Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I think I have a problem... with David's Emporium.

That place is lethal for my wallet!

A N Y W A Y.... here's what I got there yesterday:

 ABOVE:  lots of buttons and embellishments!
I don't know what I will use them for YET... but even if I just drool over them... that's OK eh?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  can you imagine these gorgeous little teddies hanging off a bag?  Too cute.

Now, Today:  I've got an eye appointment courtesy of the Health System.  It's standard for anyone with Diabetes to have their eyes tested for free every two years,  to make sure the diabetes is not impacting on the health of their eyes. 

That's fine with me.

After that, home because Brylee and Griffin will be home at lunchtime as it's Parent / Teacher Interviews in the afternoon.
This year I am going... so will be out at school mid-afternoon for about an hour.  Provided they are not running  late.  Usually... they are.

Bex is cooking dinner tonight, so that's taken care of at least.

Steve has ONE tooth in his mouth with a filling.  All the rest are perfect.
The one with the filling was repaired two years ago... and they damaged the nerves.  So, it was killing him for the past few days, and he finally got time off work to get it pulled out.

Now this wouldn't be my blog without photos ... so be warned... the last one of the following three is rather iKKKK.

 ABOVE:  Mr Puff Face.

 ABOVE: Yes Steve, you look like a right twit.
I would say DORK, but I know Mark in the Cayman Islands would be offended for Steve if I called him that!  You see Mark, I remembered. lol

ABOVE: this one is just to gross you out!  One dead molar!

Apart from everything else going on... I'm in a bit of a 'down' mood.  Some things happening in the background of me life ... which I have no control of.  Yesterday I just wanted to go to bed and pull the blankets over me head.  Down... but trying not to let it affect me too much, even though it does.


Right, here's a video account of me morning:

ABOVE:  me having a yak with YOU.


  1. If you have a problem with buttons, maybe there are some anonymous support groups you could join, Button Addicts Anonymous or something...
    Steve should get an implant to replace his tooth. Most expensive but the best. Titanium in the bone, then when the bone grows around it, a titanium and ceramic tooth goes on top. I have one and it's the best tooth in my head. about $3500 US dollars.

  2. Yuk!!! - I need to get to the dentist too - have a few issues happening but not quite ready to part with the money (LOL)
    Lovet he buttons and bears they are too cute
    Have a great day

  3. Oh man that looks painful! Is he going to get a replacement?

  4. Get well soon, Steve!!

    The buttons are super-cute btw. :)

  5. Judith Collins, UK9:39 AM

    Steve, you really shouldn't bite your nails. It's a dirty habit! Boots offer a really good product you paint on your nails (clear non-glossy) and when you put your fingers in your mouth, the taste is rather awful. Works really well and my teenage son has quit the habit!
    Judith, UK

  6. Oh God - I WISH we had a Davids Emporium here in Wellington!
    I've just been on the hunt for some kind of beading or lace or embellishment of some sort to go on a dress I'm wearing to a wedding this weekend, and I can't find anything!!
    Even Spotlight sucked! :(
    Looks like I'll just have to wear lots of jewellery instead :)

  7. Those teddies are so cute!! And yep I think you might need to find a support group! lol... you sound like I used to be with sparkly paper! Just couldn't resist it, now 10yrs on it's red kitchen stuff, anything red. Craig had to drag me out of Farmers on the weekend before I spent all our money! lol

  8. So happy for you! The ring is gorgeous!

  9. Ouch! That mouth sure does look sore! But glad it came out!
    OMG! Loving your button and emblishements! They are awesome!!!
    Loved the video too - managed to grab my bosses headphones (as he is away) so I could listen to it now rather than at home tonight. The ring is gorgeous! Reminds me I should try on my wedding rings etc to see if they fit me - haven't worn them for almost 2 years when they had to come off for an operation!

  10. Great video Chris, you look lovely today, hair up really suits you :).

  11. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Loved seeing and hearing you on the video. The ring is beautiful.

  12. Anonymous2:13 PM

    awesome news about your eyes mum. ring looks fab on your finger and we can all tell that you are loosing weight as youe face in thinner.

    its awesome to see you so happy.


  13. Anonymous4:09 PM

    You have such a fantastic many things in share, to show and to tell~ Great job~

    I'm trying to lose weight too. I hope I am as successful.

  14. Oh Chris, it's so wonderful to see you in video. Sort of like having a chat in real life with hundreds of your friends:)

    Teacher interviews can be awful. Sounds like you and teacher definitely have differing opinions. My autistic child also has trouble writing. At least they can type like the wind!

  15. YEAH... WHOSE kid is that? Yours? Ok then. This teacher can show Griffin how to type and yippeee the problem is solved. Why does he have to infantilize him and cause conflict like that? Poor Griffin.

  16. Anonymous7:30 PM

    My gosh I LOVED your video! I admire the hell out of you and love how you stood up for Griffin. So great. Keep the videos coming. Your ring is beautiful :)

  17. Oh for Fucks sake!!! Griffins teacher needs a slap. Thank goodness they have the interviews this early on so you know what is happening and not half way through the year.

    Isn't this the same school he was at last year? Surely any kids with any special requirements or other issues are brought to the next years teachers attention.

    Good luck getting it sorted out with the school.

  18. Ouchy that tooth his mouth shudder! Buttons buttons just gorgeous, Griffins Teacher has no right to UN?DO all the years of hardwork done up to now GOt o school tomorrow and demand a meeting table and outline WHAT you want NOT what they FEEL is best they haven't had the pleasure of Griffin for the last 6 years HOW DARE HE!

  19. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Have you considered the his teacher is actually trying to 'teach' him. Ok, it may not be using the strategies that you think are best, but at least he has tried with him and not just put him in the too hard basket.

    It's parents like you who become aggressive and antagonistic that makes teachers not want to deal with you. Just saying that you should be trying to work together with his teacher, not against him.


  20. Great video, nice having a chat with you. Sorry to hear the teacher interviews were rough. Hope you get it sorted out. Yikes that's a huge tooth, feel better soon Steve.

  21. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Please take a deep breath Chris about Griffin's teacher. Has Griffin been happy so far this year? A male teacher who is actively taking an interest in him could be a great role model at this age. Just because he is having him practice writing like a 5yo. does not mean he is treating him like that - ask Griffin how he feels before you pull him from the class. Having someone at school who is not going to give up on him could lead to a great year for Griffin.
    Glad about Brylee!

  22. That really sucks about the teacher. In this day and age you don't really need to be able to WRITE. you can type just about anything. My son has really bad writing too and the teacher lets him type out his sentences.


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