Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yesterday I woke up with a sore Right ankle.  I have no idea why?
If I sat for a while, when I got up it hurt like hell, but after a while it kinda hurt less.

It was like that all day yesterday.
So, I'm not too sure if I will go to Hospice today, standing at the counter serving customers might just be asking a bit much of me ankle.  I will see how it is later in the morning, as to whether I go or not.

It is so weird though, waking up with an ankle sore for no reason??

What else ...hmmmm... wonder how Keera was overnight?  I hope she didn't kick up a stink after her immunisations.  Wouldn't be surprised if she did.

Bex is here for a couple of days... her tummy is getting much more noticeable now.  It just seems like it's 'babies, babies, babies' in our lives right now!  Once Amanda has hers in February, we will have had 4 grand babies in 7 months... !  Not too shabby.

OH and let's not forget Coco!  She is going to give us a few babies too!

 ABOVE:  I have no photos for the day yet... so I give you a few funny's.

ABOVE:  I thought this was very clever!  

Right... I'm off to do the lunches... and think about whether I'm going to Hospice or not.

8.50am:  my ankle is feeling a bit better today, so I'm off to Hospice Shop.  

ABOVE: just pinched this photo of Sienna and Bodhi off my son's Facebook.  Sienna REALLY likes her infant brother!  So cute.


Well... home again after a very busy morning at the shop!

Lots of customers.  Lots of sales.  All good!
There is a meeting at the shop tomorrow at lunchtime too... some big announcement from 'Management'... everyone is buzzing about what it could be about?

Lacy came over on the bus with Keera... so we are now all having lunch together.  It's a gorgeous sunny mid-winter day here today... so nice.

Since lunch I've been working on baby quilts... trying to make a Ring Tail Lemur... tracing onto visofix is a shit job, making sure you don't do it the wrong way around and end up with the animal facing the wrong way at the end.  

Been EXCELLENT with me diet too...not one naughty thing has passed me lips in days!  IMPRESSIVE if I do say so myself! 

My back is killing me!  Bending over freakin fabric, ironing etc.  *sigh*  Taking a break now...
IF you can call making dinner having a break?

Steve got a pay rise... he's stoked.  They (Steve and Bex) have a 'Plan A' and now a 'Plan B' for where they live once baby arrives.   I'm glad they are covering all the possibilities.
More on that another day... on PEPSI I think.

End of Day:  the dinner tonight was Beef/Bacon/Tomatoe and Mushroom stew and it was delicious! We had it with spuds and veges.
nite nite.


  1. The exam thing has been doing the rounds for awhile IT ALWAYS makes me smile. Sienna and Bodhi are so cute she will be such the big sister protector.

  2. Maybe you kicked Stew in the night for snoring - and that's how you got the sore ankle?? Seriously, I hope its better soon. Have a good day. (P.S. Love the photo of Sienna and Bodhi)

  3. When I wake up with an unknown ailment it is usually from something I did about twenty years ago.

    cranky old man

  4. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Bex and Lacy should get their own blogs!! where is a new baby bump photos of bex?

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Why on Pepsi? Not everyone has access to that blog and we wanna know what's going on here! So please reveal on this blog. We are all very concerned about Bex and Steve's living arrangements. Like watching the Kardashians!!


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