Thursday, August 16, 2012


TODAY Steve, Bex and I are off to Hamilton for their 20 week scan.
Today we will find out what Baby Foe is... a girl or a boy.
We are meeting up with Bex's Dad as he is coming to the scan with us.  I have not met him yet, so it will be lovely to meet the other Granddad.  *smiles*

Hopefully the weather is not too atrocious... it was nasty last night that's for sure!

Now... here's a few cute little videos I took last night:

ABOVE: NO baby was hurt in the making of these videos!  lol

ABOVE:  Bex has caught my 'bug' and been OP SHOPPING.  She bought these cute soft toys and adorable cot blanket for Keera...

ABOVE:  Bex getting to feed Keera... so cute.  You can actually SEE a little belly on Bex now.  Baby Foe is starting to kick ... I got to feel the tiny kicks last night...was so sweet. 

Right... I better get a move on and get Brylee off to school so we can leave for Hamilton,  for that all important scan!


Home again!  It's been a really neat day.
We got to the Radiology Department early, so I had a chance to meet Bex's Dad properly.. he's nice.
Then it was 'scan time'... which took about 30 minutes.... and at the end the radiologist TRIED to find out what baby was... but it was impossible, as baby had one of it's feet right up in it's crouch!  
So, Bex went and had a piddle and wriggled the little bugger around a bit and the radiologist was then able to tell us what Baby Foe was!

ABOVE:  Bex having her scan.

ABOVE:  new toy we got for Baby Foe.  Ya guessed yet???

ABOVE:  Very clear!  Baby Foe is A BOY.  Steve and Bex are thrilled to bits.  Baby Foe is now going by the nickname :  SJ  (Steve Junior)... even though his name is not going to be Steve!
They are keeping his name a secret until he is born.

ABOVE:  SJ's latest profile... how GORGEOUS is he???

Got a shitty headache tonight... it's just simmering... grrrrrr.  
Had lots of laughs too... Teddy was 'talking' to me, he was soooo funny!  
Everyone is very happy ... Bodhi is on the mend, Steve and Bex's baby is healthy, and the guys are having a good time at camp.

End of Day:  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when Stew and Griffin get home... I've missed them.  
nite nite.


  1. luv the videos steve is such a crazy uncle lol.
    Have a great day in hamilton hope the weathers not too nasty

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    good luck!!! drive carefully in this yukky rain...

    kate r

  3. Can we guess the sex? I'm saying BOY!

  4. Great videos but for some reason I couldn't get any sound even though my volume was turned up full! May try again later!
    Have fun at the scan! Can't wait to hear what Baby Foe is - my guess will be a girl! :)

  5. What great fun he is having with Keera, he's going to be an awesome dad isn't he?

    How did the scan go?

  6. It is so cool that you get to go to the scans. I hope the baby cooperates so you get to find out boy or girl.

  7. Boys are the BEST! Congratulations!

  8. Yay for another grandson! Love the giraffe - would love to see a full photo of it! And yeap, SJ is definitely a boy!! LOL

  9. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Whoa congrats to Steve & Bex and Junior Hillbilly! Love the giraffe
    Mary H

  10. what an great clinic. In Tauranga you get 15mins for a scan appointment an if they can't determine the sex,, tuff tits, one try and one try only. I ended up having a number of scans (due to gestational diabeties) but before I got GD I wanted to find out the gender but couldn't see and it was soo frustrating as they kept so stictly to the 15min appointments it seemed like there were deliberately waiting until the last min to even check the gender then it was a 'no, can't tell, sorry' appointment over.

    So lucky they got to find out today as it sure does help with taking advantage of any sales that may be on between now and D (delivery) day.

  11. woohoooo another wee lil man for you to add to the family, how awesome.
    Love the giraffe.

  12. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Here we r again it russ&family in aus congrates to bex & Steve hopefully we in nz long enough to meet the little 1.Bodhi doin good sienna has ckeck up with doc bout ear infection other then that house settling dwn nicely

  13. I knew it! A boy was my guess... xxx

  14. Anonymous10:32 PM

    So thankful that Bodhi is home and safe with his mom/dad and siblings.

    Congrats on the new grandson. How exciting!!

    Also glad your household is settling down now, the boys will be home soon and everyone will be happy!

    Happy Day!

    Ky Girl

  15. congrats on a boy...

    I also kept my daughter's name (Kaya-Marie) a secret till the day she was born. During my pregnancy we called her Seven Eleven (because her older brothers are Kevin and Devin). My family was so nervous that was going to be her name (Seven), my mom even asked me if there was numbers or letters in her name. It was so much fun to be able to keep the name hush hush, and less stressful of hearing people's opinions about a name that we picked if they didn't like it.. everyone kept guessing names (not one person guessed her actual name tho)

  16. Good news all around. You need some happiness.
    Happy for everyone !

  17. Oh my I forgot to comment yesterday, Cute giraffe, cute scan cute bellies.

  18. Congrats on the little guy!


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