Thursday, February 21, 2013


I would like YOUR HONEST opinion people.

Is this wee girl's outfit HIDEOUS???

ABOVE:  I have bought three of these outfits for three little Granddaughter's birthday's this year.  
I sent Emily her's this week (her Birthday is today), it was received and this was the response apparently:

*Hey Chris, thought you would like to see this:

 "So it's the thought that counts, that's fine but seriously, if your not gona make an effort, maybe just don't waste your money and a card will be just fine. 

COMMENT: Amanda: Ems birthday tomorrow, she got a parcel this mornin, that's fine but the present, well lets just say, that person should know WAY better than that. Funnily enough they did the same thing at Xmas for Liam, do I send them back or give them away? My kids will never ever wear them"

The above arrived (as a comment) from an anonymous person on my blog, who felt the need to send it to me.  I don't know if I'm happy about that, because it hurt a lot to know how she felt about my gift to Emily. 

Emily, who WE adore and have not seen since October.  Looks like we won't be seeing her, her infant brother or big brothers for a very long time.

Seems we are negative, evil people.

OH and for the record:  SEND THE GIFT BACK THANKS, before you throw it in the bin.

EDIT:  I FORGOT Amanda did not like Orange.  I don't like orange either, but I thought this little outfit was really cute.

2nd EDIT:  I would NOT have put this on my public blog normally, but after EVERYTHING ELSE Amanda has done to our family over the past YEAR ... she had it coming!  I could no longer let my readers think she was a nice daughter... when clearly she isn't.  She has done so much damage that almost EVERYONE in our family NO LONGER wants to know her.

KARMA is a bitch, and we hope it bites her in the arse real soon. 

MOVING ON... because that is all I can do...

Bex, Dante, Lacy, Keera and I are going to Sylvia Park today.  It is Keera's access visit with her father today.

Bex and Lacy will go girly shopping with Dante while Keera sees her father.

THEN after that, we are meeting up with Lynda for lunch.  

We have agreed NOT to talk about food or weight related issues cos we really don't get on if we do THAT!  lol
*sorry Lynda, just sayin' how it is*  *smiles*
I think we will be clucking over babies somehow!  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING EMILY, we love you no matter what.  Love Grandma and Grandad H.


JO:  IF it comes back I will send it to you!  Thanks.

Point taken... it was nasty of me to 'talk' about this here.  But... and you have to know there is a BUT... I was livid, and there has been so much hurt dealt out to ME and others in this house in the past year, I really, really wanted to hit back.


And as MY BLOG is the way I choose to vent, there ya have it!  PUBLIC?  To fucking right.  

I know it is immature.  I know it is mean.  I know it is setting a bad example.

Fuck, I'm not stupid.

But I am human.

And MY GOD she had it coming.

There is no point me trying to talk to her about all she has done... because in her eyes she has done NO WRONG.  (oh and there is the little problem with her REFUSING to answer her phone when she sees it's me on the line).

Would you like it if you couldn't see your own grandchildren without an express invite?  Without them saying 'YES' then taking it back while accusing you of MAYBE....

- Swinging their baby around by it's legs!
- Throwing it up in the air!
- Or WORSE, Pinning it on the clothes line and then swinging it around???

Thanks for THAT Andrew.  Yep, that really, really hurt.

HOW would you like that thrown at you???

LIKE WE WOULD EVER do that to a baby or any kid for that matter!

Because there is a very long history of behavior dealt out to ME and Steve, Bex, Lacy AND Stew ... I am not going to go on and on about all the  other things Amanda has said and done.... just know this was not a random, left field attack on my Daughter.

It was my way of showing her how much she has hurt US and FUCKING PISSED ME OFF.  

Last Straw.... last VENT about that daughter of mine.  I have no intention of PLAYING ANY MORE GAMES with Amanda as someone so eloquently put it.

This is no game.  It's my life.  And it has sucked for a very long time.  Doing this was like me drawing a line in the sand.  Now we can all move on, knowing where we all stand.

Amanda has no idea what she has done... or what she is denying her children. 
We are actually FANTASTIC Grandparents.  And I can say that because WE BLOODY WELL ARE.

