Wednesday, August 15, 2012


SERIOUSLY... Miss Muppet needs a NEW name... and I've got the perfect one for her:


I have never heard a tiny baby fart as much as she does!!!
I swear, you only have to look at her and she pops one out... or a whole row of farts!

We can all be sitting in the lounge, with Keera in her bassinet.... then we all hear a rip roaring fart... and it's her!  Where does she get it all from??? And the loudness of it.  IMPRESSIVE!


I wanted a wharf for the terrarium... to put the pot of flies on... so last night Steve made it for me: 

ABOVE:  It was a joint effort... not that Teddy did anything... *smiles*

ABOVE:  nearly built...

ABOVE:  Taaa daaaa!  A cute little wharf for the frogs to jump on and hide under.  Thanks Steve!

ABOVE:  this little guy was waiting in the tree for a fly to fly by!  lol

ABOVE:  another view of the terrarium... my gawd the glass needs a clean!  It's a bit hard to do without letting the darn flies out though!

ABOVE:  I thought only girls could multi-task!  Not so apparently.  Steve is feeding Keera and talking to Bex on the phone.  Impressed.

TODAY:  I'm off to the Hospice Shop.  Then home to spend the afternoon with Lacy, Miss Muppet and Bex ... once she arrives.

BODHI:  As of right now, I've not had an update from Russ or Tess since last night ... I feel confident if anything was wrong they would ring or text me, so I'm hoping Bodhi is still slowly improving.
Maybe they will contact me later on this morning with some news.  I will let ya all know how he's doing when I know.

I wrote a few things yesterday that I regret.  I have apologised to Jackie, I had no right talking about a private transaction between us.  No right at all.  
I acknowledge that sometimes I am not a nice person.  But... I am human, just like everyone else.  I have never said I was PERFECT.  I know I am not!  I get shitty.  I can have dreadful knee jerk reactions.  I certainly do not stop and think fairly often.  I take offence where none was intended.  And well... there ya go... I apologise to anyone I upset yesterday.


Hospice was very quiet first thing this morning, but then it picked up so it was a nice morning.

We have two old men who come into the shop EVERY WEDNESDY... they wander around, stop and stare at me... sometimes for ages!  
BUT.. they never, ever buy a thing. 
Until today.

The really creepy one, who is renown for staring at women's bums and boobs came up to the counter with two 50cent glasses... and said to me "I will buy these from you, I will give you a dollar"... and he kept saying it... all the while staring at me in a really ikkk way. So I wrapped the glasses and took his money... and he HELD MY HAND when he passed over the dollar... IKKKKK, like massive IKKKKKKKKKK!

The other ladies who I work with laughed their heads off,  and said it was the first time he had bought anything cos he had a crush on me!  

I would have been flattered if he had been 30 years younger!  It just creeped me out.

Bex is here... which is nice as her and Lacy get on so well.  They talk babies non stop!  They are going shopping soon and leaving me with Keera/Muppet/Farty Pants.  WHAT a mouthful!

BEST NEWS EVER!  Bodhi has improved enough to GO HOME!!!  I'm so, so relieved.  He will have to be closely monitored by their GP (understandably) but still... he will be home today and Tess can settle down and relax in her own home and be with Russ and her girls too.

YIKES... it's pissing down with rain and hail!  I hope the kids/adults at camp are not getting drenched.  Soooo glad I am not there!

End of Day:  it's been a load of laughs tonight, with Lacy/Steve and Bex being silly.  I took some funny-ish videos of them... hopefully I can get them to upload for tomorrow's post.
nite nite

MY SON Russell has just left a comment on yesterday's post.  In it he mentioned about someone 'affording' to pay for me to fly over to Perth.  Anon Person,  you know who you are.. I did tell my family of your AMAZING offer to fly me over there ... and I know you wanted it NOT to be mentioned on my blog... but Russell didn't know that.  So I'm sorry about that.

Stew and I discussed this amazingly generous offer, but declined as we did not want to feel beholden to anyone, even though the offer was made with the KINDEST intentions, and with no strings attached!  
We still cannot believe a complete stranger would do that for me!  If I ever find out where you live M... I am going to come down there and give you the biggest hug EVER.


  1. Well I guess if she's getting the gas out and not crying that her belly hurts it's a good thing lol.

    Love the little wharf!

