Friday, August 03, 2012


Happily it's Friday.... gone are the days when I disliked weekends!
Having the kids home is no longer a pain in the butt... they are both such good kids on the whole now days, I really don't feel like throttling them all the time!


I also love having Stew home ... he works too damn hard... and really needs a break by the weekend.

Now.. what's up today?  I'm going to read a few hundred blogs ... then pick Lacy and Keera up and bring them back here while I go and pick up that bassinet I bought off Trademe.   If I don't get home by end of school time, Lacy will be here for Brylee and Griffin when they get home.

I still find it weird that I can now rely on her to BABYSIT the kids!  She has changed so much... I keep saying it... cos it's such a turn around for her.

I have NO photos for ya yet, so I'll post these instead:

 ABOVE:  Seriously.... if I still had a bloody uterus ... that's what mine would do!

ABOVE:  this is a neat idea!  Imagine everyone at the table getting a small chocolate 'bowl' with fresh fruit in it ... how awesome would that be for a dessert!  Obviously you would have to find smaller balloons.  (you put sellotape around the top of the balloon so you can pop it without it making the chocolate crack I think?)

ABOVE:  top photo ... so unrealistic.  Bottom photo:  real girls.  I like this so much... cos all of the 'real' girls are just gorgeous.  

ABOVE:  my ideal staircase!  I'd love it, even at the ripe old age of 53!  


Our first litter of puppies are ONE YEAR OLD today!  I had forgotten!  I hope they are all living wonderful lives with their forever families.

Lacy is here with Keera until after dinner... she stayed at my house while I went out to pick up the bassinet, now, once Keera wakes up she can go in my bassinet...

ABOVE:  right now Miss Muppet is on the couch sound asleep....

ABOVE:  gorgeous.  

ABOVE:  all ready for Keera... and any other infant who comes into the house.  Not too bad for $50!

End of Day:  well it's been a good day again, had an easy dinner tonight as Lacy, Kelly and Rena were here as well.
Steve has gone off to Hamilton for the weekend, so I can get into his room and tidy it up and know that it will STAY TIDY for two whole days!  
nite nite


  1. Chcio is loving it here... she is such a pleasure. :)

  2. A couple of photos of Miss Chico up :)

  3. I'm loving your pics etc. Obviously I prefer the Dove models but I'm not entirely convinced that the VS girls haven't been airbrushed to make them look even more skinnier than usual.

  4. I love the uterus joke. Mine is sending me last ditch signals to multiply before it dries up. Very unlikely!

    The models are of course all 'real' girls but the top type are certainly overrepresented as an ideal. They are only one of the many different ways bodies come yet the message by fashion and media is that this is how all women are meant to me.

    I would love to slide down that staircase:)

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Christ I would love to have a go at that slide
    She is just delightful I can almost smell that baby smell.
    Mary H

  6. I loved the Dove campaign ad for that, Keera is blardy cute as and looks REALLY tiny on that couch, I wonder who gets too feed her tonight Griffin Brylee, Lacy or ?
    I love weekends LAY in time if we not A: BBQ fundraising, B: working C: Hangi D: kapa haka performing E: sports trips! F: Homework (Samuel)

  7. I love the warm fuzzies I get when you talk about your family. I don't have kids but our house is full of stuff for the nieces and nephews (and the children of my cousins, not sure what that official relationship is.. second cousin?) Lots of littlies,from age 7 (the fantastic Miss J, ruling princess of the lot) to 6 months. People come and visit, expecting a DINK house, and find toys everywhere, a cot in the spare room, everything baby-proofed and wonder if we have some children hidden in the basement or something. I don't know, it's just so much fun to have them around. :D

  8. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Bargain price for the basinette and it will be put to good use with so many babies. Keera is growing beautifully, so cute! I think you're so lucky to have a large loving family, you won't ever be lonely for something to do, or someone to visit. Glad to hear you and Stu are getting some couple time and you sound so happy, which is great. xx Glenys

  9. hehe, loved the uterus thingy :) Little Miss Keera is just to die for - how gorgeous is she and I am so happy that Lacy is such a great Mum!! Please tell her that I think she is doing really well.

  10. Irs a shame when you lose the desire to throttle your kids. "Whoop 'em everyday!" I always say.
    Since I have no kids, I'm an expert!

  11. Anonymous1:09 AM

    What a great idea for dessert and it's so simple!! Kids would love that! Love the photos! The basinette is just too cute!! Puppies will look cute in there too for a cute photo! ...debbie

  12. That's funny. I almost missed the slide. I would love that too.


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