And I have taken the HIGHER GROUND for too bloody long, it was CHOKING ME.  I feel so much better now.

Anyone who doesn't like it... that is your problem, not mine.  


The visit with Keera's father went well.  Bex and Lacy shopped for fabric at Spotlight, then Bex, Dante, Keera and I had lunch with Lynda and her 1 year old Grandson.
We had a lovely hour or so together, then off home we went.

Lacy didn't join us as she had a panic attack and stayed in my car.  She was scared of running into Wade to be precise.

NOW... I'm going to sit down and just relax for a while.

Let me SINS sink in.  Cos I do feel a bit bad for having aired dirty linen on here.  
Bad - YES  ...   Regretful - NO

I am very happy to say that today's shit storm HAS NOT sent me head first into the pantry.
HOURS and HOURS with a psychologist has been so worth it.  I may still have 'KNEE JERK' reactions SOMETIMES, but I put that down to  ongoing PROVOCATION.  

My will to lose weight and be fit and healthy again is still SO VERY STRONG.

I want to live long enough to see my grandkids when they are adults... adults who give me GREAT-GRANDKIDS one day.  

EDIT: apologies on her surname being on here, I totally missed that fact... and it has been rectified now.

Dinner tonight:  some interestingly flavoured sausages (Pork/Apple/Sage & Chicken/Tarragon), accompanied by potato wedges, and green veges.
I'm quite looking forward to it too... I'm rather hungry... but thankfully I haven't got the shakes this afternoon.  Not sure why.  But it's good.

End of Day:  Looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm done with today.
nite nite


  1. The outfit is very cute and you have a good taste in clothes! Amanda is obviously very rude and nasty and she just wants to hurt you. Ignore her and her family and enjoy with the rest of your family who really love you!

  2. My vote is that you have to see her wearing it. To me, there's nothing wrong with it.

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    The outfit is darling. Didn't you say in a previous post that Amanda didn't like orange? Or did I just dream that? If it's true, I'm not sure why you'd buy something orange. She might think you're just doing that to antagonize her. Even so, Amanda should be gracious and convey her thanks to you and use the outfit regardless of its color.

  4. Leigh8:03 AM

    Sorry to say I don't like it. In my memory somewhere I think I remember Amanda not liking the colour orange. But it is rude of Amanda putting it on facebook, this is why I don't do facebook because I think people put stuff on it they would never say to others face and too much private stuff too.

  5. I say stay away from buying clothes! I NEVER buy clothes for my grandsons because they are always wrong!! I've learned to buy other stuff and only buy clothes when Mum can choose. Still I think it is very rude, more about her than you and there is a definite jealously going on there!!

    Very sad indeed.

    Sorry Amanda, and I'm sure you read this, I think it is sad that for whatever reason (and I don't know) you have fallen out with your Mum it is crazy. If you don't want much contact then that's fine but speaking as one who lost her Mum at a young age I think you should at least make some peace. How sad that Emily has lost contact with those who love her dearly.

  6. Anonymous8:26 AM

    It is a cute outfit! Regardless of whether Amanda dosnt like orange or not,it is very cute.

    Amanda you ungrateful woman,grow the hell up and get over yourself.*just saying*
    Yes I'm sure you have issues with your Mum (a lot of us as woman do),but to not let your Mum see the Grandchildren clearly shows the bullshit mind games I can imagine you play.
    I just hope wee Emily does not do the same to you when she is an adult

    Sorry you are having a shit time Chris.

    Kate in Wellington.

  7. It is a cute little outfit and I am sure she would look cute in it.
    Hugs Chris!

  8. Well i think the outfit is cute!
    I LOVE the fact that there are so many other colours out there for girls that aren't pink!!
    Get the ungrateful cow to send it back and I'll take it!! LOL
    Jaynie looks adorable in orange!! hehehehe.....

  9. I think the outfit is adorable and would have no problem putting my daughter/granddaughter in it! Dont worry about it,I have learned you just cant please some family members...I no longer speak to 3 family members and my life is calmer because of it.....hang in there!

  10. I LOVE the outfit Chris!!! It is gorgeous and like Jo said - it is so nice to get lovely girls outfits that are not pink or purple! I would have definitely put Rachel in something like that!

