Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Last night before dinner we got a visitor from way up North.
It was a lady who is a contributor on another blog I'm a member of.  Sew It Finished... is a group of sewers who support each other in our endeavours to get all our UFO's Finished.


UFO's are Unfinished Objects... like I have about 20 items on the go right now.... like a couple of quilts, some bags, some aprons, some... YEAH... you get the drift?  lol  I haven't been able to get much finished this year yet thanks to the flood, and all me fabrics going into storage.

Anyway.. I digress yet again.  I took some photos of Monika while she was here dropping off a huge bag of nappies for Bex and Dante!
What a lovely lady eh?  *smiles*

She was a VERY lucky lady, one because Dante woke up, and two... Steve gave the baby to her for a cuddle.  This baby has almost never been held by anyone other than family, so Monika was lucky:

 ABOVE:  I would love some 'CAPTION' ideas for this photo!  lol  (sorry Monika!)

ABOVE (2):  Dante was in a very cuddly mood, which was lovely.
He even fell asleep in my arms later on too... so cute.

Kids to school, then Bex and I are off to the Dr's with Dante. He is due for his 6 weeks Immunisation.   I think Bex is dreading it... and anticipating having a very upset baby later on.  Me, I prefer to look on the optimist side and say he will be just fine.

When you anticipate problems, you are too quick to see them.

Well... that's how I look at some things... maybe not all...but some. Especially when it comes to babies.   NONE of mine had teething problems or reactions or grizzly periods after immunisations... maybe I was just lucky?  Or... maybe I just got on with it and wasn't looking for trouble.  

ANYWAY... moving on.   Later on this afternoon... and shit I can't remember the time (must ask while we are there this morning), it is my turn to go to the Dr's.  I am seeing the Diabetes Nurse... Diveka.  She's lovely.  I will find out what me blood test revealed.  I'm not expecting any change.  I have Type 2 Diabetes and I'm not managing it that well.
Oh ya.  But... let's see what Diveka says.


It's been one of those days.  Hardly home at all.
Dante screamed holy blue murder when he got his injections... one in each leg.  Poor Bex bawled too.  But he's all good now.

After coming home, we had lunch, then I went and bought the kids stationery.  $98 gone in a blink.  I also paid all the school fees EXCEPT the 'DONATION'. That one has to wait. 
So far today I've spent just under $300 on school things.

AFTER that I went for my diabetes check up.
Everything was up.  Blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol... so I've got even more damn pills to take now.  *sigh*
Like I'm going to REMEMBER to take them... yeah right!  I'm a shocker at remembering bloody pills and when to take them.

Good news just now:  We will know by Thursday who is doing the repair job on our floor/walls etc, and more importantly, WHEN.  Here's hoping it's not too long till it's done and we can move on.  I've got some changes I want to make here, and I can't do them until the work is done.

MRS C:  'donations' are not COMPULSORY... but the wording is such that you are left in no doubt that you MUST PAY.  And in some schools if you don't pay the 'donation' your child is excluded from anything extra curricular... so no inclusion in sports teams, clubs, etc.  I don't think our school does that though.

End of Day:  well it's been a quiet evening, which I'm thankful for.  I'm really tired today... feeling a bit down.  I don't sleep well most nights at the moment.  Too hot.  Too much on the brain, just a few worries... nothing out of the usual for me I suppose.
Just wish once in a while everything was just smooth sailing, with some happiness thrown in for the hell of it... instead of the complete opposite.
nite nite.


  1. That photo needs a caption lol He is such a gorgeous little boy!!! Thanks for the privilege of allowing me to visit you and your lovely family and getting a cuddle with Dante!!!
    Caption suggestion: What - you're saying I really have to go back out into the rain???
    Not that funny and imaginative, I know, others will come up with something better :-)

  2. Bubby is looking very cuddly, lucky Monika. How did the kids get on at first day back at school?

  3. No caption sorry (not good at that sort of thing)... Hope Dante's jab's go ok - love your outlook re not looking for trouble when it comes to immunisations etc :)

    Hope your Dr's appt goes ok...

  4. "Donation." Do you HAVE to "donate?" :/

  5. Set an alarm on your phone at a time you are usually doing not much to take the pills. And have it repeat every 5 min to you turn it off. Take it seriously will you!

    Cranky, living up to her name!

  6. I love the sound of the UFO blog... I have so many.. Im too ashamed to say how many haha and an every growing list... I look forward to seeing your FO - Finished Objects :-)
    Bubs is lookin gorgeous

  7. Poor Dante & Bex :-(

    You do know that school donations you can get 30% back in your tax return! Same with any donations over $20. Just make sure the school write donation on the receipt. If you have not claimed before I think you can backdate a few years. Not great but does help a bit.

  8. Awwwwwwww lovely photo of Dante and Monika, INJECTIONS yes they can be a tense time for mummy and baby!!! Yes me too I have paid the "donation" and yes non payment means no trips school away trips AND NO SCHOOL BALL!!! they are cunning.......

  9. Tracy makes a good point - David backdated his going back maybe 8 years last year. He was able to claim back on things like "Building Levy" listed on the school accounts - you should check this out. He got around $1,000 back and that was for one child (although at private high school, might have cost more). Worth a look!

    Penny xo

  10. I've got one of those weeklong pill compartment boxes, makes it easy to remember.

  11. I hope they have a payment plan then. Between the new floor and all the babies about I don't know how you have an extra dollar in your pocket. PS How did your visit go with Keera?


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