Thursday, August 02, 2012


I decided, with so many infants popping in and out of this house, and two more to arrive early next year, it would be a good idea to get a bassinet for this house!

I never thought I'd ever need to buy another bassinet!  But I did.  I got this one off Trademe:

ABOVE:  isn't it sweet?  Pretty good for $50 I think.

 ABOVE:  I am going to enjoy making some new bedding, drapes etc for it!

Yaaa, I finally got some new photos of our youngest Grandson and his baby sister:

ABOVE: our son Russell and his two babes.... Bodhi 2 weeks and Sienna 14 months.

ABOVE:  doesn't Bodhi look so tiny!  Precious.

ABOVE:  Miss Sienna... seems she still loves her baby brother.  

 ABOVE:  in this photo wee Bodhi looks like he's gunna be a blondie like his sisters.

ABOVE:  makes me melt.... he's so adorable. 

TODAY?  I'm going to visit Lacy and Keera for a little while, then read blogs I think!

Before I go for now... I've been browsing the 'web' for pictures for me 'Pinterest' Boards, and found this one last night :

ABOVE:  all I can say is 'WOW'  ... and why doesn't anyone make these here??? I found this picture here:

LASTLY (for now) here's the latest scan picture of Amanda and Andrew's baby, due early February 2013:

ABOVE:  Baby O'Beirne, 13 weeks along.  7 weeks till we find out if Baby O'B is a girl or boy.


lol JENNY:  we do have a porta-cot, a highchair and a buggy, toys etc, etc.  Just not a cosy wee bassinet!  I doubt I will be giving them away any  time soon.  *smiles*

Seems I have an appointment with the school Principal today.  Oh yaaaa.

How come you always feel like a naughty little kid when you have to see THE PRINCIPAL?  lol

Our meeting went well.  She was just as annoyed as we wee about the phone calls we got from smart mouthed bully boy!
She is going to deal with it.  She even asked me to report the 'nuisance phone calls' to the police!

I tried to, but they said they don't deal with those sorts of phone calls, they only deal with threatening phone calls.  Fair enough.

I'm heading over to Lacy's later on this morning, she needs to go to the bank.  I'm thinking we will have lunch 'out' too.  Yaaa.  I'm a bit sick of sandwiches.

MARY H:  I haven't picked up the bassinet yet, that's happening tomorrow afternoon.  And Stew wouldn't bat an eyelid if he saw one in this house, he KNOWS we ain't ever taking on another baby!

I just got an email from the school Principal, and she is going to get the 'Community Constable' to talk to the bully boys... yaaa for a pro-active Principal.

Hopefully the bullying stops as I am not that thrilled at the thought of having to walk the kids to and from school just so they are not picked on.  (even though the exercise would be ever so good for me.)

MARY H: OMG a 'happy accident' would be an absolute MIRACLE ....   as I have had a hysterectomy eh?  ha ha ha!

Lunch/shopping with Lacy and Miss Muppet went well ... baby was much more settled in her pram today.

I'm home now and am going to do a bit of housework before heading up the road to walk home with the kids.  *sigh*


  1. LOL......welcome to my world. We have had a cot up for the past 8yrs so that any babies, our grandies or anyone visiting, can be put to bed when needed. We started with the cot that we had for our girls as it was the old narrower type but it wasn't really large enough for the little ones to spread out as they grew. Last year we got a larger one and it is brilliant. We do have a porta cot as well!! Plus the toy box and a heap of baby, little one books......well set up we are LOL. Like you we just love having them visit.
    Have a great day :)

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Bet Stu had a moment when he saw that in the lounge.Lol
    Bullying yuck Remind Brylee what it was like when she was suffering Not nice at all.
    Is he interested in some kind of sport that will see him move forward from this kind of challenge. Doesn't have to be rugby
    Mary H

  3. I hope the bullying gets sorted soon! Your new bassinet looks lovely.

  4. Bassinet is gorgeous what a score, but that little add on bed bassinet thingy quite ingenious.

  5. Now there is a good principal! Everytime I'm dealing with bullies my kid gets in trouble too. Pisses me off to no end.

  6. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Was thinking more of a happy accident!!! Shock horror
    Mary H

  7. The cops won't deal with the phone calls. But if you record the time and date, and after 3 calls you can ring the phone company and they will block the number. I also found that tell the F**kers their call can be traced, usually stops them. Or use your called ID and ring the number back. Or get a whistle and deafen the little shits.

  8. Sorry to hear about the bullying, hope the school gets it sorted.... I have no faith in schools and bullying, they seem to have the talk but never the action.

  9. Glad to hear a principal being very proactive with this bullying!
    All the best to Griffin and you with this issue!
    Love the bassinet! and such a good score on the price for the cane seat!

  10. Bully boys are making phone calls now? I didn't know about that one. Kids now days are a whole different species aren't they. Sigh. Never ending.

  11. We've got our nursery set up as well. The only thing we don't have is a pram but that's okay. So less hassles for when they stay overnight. The toybox is always growing and I keep clothes here nappies, wipes etc. We did buy our carseat too so we can go kidnap the grandies whenever we want. lol.

    Sienna is as cute as a button and like her mum and Bodhi is the same and like his dad.

    I think Keera looks like Lacy and Brylee. Definitely the same nose.

  12. Yay for the dinner plans! I need to print this out and show it to David one day - we don't have kids yet and if we are this bad at taking time for ourselves without them imagine what we'd be like with them!

    Great plan. Keep it up, sweet pea!

    Penny xo

  13. Like Lee Anne we have the carseat too :) Also got the buggy and trikes and ride ons and a set of swings. Some belonged to our girls lol. Anyone would think we had little ones if they looked in the garage lol. Says a lot about what caring granparents we are I reckon :)
    Great that the school is pro active....I am impressed with that :)
    Enjoy your time alone with deserve it fact it is your right!! LOL have fun :)

  14. Enjoy your spontaneous date. And here's to many more to come.

  15. I was wondering how long it would take you before you bought a baby cot. Stuff sure is cheap on this trade me.


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