    I think it was extremely rude of Amanda to put that on FB! If she didn't like it, just accept it gracefully and move on.

    Amanda - grow up!!! I have lost my father and I still regret the differences that we had and never resolved before he passed away! Please sort your shit out and grow up!!!!

  11. Well said Lynda.
    Get a life you kids Your Mum loves you and your kids. Make a phone call to her, grow up and apologise. Your kids will love you for it and so will their grandparents.
    Happy birthday Emily

  12. Anonymous9:34 AM

    To Amanda:
    You are a disgraceful, undeserving, ungrateful human being. How dare you post that on FB for all your friends to see and comment!!. What kind of a human being are you? That is your mother you are talking about, you ungrateful piece of .....! The woman who brought into the world has done alot more for you than you will ever do for your kids. As far as I'm concerned you are a waste of space and do not deserve Chris as a mother. Get the hell out of her life but don't you ever, ever deprive Chris or Stew from seeing your kids. You are a disgrace to the human race!

    From an extremely angry blog reader,
    Irene Delissa, New Jersey, US

  13. Reading this made me SO Very sad. My parent both died early and didn't meet either of my sons now 7 and 2.

    I really missed shopping with my mum for all of Guy's things eg: cot, pram and clothes etc. I missed *everything*. It is still painful today.

    My two boys are growing up so beautifully and it hurts me every. single. day. that my parents can't witness it and (yes) give me encouragement and, perhaps, a pat on the back.

    I feel so alone most of the time.

    Amanda should COP ON and realise how friggin' lucky she is to have such loving (ALIVE) parents!

    I hope she reads this. One day they won't be around (sorry Chris, but it's true!!!) and I'm sure Amanda will regret, deeply, all this missed time sharing Emily and Liam etc.

    Crazy, nutty, selfish, near-sighted behaviour....

  14. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hi Chris

    I personally don't like the outfit but do not think that is an excuse for Amanda's very rude comment on her Facebook page.


  15. Leigh9:59 AM

    I have never had a wonderful relationship with my mother, and can understand falling out and not wanting to be in contact. It once got so bad that I decided to never go back and visit my Mum. Thank goodness I never actually told my Mum I had made this decision, as a week later my Dad died very suddenly. My Mum really needed me then and it made me realise all the over stuff was fluff.
    Saying that, I'll never be best friends with Mum (We are just too different) but I have kept up the relationship and make a point of including her in my kids lives too.
    Please really think about your relationship with your Mum, it doesn't have to be perfect to work. And you have to make things work too, relationships are never plain sailing (in my experience anyway!) Sometimes you have to just make an effort for your kids sake too, so they won't miss out on their Grandparents.

  16. Think the outfit us adorable. I buy clothes for my granddaughters and sometimes they are not to the parents taste but they say thankyou and appreciate them and yes the girls war them. She is bring very nasty and I understand why you are upset.

  17. I like the outfit, I think it's really cute.

    Lesson learned, in future if you want to send presents to the kids, send vouchers or buy bonus bonds or open a bank account in the kids names & put a few dollars in for birthdays & Christmas which the kids won't have access to until they are older. Send a card each birthday telling them you love them, miss them and that you have put some money in a special account for them.

  18. Aww Chris this sucks big time! Like the others have said life is so fragile and short and in the big scheme the little stuff doesn't matter. This sounds very hurtful and it seems from an outsider looking in that Amanda is venting back, doing something that she knows will hurt you. And if you carry on loving your little Emily just the same you have become the better person. The outfit is a beautiful gesture and when my family have sent things to me that I didn't like I accepted them graciously and used them because I knew that their heart attitude was a good one and it's what's in the heart that counts, not pieces of thread. Amanda, as your kids grow you will realise that even tho your mother and you don't see eye to eye, that's ok... but your kids will need their grandma or there will be a big gaping hole in their lives :(

  19. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I like the outfit. Yes what Amanda has done is hurful and rude however i also beleive what other people are posting here is hurtful and rude as well. I know they are looking out for you but wow! I lost my father at a young age and would do anything to have a relationship with him and for my kids to have met him however it was not to be. I understand that things are tough for everyone when it comes to family relationships (im one of 7) etc however personally i think there is no reason to rub salt into wounds and someone at some post has to take the higher ground. Bee - Gold Coast -

  20. No, the outfit is not hideous. Not in any way. Orange may not be her cuppa tea, but the outfit is adorable. Period. Her behaviour on the other hand....

