Thursday, August 09, 2012


I did a 'top n tail' groom on the dogs the other night... where I trim around their eyes/face, and brush out their ears and tails... as they get all matted if you don't do it at least weekly in between 'professional grooms'.

Here they are after the 'trauma'! :

ABOVE:  My gorgeous Teddy... 

ABOVE:  Darling Coco, our soon-to-be Mummy again.  She had 'morning sickness' yesterday!   Amanda and Bex can commiserate!  lol

ABOVE:  Still working on this quilt... I ran out of visofix (sp?) so couldn't make the Ring Tail Lemur last night ... hopefully tonight I can make a start on him. Actually, drawing him was a mission in itself!
I also want to add some vines? a bird, a snake?... not sure yet, but I want to link the blocks together somehow.

FRIENDS.  Well I've been giving this some thought over the last week or so, and I've come to this conclusion.

I have some FANTASTIC FRIENDS.  You know, the ones who would NEVER say an unkind word about you, who have your back and take you just the way you are.

Then you have the 'friends' who say to your face one thing, while saying (or thinking) something quite different behind your back.  I am sure we are all guilty of this, myself no exception.
But I have decided that I really don't want false friends in my life, so I am going to do some culling. 

I don't need people in my life who are not nice.
And I won't have to bite my tongue when I hear shit being said. ... cos I simply won't hear it anymore!  Yaaa.

Depression Dr first thing.
Spotlight for visofix.
Pick up Lacy and Keera.
Lunch at mine for us and two of my Aunt's.

The Aunts want to meet Keera... so it will be a real 'girly' lunch.  I'm cooking a roast chicken so we can have hot chicken with salad for lunch.  Should be nice on a wet and miserable day.


Everything has gone like clockwork today... my visit to the Depression Dr went really well... she's pleased with my 'progress'.
Our lunch was delightful!
I cooked a really big stuffed chook, and we had it with a small roast potatoe each, lettuce salad, coleslaw, beetroot salad and feta cheese.
My Uncle Frank came too, and he enjoyed the lunch and chit chat as much as us girls.

ABOVE: Great Great Aunt Joyce (in the black and white bubbles) and Great Great Aunt Ethel clucking over  Miss Muppet.  

ABOVE:  Baby is looking chubbier in the face now AND she is smiling!  Proper 'eyes light up' smiles!  So darling.

ABOVE:  ready for bed....

The Aunts and Uncle left at 2.30, and now we are just waiting for Brylee and Griffin to get home from school before we take Lacy and Keera home.

CHRISTINE: in answer to your enquiry about grooming the dogs... I use hair cutting scissors!  Around the face anyway.  On the body I use an electric shaver (a dog one that I got from the Pet shop).  

End of Day:  hee hee... forgot to do this bit last night.  We had a lovely day.... got lots done too.  Nothing like have relatives over to motivate you to wash the freakin floors eh?  lol
nite nite


  1. Whenever you have friends or spend a lot of time together you are GOING to have misunderstandings from time to time. I might mention that so and so is picky about this thing as a point of information (in other words, don't anger her) and she might get wind of it and think of it as a criticism.

    We all have our days where we have failed! And have been unkind.

    But a lifestyle like that, I don't want "friends" like that either.

    I like you very much tho and I think we have each other's backs there. :) Sometimes you need to cull people and cut their drama out of your life or better still sometimes just separate from spending so much time.

    But not knowing the specifics here this is just my general thought. Hugs!

  2. Have a nice girly lunch. Chris. The dogs r still cute

  3. Your doggies sure do look fed up . Poor coco , morning sickness? I didn't know it affected dogs . Give her a ginger biscuit .

  4. The dogs remind me of the trauma it takes getting a teenager to the hairdresser!!!!! Have a great day with all the girls, especially with Keera.....

  5. Anonymous8:06 AM

    The things that make you sad in life get rid of, there is no point having people in your life if you don't feel good about yourself after being around them, everybody is entitled to their own opinions but not if its just a constant dig at you all the time, they obviously can't look past the negatives and what they value in you most as a friend, that's what matters, take care Chris

  6. The grooming of your gorgeous dogges had me remembering how I used to have to do that with Tarsha :) I even had a pair of twezers so I could pull out the fur/hair from inside her ears lol She always sat still as I am sure she knew she would feel so much better once I had finished. Mind you she would always go and hide when she sw me with the towels and heard the water running for he bath!!! Silly dog loved it once she was in!!! Coco & Teddy just look so gorgeous :)
    Have a fun "girly" lunch.....I'm off for a haircut myself lol :)
    ps......grey and miserable day here. Roll on warmer sunny days. All the best at the Dr's. :)

  7. I so agree about the friends..I no longer have some many 'friends' in my life as htye were just draining and not really friends.
    You have to surround yourself with people who actually do give a shit about you.

  8. I totally agree about fake friends, just wish I could get rid of some very fake and nasty family members out of my life! - thank God for good friends ah!

  9. I hear ya on the friend front as well - I have recently been affected by a new friend and now have to decide what to do about this new friendship as I thought she had my back!
    Oh the joys of life!
    Enjoy your day - it is sunny at the moment in Penrose (9.45am) fingers crossed it stays that way.

  10. Your thoughts on "friends" reminded me of the saying "a friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg, even if you are slightly cracked." We are all slightly cracked and we don't need "friends" who don't like us that way.

  11. Agree 100% about the fairweather friends. Can't be bothered with it. I've moved on from a couple of friends over the last year just to rid myself of the doing things their way in activities & holidays & wanting to know everything. Couldn't relax at all and some times u just need to chill out & relax rather than constantly doing things.
    Have a great day

  12. Girly lunches are good.

    Hopefully all the expectant mums (2legged and 4 legged) feel better soon.

    There are friends and there are people you know.

  13. How do you trim the tops of their noses? Do you use an electric trimmer? What length blade? I need to do my dogs face - but I am always nervous and not sure what to use!

  14. Love the pic of the great Aunties & Keera :-)

  15. Gorgeous photos of Miss Muppet with her great great Aunties! She is getting cuter by the moment! I just want to reach into my screen and give her lots of cuddles and smooches!

  16. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I just love love love all the pictures of Keera she is such a doll. Chris even though I do not know you I think you're an amazing person and so very talented.

  17. Lovely photos Chris - the dogs look so cute after their trim. Gorgeous photos too of Keera with her great, great aunts :)

  18. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Chris! you did a great job on the dogs! they look great! The quilt is going to be absolutely darling!! The big colorful animals will really get babies attention! Such a great Gramma!! Keera is starting out to be quite the social butterfly!! So nice she had a visit with her relatives! I"m taking Madison with me to my moms today. Have a good day!! ...debbie

  19. Looks like you had a lovely days with all the ladies. Good to hear you are making progress with Depression Dr. Take care.

  20. The friends I've had in real life I've had them for decades, some from school days. I don't make friends easily so it's quite a miracle I've managed to find a few thru' different stages of my life. On the other hand, craft friends - people I know thru' my bag making/selling at craft markets - I can't tell if they're real or false friends. It's very hard. Esp when you're also competitors. I tread carefully but I know it's easy to get hurt.

  21. I feel the same way about false friends Chris. I am tired of the BS that some tend to sling out so easily. I'm starting off fresh on a couple of new things...and getting rid of a bunch of negative crap. It feels pretty good so far!


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