Monday, August 27, 2012


I had a look at my calendar and I can't believe it!
I have nothing 'on' this week except Hospice on Wednesday.
The Baby Quilt will get heaps done on it :

ABOVE:  work in progress... putting the smaller bits 'n' bobs on it... still got a few more things to add... butterflies? Not sure yet...but the top left hand side needs something...

I'm looking forward to getting heaps done on it today... and then start doing the applique stitching on the latest additions. 

Bex is due back tonight, and I really want to have heaps done so she can see how it's coming along.  

AND I need to think about making matching Bumper Pads for the cot too... and the other day at The Baby Factory I saw a nifty padded thingee that you attatch to the top rail of the cot so the baby doesn't chew the wood.  Excellent idea!

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to blither on about, but damned if I can remember right now... maybe it will come back to me later.  Until then...


Wow... I'm cold today!  Now THAT is a novel feeling.  Ain't felt cold all winter, and today I am.  It's a crappy day outside, I dropped Steve at work and the kids at school and now I'm going to sew!  

BEEN SEWING.... for 4 and a half hours solid.  Now I'm seeing double!  But the quilt is coming along so well... I'm still doing the applique stitch around everything.   I think I might have finished that step when Bex gets here tonight!  

I hope she like it!

I had a piece of 'scone toast' for brunch... scone toast is a super thick piece of toast bread... and OMG am I suffering now!  I have the most wicked heartburn going on.

Not happy.   And I already knew that would most likely happen too.  I'm a twit.

Right... little break over... time to get back to it before the kids get home from school in a little over an hour... shit the day is flying by.  

The sun has even come out while I was in the garage!  Nice.

ABOVE:  Sewing for 6 hours in total today ... and all the applique stitching is done... and I added two butterflies and a wee bird.  Now ALL I have to do is add the batting and backing fabric and QUILT it.

OH yaaaa... that will probably take another whole day or two.

ADVICE WANTED:  I was thinking of quilting it with just wavy lines up and down the entire thing ... myself.  Do you think that will be OK? There is no way I am going to send it off to a professional to do.  I'm STILL waiting on Emily's quilt that has been at the quilters for almost 3 months now!

End of Day:  a super productive day, and I loved it!
nite nite.


  1. I love your blithering :)

    I was talking to my mum on the phone today (shes in the UK) and I was again reminded how much of her you remind me with how you talk and what you talk about :) But YOU aren't old enough to be my mum, not saying that!! Just that your way of talking reminds me of her.

    That's a good thing!

  2. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Wow! That quilt is looking waaaay groovy. Love it! Revolting weather today... makes me feel super tired.

    Have a goodie.


  3. LOVE that quilt .... SO gawjus :o)!!!!
    Joy :o)

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Quilt is looking fantastic! cheers Glenys

  5. The quilt is looking great, isn't it. :)

    Overcast here and cooler too. We've been having sunny, mid 20s temps this last week.

    Cold weather makes me sleepy!

  6. Anonymous1:11 PM

    The quilt is gorgeous. You leave me for dead now Chris and I got you started...

    And don't stop blithering.. I love your blither!!!


  7. It's gorgeous!! Just gorgeous!! I'd rest now, too! :)

  8. That quilt is simply stunning!!
    I absolutely adore it :)

  9. You are so creative Chris - that quilt is truly gorgeous.

  10. That is looking gorgeous. Love the look from the lemurs eyes. I'm sure Bex will love it.

  11. The quilt is stunning I'm sure Bex will love it, hope your back coped with all the sewing hell women 6 hours sewing well done! Rain pon and off for last 3 days here soooooooo over it.

  12. My goodness you are very clever indeed!! That will just look fantastic on baby's cot. Bex and Steve will be so pleased!

  13. Wow wow wow. I wish you would believe just how talented you are. I imagine very very few of your followers could even Imagine they could produce something that fantastic.
    Your grandchildren are all very lucky to have them and be able tp pass them down to the next generation.

  14. Victoria, uk8:52 PM

    Awesome quilt top Chris! How are you going to quilt it? Are you going to do it or send it off to a professional?

  15. Your quilt is awesome, I'm sure I could not have done it .
    You should be proud , Beck's will be speechless
    Well done

  16. Chris the quilt is awesome....I would hand quilt it around the animals so they pop out a bit then just random squiggles around the backround by machine :) easy to say huh lol .love the pics of stew on tuesdays post have a great week.

  17. ok the quilt is ADORABLE!!!! yes quilt it yourself, and get the other one back before they say they lost it.
    you are cold? I would pay money to be cold. I have so many hot flushes every day that I can stick me head in the freezer.

  18. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Chris!!! your quilt is just DARLING!!! I love it!! You are the Queen of Quilting!! love the colors and the animals are really darling!! You could sell those for a lot of $$$!! What a lucky baby!! ...debbie

  19. It's just adorable!! I love the lemur!

  20. Love the quilt - you are one very talented lady !!! I hope your children/grand-children realise how lucky they are.
    Have a great day !


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