  21. You have great taste...think the outfit is cute and the colour (despite Amanda not liking orange) would have suited Emily.

  22. Nicole12:06 PM

    Don't mind the orange tights but think the top is ghastly ... but thats just me brought up in the 70's where nearly every piece of furniture, curtain or carpet we had was orange.

  23. Anonymous12:15 PM

    You need to grow up too Chris and not play games with her on your blog. Being nasty on FB is no different to you making nasty comments about her on your blog. You know that by posting things like this, it's not going to solve a thing. Focus on the positive things and let go of the not so positive things. Yes, she is being very immature for posting what she did, it's wrong of her to do that. But be the mature one here. You're better than this.

  24. The thing is it was a gift and should have been accepted graciously, whether she liked it or not, children grow so quickly,growing out of clothes, if she didnt like it Emily could have worn it for play clothes. I think, and its hard to say, its not about the clothes, it about your relationship with her, and as I have said before, it seems she has no respect for you and no self respect either.You are her mother and until she shows you the respect you deserve just leave her to her own world, KARMA has a way of sorting stuff out. Cheers chicky!

  25. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I think the outfit is quite sweet, but that is not really the point here is it!? Yes, Amanda behaved badly by writing what she did on her FB page, but come on people, look at the example she has been set by some Of your venting behaviour Chris. Ive seen many posts where youve been airing dirty laundry in public, about your kids, and about others... why is anyone surprised that Amanada is now doing the same? The proverb about throwing stones in glass houses springs to mind. I actually kinda feel sorry for Amanda.

  26. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Actually I have to agree with the posts up there.
    You do set a pretty bad example Chris,as you know she will read your blog.
    So perhaps you should lay off getting peoples opinions about your family life and drama's.
    I would hate for my mother to post stuff about me
    Its pretty immature for you to do this Chris

  27. Anonymous12:47 PM

    How about being the bigger person here Chris? You're her Mother... and while that doesnt mean you should take what she dishes out, you should def not slag her off in public. Bad form, and as someone else mentioned, not great role modelling! Lynda, im surprised at your comment, youve been on the receiving end of some pretty vile stuff written by Chris!


  28. I personally don't like that outfit, I would never dress a daughter of mine in it, but I would never be so rude as to complain about a gift, given in good spirit. If my taste differed to my mothers I would thank her PROFUSELY for the gesture, but ask if we could go back to the store together to look for something I liked. That way you're not cutting your mum out of the process, or being a bitch behind her back, and you get quality time cooing over baby clothes. :)

  29. @ Lisa's comment above. Yes, I have been at the receiving end of some pretty vile stuff. Yes it hurt. But what you all have to realise is that I am not that person Chris described when she was angry. I'm actually a really nice person and has since been trying (and Chris too) to build bridges.

    I have too many online friends in common with Chris to want for us to be enemies so we agree to differ. I'll keep suggesting things to get her more healthy, she'll keep telling me to mind my own business and maybe we'll end up getting on OK.

    Life is too short to make enemies :)

  30. Whether Amanda liked the outfit or not I think a simple thank you would have been the thing for her to do. Like Christy above, my mother died before my kids were born and even though my kids are grown now I still regret that she never got to know them. Amanda needs to learn that there are things way more important than petty differences.

  31. Having been through some difficult and very hurtful things with my own Mother I can relate, but I am saying this to Amanda, try and mend bridges between yourself and your Mum, I lost my Mother 2 1/2 weeks ago and I am heartbroken, what is comforting me and giving me great piece of mind is the fact that we were able to get a loving and caring relationship again in the last months of her life. Unfortunately we do not know what is going to happen but what I do know is that grief is horrible and painful and so, so sad but if I had to live with regret about not doing everything I could to regain a special Mother and daughter relationship I would not be coping.

  32. Anonymous3:18 PM

    WTF? Andrew maybe,just maybe you should put down the pies and pull your head in!

