Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Right, first up for the day, another froggy photo... in this one we have a frog trying to be a  'tree frog' (plastic tree, but still a tree!) :

ABOVE:  isn't he so cute!

Now who asked about Bex's belly?  Here she is:

ABOVE:  19 weeks yesterday, not much to show for it yet.  Bex is disappointed!  I keep telling her not to worry, she will have a big belly soon enough, and then she won't be too thrilled about it!  lol

ABOVE:  upon Bex's request, a photo of the two pregnant girls in the house.... very cute.

Coco has ALREADY calmed down and started being more cuddly... so I am confident she has babies on board. 

Now, a couple of totally GORGEOUS photos of Miss Muppet taken yesterday at 27 days old.  Keera is 4 weeks old today!  

 ABOVE:  Lacy has the most gorgeous wee baby!  Miss Muppet is wearing her first headband ever.... awwwww.

ABOVE:  Lacy doing something she say's I do too much!  Taking photos.  According to Lacy my new name is 'THE PAPPARAZZI' !  LOL
I have always taken hundreds of photos of my grandbabies... just look back through the years!

ABOVE: not the clearest photo as I took it with me phone at the mall yesterday... Great Aunty Khady feeding Keera. 

There was an alcove in the Parents Room at the mall ... and Bex was about to sit there when I said, no, let me... as there were no other chairs to sit on... and my back was hurting.  So I got to sit in the alcove:

ABOVE:  the girls said it looked like I was sitting on the loo!  AS IF I'd get anyone to take a photo of me on the loo!!!  I think in the photo I was checking I really was sitting on a bench and not a loo!  lol

Today:  Hospice Shop duty, then home to do some more work on baby quilts.


POLICE:  hee hee... forgot that bit!
Griffin was being bullied and threatened on a daily basis by several boys at his school, and one of the bullies rang me 4 times in a row ... and was rude and disrespectful... so the Principal got the police involved.
Apparently the Police visited the boys at school yesterday and were given a right lecture.... and it would appear a letter of apology is coming my way shortly and Griffin will not be having a problem with them any more.  
I am very impressed with how the School Principal handled this. 

Today I picked up a lovely picture for Lacy's house and some baby clothes, and a really good quality pure wool blanket.

ABOVE: A gorgeous print of Mt Cook... (Aoraki / Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, reaching 3,754 metres (12,316 ft).  It lies in the Southern Alps, the mountain range which runs the length of the South Island.)  I'm sure it will look lovely in Lacy's lounge.

It's a wet day... and all the washing is out on the clothes line dripping wet.... *sigh*.  I will now have to get it all in and re-wash it.  Wonderful.  not.

It's been a busy afternoon/evening... I've been working on the next baby quilt, made dinner, visited me Aunty up the road so she could show me her latest quilt in progress using the 'quilt as you go' method... then came home and did some more on baby quilt.

End of Day:  had a few things mulling around in me head... about friendships.  And false friends. More on that tomorrow maybe.

nite nite.


  1. Ha ha ha, that seat is HILARIOUS!

    I love the pics of Keera with her aunt and mum. :)

    Congrats BEX and Steve, I think Bex looks great!

  2. PS I think I missed the police part??

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM



  4. keera is simply gorgeous, she is beautifil. Love the hair band too. I also love your photos of New Zealand a lovely landscape

  5. Keera is beautiful just beautiful, Coco and Bex blooming along there.... Yay for the princpal and police.

  6. Oh GOOD that the bullies were so STUPID as to call you four times in a row. Too often bullies are smart and know when to turn the charm on.

    Huzzah for the principal! :)

  7. Well done onthe police and principal!
    Cute photos of Keera!
    Love the one of you on the seat!

  8. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I must say, I am impressed with your Principal too!! I hope their parents know whats going on. They should be made to clean your bathrooms for a month. lol...ejoyed all the photos! I too, thought at first you WERE on the loo!! lol.Cute photos of Keera....debbie

  9. I love the "loo" pic.
    What is it with boys (I guess girls can be just as bad). I'm glad you got Griffin's problem sorted out. Kudos to the principal.

  10. If I didn't know any better I'd think you were sitting on a toilet.

  11. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Well done to the school & police thank yous in order.
    Lovely pics again of Miss K She looks like Minnie Mouse in that head band (No offence)
    Looks like Aunty K is hooked (was going to say she looks like an old pro!!!)
    Mary H

  12. I'm shocked about Coco. I think I missed her nuptials.

  13. It looks you're falling into the loo.

    Cute pics of the baby!

  14. Good on the school, a damn good fright is usually enough. Samyson & Taryn (one his friends) did some stupid stuff a couple of years ago & both sets of us parents had had enough so Taryns Mum picked them up after school one day & instead of going straight home she took them to the local Police station & saw the Youth Aid officer - he was brilliant, good old school cop who was used to dealing with bullshitting teens & knew when they were lying & gave them a long lecture & told them what would happen if they kept on that path etc. He took their names dates of birth & addresses & made it clear he would remember them. It certainly worked, they have not committed that particular crime (or any others that I am aware of since). They were as mad as hell too :-).

  15. Well done with how the school handled the bullying. I am guessing, though, it was only because one of them phoned you. Had they not it might have been a different story. Wonder what is parents though of that little game he was playing.

    Great outcome, and great photo of the froggy :-)

  16. You know your friends. Bugger the rest!


  17. Good to hear the bullying got sorted out. Your picture is too funny. Enjoy your cuddles with the baby.

  18. Kudos to the principal about the kids at school.

    More babies coming!?!?

  19. Chris, you impress me so get more done in a day than I even think about doing! Glad you girls had a nice trip to the mall - funny photo of you in the "alcove"...Bex and Coco both look wonderful...and Keera! That baby is absolutely beautiful...hard to believe that she's already a month old! Where does the time go! Griffin's principal is amazing...I'm really happy that she/he handled this matter properly and hopefully now your family won't have to put up with any more of that nonsense and meanness!



  20. I just love that picture of Keera sleeping with the headband! So precious!

  21. I agree with Julie the headband is cute and looks good with the baby.


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