    I was checking in on Bodhi, I hope he gets to go home soon.

  2. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I am very impressed with that wharf! how cool is that!

    Don't worry about upsetting people - after all it's your blog and you can write what you want - and if people choose to leave harsh comments, of course your reaction is to bite back. Makes for excellent reading by the way (ha ha!!)

    Have fun!

    Kate R

  3. Keera has a future volunteering at Hospice Shop with you! *womp*


  4. Apology accepted, I said it out of concern not to be malice or anything. Hopefully no news is good news with Bodhi.

  5. Keera is so delightful and cute she really has beautiful hair, I'm sure once you hear rom Russell and Tess your day will be a bit smoother.

  6. Miss farty bum lol luv it chris and yes its better out than in because then she would be screaming with the tummy pain. Glad all is sorted re comments!! Im like you i react before i think it through but i think thats just human nature and it would be a cold day in hell before i was perfect :) have an awesome day and i just love the lil warf...

  7. I thought the same thing as Happy Elf!

    I hope today is a better day. xoxo

  8. That wharf is way cool.

    I hope by now you've heard so positive news about Bodhi. Thinking of you xxx

  9. So will we get a video of Keera along the lines of Rena??? Still use that phrase.

    You are a warm woman with a big heart.

    Hugs to you.

  10. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Toots, call Keera Toots. ; )

    Looking forward to hearing good news on Bodhi.

    Ky Girl

  11. Awesome news about Bodhi he will be back on track faster now he's going home.

  12. Awesome news re Bodhi - glad to hear he is going home.
    Congrats on the crush!!!

  13. I just have to say... Chris - you are one of the most honest and open and GIVING women that I have ever met. Please don't feel that you ever have to justify ANYTHING to ANYONE be it your spending, or finances or family situation or anything! And please, don't apologise for reacting with complete justification to personal attacks!
    And my suggestion to everyone else would simply be..... if you don't have anything nice to say - FUCK OFF!
    I guess all of the above is exactly why I don't blog that much anymore... I'm over the drama that comes with it :)

  14. What a relief about Bodhi - hope he continues to improve at home too.

    I don't blame you for getting upset yesterday, it was the wrong time for you to be scrutinised in that way if at all, even if it was well-intended. Especially in public - perhaps people could email you personally if they were really concerned? I wonder about the odd thing people say on their blogs from time to time but consider it is their business and I probably don't know the full story. Besides, I can't judge - my decisions don't always make logical sense!

    Anyway, hope you manage to find a way to celebrate Bodhi's good news tonight - a special dessert or a glass of wine, even a spa in the rain?

    Have a good evening Chris.

    Penny xo

  15. Yay for the good news on Bodhi. Such a relief for everyone.

    I am sure the campers will be fine, all part of the experience.

  16. Awsome news about the wee lil man.

    Hope the campers aren't getting drenched !!

  17. Fabulous news about Bodhi.


  18. Can little miss Keera farty pants be a , pop,pop,pop, poppet until she can say , it's not me .

  19. What great news about your wee man.
    Chris....I too have to say that no one has the right to judge. No one is perfect and I, like you do the best that I can and sometimes some real hard decisions have to be made about what we can and can't do at any particular time. Your heart and love was with your family in Perth and I am sure they understood why you couldn;t be with them in person and that is all that matters and is nobodys business but yours. I too get into strife by being forthright about what I believe and time & time again if someone who doesn't have a clue what they are talking about will get a knee jerk reaction (mouthfull) from me especially if wine is involved!!!! LOL
    Big hugs and look after yourself too :)Hope that makes sense :)xx

  20. I'm loving your frog tank. What a neat idea with the flies. I sometimes think I'd like to do that with mine, but I admit, I love feeding time and I'd miss that! Still, worth thinking about!

    Great news about Bodhi too. Nice one!

  21. Wow, that is generous! I have to say I'm sure the possibility popped into a few readers' minds as it did mine - I looked up the cost of flights and have to say I would have considered offering you flights if I had the money, but that is the big "if" of course.

    Easy to say I would if I could, much bigger gesture to do it of course.

    Hi and best best wishes to Russell, Tess and the kids (man Sienna is gorgeous! so are the other two but Sienna is at that age, sigh). Especially best wishes for Bodhi's fast recovery.

    Love to all, Penny xo


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