    Accusing your inlaws of that sort of carry on to a child is disgusting!
    It is clear that Chris loves children.

    What an asshole of a thing for you to do Andrew.

    Good on you Chris for putting an end to the Cancer and toxic shit and regardless of whether Amanda is your child or not you are human and have feelings.
    She is also a fucking adult and her and Andrew need to grow the fuck up.

  33. I think the outfit is nice Chris, yes not everybody has the same taste... But its the though that counts. Hang in there with your healthy food, I know it can be very hard at stressful times, your doing so well xx

  34. I saw the pic of the outfit and straight away thought of wee Jaynie LOL Then I read comments and see that Jo has put her hand up for it should it be returned LOL
    I'm sorry to hear of more drama's. Be strong and concentrate on those that you love and show love to you.
    Big hugs xox

  35. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Deep breathe. Lots of anon comments Christ you only asked if we liked the dress.
    Happens everytime.
    Moving on:
    Well done you on not diving into the pantry. Mind you I think the pantry would come off worse Lol
    Mary H

  36. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Errmmm Mary H, Chris didnt just ask us if we liked the dress, she went on to assasinate (very publicly) the cahracter of her daughter. She even gave us her daughters surname.... what a foolish and nasty thing to do! Also, theres a reason people comment anonymously, its because, if you disagree with Chris, you too will be on the receiving end of bile. ANON

  37. Anonymous4:58 PM

    The outfit is ADORABLE!!! My daughters would NEVER say something so hurtful...and I don't understand how she could say that~ Wow...She should be so thankful to have a wonderful mother/mum who cares and takes the effort to pick out something and send it! I am so sorry for this..because it was mean~ I see my blood is boiling! Sorry~ ♥

  38. It's so easy to hide behind the name "Anonymous" and say anything mean you want to...
    Have some balls - all of you - and if you have something to say - own it for Gods sake!
    Seems to me that if you aren't prepared to put your name to something, you wouldn't be prepared to say it to the person's face either... and that's just spineless and underhanded...

  39. Anonymous5:00 PM

    By the way.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE Orange!~ So did my dad...and he even painted almost everything orange because he loved it so much!~ There are some of us that do love orange! LOL

  40. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Jo, for your information, I don't have a google log in or blog, that's why I commented anonomously.

    My comments were not spineless or underhanded either. I'd be quite happy telling Chris my thoughts face to face if I could. She needs to see the situation for what it is.

  41. My first thought was that it was orange. BUT that's no reason to be mean. I think you guys should just have it out, one on one face to face. Talk about whatever it is that is making all this animosity.

  42. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Jo is not the brightest either, I'm thinking she only objects to anonymous comments if they are disagreeing with chris's (and her) point of view!

  43. MMMMeeeeoooow.

    I'm staying out of this one.

    How dare some people.

    Kate (444)

  44. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Anon poor excuse I comment from time to time on this blog and I also use anon however always sign name and country at the end. So your argument of no google account is void. Have a heart and don't be so vile yourself.

  45. I've never used "anon" - I always use my name BUT, as you all know, it has got me into trouble! I do understand why people use anon to get a point across. I still maintain though that I've never said anything that I would not say to Chris' face and I think she knows this!!

    Hehe, I'd rather say it to her face though to avoid misunderstandings that seem to happen all the time online. I wonder how many people's lives are ruined by what is written online? I'm sure if there was no computers Amanda and Chris (and family) might not be in this situation. Too much information gets out there to upset others these days. On that day I'll day goodnight :)

  46. Yes, online things can get misconstrued a lot. The 'trouble' between Amanda and the family has primarily been face to face, or through text's, or emails. But mostly face to face. And until we can all sit down FACE TO FACE maybe sometime in the future, this rift will never heal.

    I still LOVE my daughter, but I don't have to love her behavior. There is a difference.

    I will ALWAYS be there if she needs me or wants me (for any reason), I am only a phone call away. I hope deep down she knows this.

    Right now I'm sure she is jumping up and down and is LIVID with me. I accept that.

    But until she can own some of the responsibility for the past year's shit, we cannot move forward.

  47. I am going to disable comments on this post now.