Friday, August 31, 2012


Today is going to be very busy!

First up.. I take the dogs to the groomers in Takanini by 9am.

Then I go over to Lacy's and take her and Keera to the Dr.

We want a 2nd opinion on the ''Hemangioma' that Lacy found on Keera's chest last week.  It has grown noticeably since last week... and we are a bit worried.  It is still only very small but it could (according to all I've read) grow really big.  
The Doctor did not see it last week, so that's what we want to happen today, just to reassure Lacy that her baby is going to be OK.

ABOVE:  Keera's little Hemangioma.  
Here's hoping the Dr says it is OK, and we just have to wait for the Paediatric Surgeon's appointment, which could take months.

After the Dr's appointment I will drop Lacy and Keera back home then I'm off to Karaka to pick up wee Emily's quilt.... it is finally ready to be picked up!

I will also take out Baby SJ's quilt at the same time.  Hopefully she will get it done in time for Christmas!

Clearly I'm going to be out and about for all of the morning.  
Hopefully I'm home in time to have an hour's 'time out' before the kids get home from school!

Oh and the other thing I have to fit in is try and sort out some flights down to Christchurch ... hopefully for next week some time.

Right, that's me for now....


Home again.  Long morning.
Keera's heamangioma has doubled in size in just one week!  The Doctor wants to see her every two weeks just to keep an eye on it.  But there are no plans to 'fix it' right now.  It is harmless, and even though it might get quite big, it's not going to hurt her in the least.
Lacy is reassured considerably now that a Doctor has seen it.

Picked up Emily's quilt, it looks awesome.  Now I have to make the bindings and sew them on before Sunday afternoon!  
AND a label.  I have not labelled any of my quilts!  NAUGHTY ME.  I really should do it eh?

Just picked up the dogs from the grooomers too...

 ABOVE:  finally, Emily's quilt.  I just have to make and sew the binding on now... quite a big job in itself.

ABOVE:  the dogs looking so cute, and Lacy and Keera.

ABOVE:  Keera sharing the limelight with the dogs...

ABOVE:  look at the expression on Ted's face!  It's like "OH MY GOD, what the hell is that thing, like....get that thing away from me".

Both dogs are exhausted now and having a nap... so is Keera.
I too am taking a break... even though I have masses to do, I feel the need to just relax for a little while.

I got to sit in my lazy boy chair, with Keera in my arms for a good hour and a half!  Both dogs lay on my legs too... it was so nice.  Keera is just a delight... watching her sleep in my arms is precious.

Good news... Stew has managed to book really good priced flights to and from Christchurch.  He is going alone... I decided it would be less hassle for everyone if I stayed home and looked after everyone here.

He leaves on the 12th of September and comes home again on the 16th.

Coco is only three weeks off having her pups now!  Starting to get excited!

Spent a good deal of time in the garage this afternoon and evening, re-arranging things so I had a bit more room for me sewing activities.  I was going MENTAL having to constantly move tables back and forth when I wanted to get into cupboards or search for fabric in me 'stash'.  

Done now and very happy with the results.  
Shame it meant my car had to sleep outside again... but me NOT getting crabby was more important than the car!  lol

End of Day:  A really good day ... spent with Lacy and Keera mostly.  Was nice to have them with me for the day.

nite nite


  1. Look on webjet they have cheep flights as well as grab a seat. I will be in Christchurch on the 14th and 15th shame I'll miss you. Hope Stu is ok <3

  2. Jetstar is usually cheaper on tuesdays and wednesdays.
    U sure have a busy day
    enjoy ....hope Keeras lil blemish is ok.

  3. Hope you get good flight prices. I watch and wait for weeks to get what we are prepared to pay but we have plenty of flexibility.

    Sorry to hear about Stew's birth mother. It's always sad even when you are not particularly close. Some kind of primeval link that never goes away.

    Hope all goes well with doctor's visit.


  4. All the best at the doctors and finding flights

  5. So happy for you and Lacy that Keera is fine...what a relief!

  6. Thats a relief about Keera, Lacy and you can rest easier now. Keera Teddy and Coco look so cute until did Keera move then Teddy move funny as! Have a lovely weekend.

  7. So glad all is OK with the baby. No one likes a worry like that. So sorry to hear about Stew's Mom. I hope she has a peaceful life, what little she has left.

  8. I would take the baby to see the doctor just in case.

  9. Hi Chris,

    First off, my deepest sympathy to Stew. I'm so very sorry.

    Emily's blanket is really nice. I just love your animal themes and your quilter does a really nice job. It's evident, even in pictures, that it's a professional hand. Not that it need be, it's just that extra touch.

    I've been reading your blog for years now, lol, and you post a lot of pictures, no? THE LOVELIEST PICTURE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON YOUR BLOG is the one you posted today with Lacy, Keera, and the dogs. My goodness, Lacy looks like a proud Mommie. It's so good to see.
    You have really had a hand in this Chris. Take a moment, reflect, and BE PROUD.

    Again, my sorrow to Stew.

  10. Anonymous1:30 AM


    That quilt is beautiful! you are a clever woman!



  11. Tell Lacy not to worry, Stella had one the size of a pinprick at 3 weeks, by 8 weeks it was the size of my pinkie nail! I was freaking out but it stopped growing then and has remained the same size

  12. Love the picture with Teddy looking at Keera, so cute!


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