were up the Smiggle end buying pressies). Gee if I'd known I would have stalked you ;-)

    Have a good afternoon. I'm also washing and cleaning... blah.

    kate 444

  7. Keep up the great work, Chris. And well done for leaving the tool box behind! lol!

  8. Tool box is amazing and really a good price too as it ha s a fridge!!! I got roped in at last minute to help fundraise AT PAT BENATAR NEIL GIRALDO concert here in Taupo ( one helper phoned in sick MUCH to my luck!!) arrived 7am set up tidy and wait gates open 11am sold 2500 sausages, very hot very tired very SORE feet got home 7.30pm after packing up tidying and doing dishes TOMORROW REST DAY!!!!!

  9. I'm pretty sure I've seen Scott drool over that same one lol


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