Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I know of only two men who just DOTE over babies.

And they BOTH live in my house!

Stew and our son Steve.  They really love babies.  It's so lovely to see.  They don't care that other's could think they were 'soft'... they are caring, nurturing men.
That's why I love them so much.
They CARE, and they show it all the time.

How could anyone not love this gorgeous wee babe???

ABOVE:  Stew arrived home from work last night, and as baby Keera was up, he swooped right in there and nabbed her.  So cute.

ABOVE:  having a very meaningful conversation... I'm sure.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Awwww, Keera made her Granddad smile...

ABOVE: Yes Granddad, I AM coo'ing at you... and trying to smile so hard.

ABOVE:  we have one very loved wee baby.  

I can't wait until Russell and Tess come over in December, we are going to have such fun with Keera and Bodhi, not to mention Sienna and Haylea too!  

AND after Christmas we will welcome Steve and Bex's little man into our family.  How lucky can one family get?  There will be another baby added to the mix in February too, when Amanda has her next baby.

I am just so thrilled.  In case you didn't realise by now... I kinda DOTE on babies too!  lol
You can never have too many eh!

TODAY:  Well Steve has the day off as he's working 6 weekends in a row ... so we will probably all go out for a while.  I need to get some batting for Baby SJ's quilt for a start.


I've had mixed success with my shopping today.  I really wanted to find some fabric that I have already used in Baby SJ's quilt... but both the Spotlight stores I went to didn't have it any more .... bugger damn and blast!
So.., now I have to think of some other way to tie it all in.  

What else?  I took THREE pots of fly eggs back to Animates cos NONE of them have hatched and me frogs are getting bloody hungry.  They gave me a store credit ... and I'll tell you this: 

Flies are not cheap!  Roll on summer when there are lots of flies around and I can catch the buggers for FREE.  Pffffft.  I got mealworms  for the frogs instead.

So, I get home and Steve and Bex are bored.  Oh to be bored!  I've got way too much to do to ever get bored now!   

I love my home, even if it's a wee bit small... I do love making it cosy for everyone.  And I love sewing, making things for the ever expanding family.  And I really LOVE just being at home!

When we first moved up here from Palmerston North I used to be so lonely and bored...but I've kinda gotten over that now.  Thank goodness.

I'm over being miserable.  I'm gunna be happy!

I'm sitting here doing me update and Steve and Bex are opposite me on the two seater couch... and this is what Steve is doing:

ABOVE:  ya know, there is something just a little bit 'wrong' about seeing your son fondle his fiance's boobs!  He thought it was funny!  
Yeah, so do I really.

They have buggered off to the mall for some retail therapy... then they are bringing back a VERY LATE lunch.

Meanwhile, I'm moving on to the next step with the Lemur Baby Quilt.

I made lasagna for dinner tonight... it was a bit SLOPPY... whoops!  Haven't made it in years.  At least it tasted good.

I'm heading down to the garage again shortly... I decided to make a nice backing for the baby quilt, instead of just using calico like I have done before.

I think I will do it for all my baby quilts from now on... it looks nicer.

End of Day: awesome evening.  Got lots done on my sewing project.
nite nite.


  1. Beautiful photos, Keera is very cute! I love babies too!

  2. Those are priceless pictures. She is going to be giving him a big gummy grin any time now. Won't that melt his heart?

  3. O Chris - I wish there were a million men like yours! What a sweet post!

  4. oh my gosh!! what beautiful beautiful happy pictures!!! the joy of life in those photos. congrats to everyone.

  5. I love the way you enjoy your family.


  6. The quilt looks great! Very cute. And that baby is just precious. You are so lucky to have so many babies in your life.

  7. Keera is looking so cute and so like the other two!
    Love the photos of her and Stew!
    Hes definetly a keeper!

  8. Nice photos of the grandad and baby... :)

  9. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Love the Pic's!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Chris I loved this post. So glad to hear you do happy. I love my grand babies too. From Michelle c

  11. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Just a wee FYI, In future if you don't want to take a store credit, under the goods and services act you can get your money back. :)


  12. Keera and Stew are adorable and she really is focussing on him how lovely, I had a late lunch today too, sun was out AND I had washing galore to do and other jobs forgot I hadn't eaten.

  13. Lasagna here tonight as well but I made it with eggplant instead of pasta! actually worked ok, well tasted good:)

  14. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Love your photos with Stew holding Keera. How sweet!! Check on your side photos. You put Keera was born 11/7/12. Maybe you meant 7/11/12? ...debbie

  15. So sweet! The first couple months are my favorite for babies.

  16. I think babies can feel a deep voice as well as hear it, and I think they like it.


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