Thursday, August 23, 2012


I got some work done on Steve and Bex's Baby quilt last night.... I got the last animal made... the Ring Tail Lemur:

ABOVE:  All I have to do now is do the stitching around the outlines...  he already looks good eh?
THEN I need to put some vines/leaves/a parrot?... well you get the drift... link it all together.

We stayed up last night and watched The Hunger Games ... it was really good!  I didn't expect to enjoy it at all, not really my sort of movie at all.  But I did!  I am looking forward to the next movie when it comes out on DVD.

First up for today:  I go and see me Depression Dr... I'm sure she has a 'correct' title, I just don't know it!

All I do know is that she has made me feel so much better, and has helped me find new ways to deal with stressful situations in my life, and how NOT to react like I have in the past.  I used to let things literally make me sick inside by stressing too much.

NOT ANY MORE... Long may it last.

After the Doctor's visit, I have to attend a meeting at the Hospice Shop.  It's been called by the 'Management'... seems they have a big change to announce.  Everyone is up in arms wondering just what it is.

Then I shall come home and do something constructive... or read blogs even!  I keep meaning to... then find myself side tracked by life.  Yeah, it happens.

OH and before I forget:  ANON from yesterday (hi there person in Tarneit).... I seriously doubt either Bex or Lacy want to have their own blogs.  And as for Bex's baby bump... well I might do some more photos in a few weeks.  Just hang in there and wait.... OK?  


My visit to the Doctor went so well! She is really happy with how I'm doing, and how I'm learning to cope with difficult situations without becoming a blithering mess.   It's so EMPOWERING, and I love it.

Hospice Meeting:  they are closing two of their shops, NOT the one I work at.  It will mean 2 managers lose their jobs and about 40 odd volunteers lose their 'jobs' too.
Sad, but necessary.  Those two shops were losing money, not making it.

ABOVE:  a really funky dress? or jacket, depends how you want to wear it from the Hospice yesterday... cos me $2.50!  It's for Amanda, I kept looking at it on the rack thinking it was perfect for her... and I could not resist it.  

TRACY:  I have all three Hunger Games books on me Kindle!  I got them for Steve a while ago... now I will read them!

Dare I say it???   I've been to the mall... Bex and I had lunch then we went over to KMarket so Bex could find a couple of tops to wear that would accommodate her growing belly.  Luckily, even though the choice was fairly small, she did find some.
I'll post photos tomorrow.  

Yaaa..... I got the applique stitch around the Lemur done this afternoon... now it's on to the next stage.  I'll show you how it's looking ... tomorrow.

End of Day:  went shopping with Steve and Bex tonight.  Was an interesting evening.  More on that tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. What a lovely lemur!!

  2. Lovely quilt and SO PROUD of your progress with the nutcase! (that's what I called my 'Depression Dr'!

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Luvin the lemur well done chris the shading is awesome :)
    Have a good day at least the sun is shining for a change...
    donna from work

  4. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Gawjus lemur, Chris. U'r really talented! Show us the quilt top please.

  5. That is THE most adorable lemur! They just happened to be my favourite animal - anyone else remember Dottie the Ring Tailed Lemur?

    Doesn't really matter what your doctor's called (assuming it doesn't have 'cannibal' or some such in the title...), as long as she helps?

  6. Loving the Lemur.

    I haven't seen the Hunger Games movie but I did read the books, only because Samyson nagged me into it - WOW I loved them. If you get a chance read all 3. I can lend them to you if you like.

    Can't wait to hear the Hospice news - maybe implementing an anti farting rule??

  7. Love the ring tailed lemur! He's my favorite so far, I think. Though, all your quilts are nice.

  8. yes love the lemur as well.
    Bummer about the stores- I try and drop something into the Papakura one at least once a month to help them out - Both my mum and grandfather where at the South Auckland Hospice and they were so wonderful I like to support them.
    Altho I never seem to find the great bargins at mine like you do!
    Glad to hear the doctor is going well and you are feeling better.

  9. hmmm psychologist perhaps is her title? Glad she is helping whatever you want to call her! xxx

  10. Loving the grandbaby photos. It's so hard not to be biased when it comes to your grandies isn't it. I love mine to bits. Grandbabies aside, I'd have to say I loved the photos of Lacy bathing Keera the most this week. The love is so obvious - you must be so proud.

    I'm so pleased everything seems to be in tune with you. Long may it continue.

  11. Hope you are feeling better a bit more each day. :)

  12. I love the Lemur he is just beautiful, nice dress/jacket too, good news about your hospice shop though.

  13. So glad you're getting some relief from your depression. And I love that lemur!

  14. The quilt is adorable! So glad to hear you are feeling much better. Take care.

  15. The lemur quilt is so cute! Bex looks great too! I remember how tough it could be to feel good/pretty when I was pregnant, especially at first.


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