Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, what's the haps for today?

5/8th's of bugger all really.

The only definite thing is Griffin is going to a school friend's birthday party.
They are going to the High Ropes course out near the airport, then back to the boy's home for a sleep-over.

Griffin has NEVER had a sleep over at a school friend's before.

I'm trying not to feel anxious about it.  Griffin and High Ropes.  Hmmm.. last time he was there he unclipped himself TOTALLY from the safety wire... and I nearly had an instant heart attack!

So.. I shall probably stress out about it until I know they are finished and safe again.

I have a real 'thing' about me kids doing anything that could kill them if it went wrong.  It's not an unusual fear ... is it?

Griffin's class is going on camp next week... Stew is going to be a 'Parent Helper'.  That is somewhat reassuring.  Maybe Stew can ensure everything Griffin leaves with will come home!
The groups will be doing all sorts of 'outdoor' activities, including kayaking.  Starting to freak out about THAT too.
What if he tips over and under and can't get out of the kayak?  
See?   I'm a total worry wort.

Again, I feel this is due to a few too many bad things happening in my family over the years.  If only I could just go with the flow.

I'm picking Lacy and Keera up this morning... Lacy wants to go to the mall... and it will be nice to have them visit so Stew can have a cluck over his granddaughter.  He's as clucky as me that man!  Gotta love a man who loves babies eh.  *smiles*

Now... cos I just can't post an update without a picture or two.... I give you these:

ABOVE:  cute eh?   I've had them in me 'stash' for a while, just waiting to use them at some point.  


Nice day so far, it's been lovely and warm too... sunshine all morning and now?  Clouding over, probably rain.  

We picked up Lacy and baby and had lunch at Sylvia Park, did a bit of shopping etc.
Home now, and it's time to do some sewing hopefully.

ABOVE: Stew and Keera today.  She was grizzly, so Stew talked to her...and BOOM... instantly quiet, just listening to her Granddad.  It was so cute.

Craving CAKE... off to make a mean as ginger cake me thinks....

MAGPIE:  We wanted a cake for dessert... so I'm making one. Simple as that.  I've made cake before, and blogged about it too.  NO CHANGE there.  If I wanted to 'stir'... there would be no doubt about it!

ABOVE: It was a good chance for me to try out the simple coathanger method of holding me recipe ... and it works a treat!

ABOVE:  Lacy has been trimming her own hair for quite a long time, but today she asked me to do it for her.  So I did.

ABOVE:  done.  And she's happy with it.

End of Day:  well... we haven't heard anything from the people who have Griffin staying over... so he must be fine.  That's good to know.
Been watching the Olympics again tonight... watched our KIWI girl Lisa Carrington win a GOLD in the Women's Kayak Single K1 200 metre final.  We have some amazing athletes in our little country. So proud of all of them.
nite nite.


  1. It is perfectly normal to worry. I do all the time but we have to let them do stuff. The kids will love having Stew as a parent helper at camp, the Dads are always popular on school trips.

    Siobhan is supposed to be going skiing at the end of this month & I am reallyfreaking about it because of all the activity at Tongariro, so much so I am close to pulling her out. She went last year & I was anxious about it but this time is different.

    Enjoy your day, looks like the weather is going to be ok anyway.

  2. I constantly worry about Samuel I am what they term a helicopter mother "I hover" around I am never going to change either! sad I know as he is my only child I can't see my overprotectiveness diminishing.

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  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Granddad and Keera pics are just beautiful! Stu suits the lilac colour top as well. I've watched "Cupcake Wars" on youtube recently and we're all craving cupcakes. Love little cakes. Cheers Glenys

  5. What a cute pic of stu! That man of yours sure is a keeper!

  6. What a cute pic of stu! That man of yours sure is a keeper!

  7. Ginger cake .... mmmmmmmm Love it with cream ....ooooooooh mmmmmm.

    Oh, and the bloke and the kid look cute.

  8. I found the Rhino and he's on my blog - pretty cute he was too.. and huge!!

  9. I was only teasing Chris, did not mean to offend.

  10. Oh, what beautiful hair Lacey has, mine is almost that long and needs cutting, is there any method to cutting it as straight as you did?

  11. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Lacy has beautiful hair! Can I ask if you'll post the recipe for Ginger cake. I think you've done it before but I cannot seem to find it. I have three kids and worry sick about them all. The eldest went to Germany 1 year ago for 8 weeks exchange and was safe, middle (boy) went to Queenstown with school snowboarding in July dislocated his should and is still recovering. As soon as I heard I wanted to hop on a plane and be with him. I don't think it will matter how old they are I'll still worry.


  12. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Love, love, love the pics of Stew and Keera. She seems so alert!

    Also love Lacy's hair cut. She has beautiful hair.

    Ky Girl

  13. How nice for Griffin! I hope he's having a lot of fun! Lacy's hair looks nice, I bet it feels great too.


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