Friday, August 17, 2012


Karen, I'm only too happy to oblige you with a full photo of Gilderoy the Giraffe (named by Steve, private joke involved)...:

ABOVE: Bex loves giraffes, and they are trying to do a 'Giraffe/Jungle' theme for the baby's room.  

ABOVE:  the two pregnant girls in the house!  Bex at 20 weeks (half way) and Coco at 20 days (a third of the way).

ABOVE:  can you tell what they are doing?

ABOVE: Yep.  Steve let Bex put pink nail polish on his toe nails.  OMG I never realised he had such HAIRY feet/toes.  Here's hoping he keeps his shoes and socks ON till that lot outgrows!

TODAY:  Bex goes home, and Lacy and Keera are going home after we have been out for lunch.  We are meeting up with a friend of mine at Sylvia Park.  

After lunch I will go home to do some housework, then await the return of the happy campers.  I hope they have had a wonderful time.
ABOVE: I've been building up to getting really cross about someone ..... but I am going to do what my Dr said and:

ABOVE:  I'm so glad I have learnt to do this now.  
I can be happy.  I don't have to always try to 'fix' things.  I can go with the flow and be thankful for what I do have.
Lots of loving family around me... gorgeous babies to love (those near, and those far away)... and friends and family that loves ME.

THANK YOU TELECOM for your incredibly crappy internet service.  I've had no internet access since 7am, and it's finally back at 10am.  Grrrrr.

On to happier things.  I'm in the middle of moving shit around in me kitchen... cos NO ONE puts things back where they go.  So I'm making it EASIER for them by labelling each cupboard (inside the door) so they know where everything goes.

I am so OVER people just bending down and throwing stuff in wherever there is a space.

It's a lovely sunny day today, which is good as I have a mass of washing to go out.

Busy.  Started sorting out the kitchen cupboards, then stopped half way and went off to meet up with Donna, a girl I met through blogging.

Lacy and Keera came too...  And Donna was lucky enough to get a 'LITTLE' hold of Keera!
Lacy is mega protective so it was VERY LUCKY Donna did get a hold!  lol

ABOVE:  Donna and Keera.  

After lunch with the girls I took Lacy and Keera home, then picked up Stew and Griffin from school... came home and carried on with the kitchen sort out.

Massive hot flushes today... they literally stop me in my tracks at the moment, cos they arrive with a banging headache at the same time.

So.. the kitchen is 3/4's done.  But I'm taking time out to get over the latest hot flush...

Stew and Griffin had a blast on camp.
They are full of stories.
The best one though is... Stew got KICKED OUT of his cabin (he was sharing with the other 6 Dads) because he was snoring too loudly!
So Stew slept in the First Aide Room... and he got the best deal cos the First Aide Room had a proper bed with a mattress.... everyone else had to sleep in bunks!
OH.. one of the Dads slept in his car cos of everyone keeping him awake too!

While I'm typing this ... Stew is yabbering away at me... it's a wonder I can type and listen to him... but in reality... I can kinda do both at the same time... multi tasking is a womanly skill after all!  lol

5.15pm, and I've finally finished re-arranging the kitchen cupboards!  I'm starting to wonder if I have OCD, with the amount of times I do this!  I have a real problem with untidy cupboards/house!  Nah, I think I'm just FUSSY!


  1. Everybody has to love you, Chris! :) I'm still just so relieved Bodhi is home.

  2. Kitchen cupboard labels are a good idea. I need some for myself so I put things back properly!

    I wish happiness came naturally to everyone. It's bloody hard work!

  3. Awesome catch up today chris, Lacy & keera. My gosh the first pic looks like im going to run away with the baby lol. she is lovely.
    Enjoy the boys being home and have a great weekend.

  4. I am going to try and choose happiness, it's difficult though, I have mother and sister issues, I also have wonderful family and friends. Look at the hair on Keera, it is so amazing. She looks like a very content happy baby, that's what I need, some babies around me to make me happy, can I come and stay with you Chris???

  5. Your son is the funniest guy, Keera really has awesome hair, It was so nice to read Griffin and Stew had a great camp, I too am a snorer and have had the indignity of being the sleep in the other room ADULT!

  6. I thought of you today as I changed our lounge-room in a small way, then decided to re-arrange *everything* around in Corby's room. His room looks great now - although it was v. cute before. Now it is just more efficient with extra play space - yay! xxx

  7. Anonymous12:14 AM


    Keera us a gorgeous baby, very pretty!



  8. I have a feeling you're getting ready to open a can of whoop-ass. Hope I'm here to see it!

  9. Happy weekend, glad to hear everyone and a good day.

  10. What a gorgeous head of hair Keera has! I need you to come round and organise my kitchen cupboards Chris. And why stop there - my wardrobes and drawers too. I need a touch of OCD. Organised I am NOT!


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