Thursday, August 30, 2012


Stew was adopted.

Twenty years ago we found his birth mother and other family members.

They live in the South Island, we have seen them only a few times over the years.

A couple of days ago Stew got a phone call from his sister in the South Island.  His Birth Mother is very unwell and not expected to live much longer than about 6 months.

So... priorities change.  We are now looking at getting down there in the next couple of months.

Days of Our Lives.  Yep.  

Today:  well if it's really nice Bex and I plan on going for a walk first thing.  Then home to do some housework I think.

Or I might do some more sewing.  I want to get cot bumper pads made to match the Lemur Quilt.  I'm really enjoying doing this set.  

ABOVE:  how Coco lies on the floor... back legs stuck out like that!  Looks like she's doing the splits.  Apparently it is a good thing she can do that with her legs... Teddy does it too.

Her tummy is getting noticeably bigger now!  She is 36 days pregnant, about 24 to go!  Exciting... but it also makes me think... WHY did I do this again?  
Caring for puppies once they are about 5 weeks old is a lot of work!  Work for ME mostly.

Both dogs go to the groomer on Friday.  They need it too.  


ABOVE:  arty farty shot... love it.

 ABOVE: Cute...

ABOVE: yukky eels...

ABOVE:  I poked this one with me glasses... 

ABOVE:  postcard shot, so pretty.

ABOVE:  this is new in the gardens.  Made of bricks...

 ABOVE:  Bex said it was really comfy...

ABOVE:  so I tried it.  Well it was comfy, but bloody cold!!!

 ABOVE: this was new too... amazing!

ABOVE: it was made of shovels.  !

ABOVE: after our lovely walk we indulged in a hot chocolate and piece of lemon slice.  That was lunch... lol.

ABOVE: The entrance to the Gardens... SOOOO pretty.  This is one side, the other side is the same.

Lunchtime... and we ain't hungry at all... so I'm off to sew and I think Bex is leaving soon too.

LEIGH: in answer to your question:  The Botanic Gardens, Manurewa, Auckland.  Take Hill Road exit on southern motorway (heading south), the  Gardens are on your left immediately as you leave the motorway.

End of Day:  well it's been a non-stop kind of day.  Totally ready for my bed.  I have fielded text's almost non stop all afternoon/evening.  
Must turn me phone off sometimes.
Nite nite.


  1. So sorry about Stew's birth mum. Prayers going out for you all.

  2. Coco is such a pretty dog!

    Sad for Stew about his birth mother :(

  3. I hope you and Stew get down there soon, as family to you and Stew is important, Coco looks funny like that but so cute. 24 days!!! Bex is going to lovvvveeeeeeee the puppies.

  4. So sorry to hear about Stews birth Mum. At least Christchurch is not too far away to be able to visit.

  5. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Hiya Chris,so sorry to here about Stews mum :o(
    Did you get my email I sent you yesterday?
    K x

  6. What sad news. I'm sorry.

  7. So sorry to hear about Stew's Mom - I hope you are able to see her soon.

    One of our dogs lies like that also - we call him spatch-cocking when he does because he reminds us of the spatch-cock chickens that you see in the grocery store sometimes !!!

    Enjoy your walk !

  8. Sad news re Stew's mum.

    Awesome, absoluteeeely awesome photo's of the them !

  9. I love your photos. Amazing! Particularly the one with the bridge and the shovel sculpture.

    Don't worry about your frogs not croaking. Sometimes they don't. They are still a lot of fun to watch aren't they?

    I should try see what I can find to vary their diet from crickets. The pet stores don't sell flies, just crickets and mealy worms. I'll ask around I think.


  10. Thinking of you both and hugs to Stew

  11. Leigh4:23 PM

    What gardens are they I'd like to visit them they are beautiful

  12. Try and get to see stews birth mum ASAP as sometimes things happen sooner rather than later. I don't mean to sound doom and gloom but my mum didn't hang on as long as we expected resulting in my brother and wife from Australia missing being able to say good bye by only hours. An enormous sadness for us all. I send you all my kindest thoughts.

    I am however very aware that some people completely amaze the doctors but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  13. I don't know where Stew's birth mother is but if you want I can ask around my South island friends and family for inexpensive accommodation suggestions etc if you need it. Sorry to hear about that.

    I haven't been commenting much because I have been madly busy but that is about to change, so I'll blog soon and let you know what's happening! Very exciting (no, not pregnant).

    Love to the family, and Happy Father's Day to Stew and I guess Steve too! Don't tell him, he might expect special treatment ;-)

    Penny xo

  14. Great photos of the gardens! What a pretty place. And that shovel sculpture is amazing.

  15. Sorry to hear about Stew's mother.

    Love the garden. Very pretty.

  16. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Nice work, regards

  17. The gardens look so nice and relaxing! I've never seen an eel in the water like that!


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