Saturday, August 04, 2012


More photos of our Miss Muppet, taken yesterday while she was visiting:

 ABOVE:  Uncle Steve and his newest niece.

ABOVE: Teddy trying to get in on the act...

ABOVE:  Lacy and her bubba... Keera is almost smiling I reckon!

ABOVE:  another nice one...

ABOVE:  Lacy about to laugh at Steve...

 ABOVE:  this is why she was laughing!  Just look at Miss Muppet's face!  Transfixed on her mad Uncle!

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet in my bassinet.  And see that gorgeous shawl?  My Grandmother made that for me when I was expecting Amanda, and I've used it for all my babies and some of my grandbabies too!  AND it's still in perfect condition after 33 years.  I'm proud of that.

Today I'm off to pick up another bassinet I bought off Trademe!
This next one is for Lacy, as the one she has right now is not on wheels and she finds it difficult to take it from the bedroom to the lounge every day.
The one I'm picking up for her has wheels, and it was even cheaper than my one, but still gorgeous.
The bassinet she already has will be donated to the Hospice Shop.

Also today, we need to do a grocery shop... the food stocks are very low!

AND I would love to get time to do some sewing....  have I mentioned how much I miss buying fabric?
Cos I do ... so much!  Oh to have a few hundred bucks 'spare' to go hit the fabric shops.  *sigh*

It will happen, but not for a while.  And I do have a nice amount of fabric in me stash I suppose... NOT that you can EVER have too much fabric!


Olympics.... absolutely thrilling late last night watching our rowers in action!

ABOVE:  it was SO worth watching!  Congrats to our guys, bringing home TWO GOLD MEDALS!

After lunch Stew, the kids and I went over to the North Shore to pick up the bassinet for Lacy's house, then we went and had an ice cream at Mission Bay.
I got a few awesome photos of the harbour:

ABOVE: Auckland is not called the City of Sails for nothing.  Masses of yachts on the harbour today...

ABOVE:  the cloud formations were stunning too...

ABOVE:  stunning  sky.  Well.... I think so anyway!

Home now and listening to Kelly cook dinner!  How nice... she's doing 'Devilled Sausages'.  Hmmm... haven't had those in a long time.

Hmmmm... seems I'm a 'Plonker'!  How nice.  Just because my opinion is different from yours, and I don't follow YOUR way of eating does not make me a bad mother, or a bloody PLONKER!  And let me just say... Carbohydrates and sugars ARE NOT the cause of every illness known to man!  FOR FUCKS SAKE!  Fanatics and their beliefs just fuck me off.
NO offence intended to YOU "L" by the way.  

End of Day:  it's been lovely, spent with family.  
nite nite


  1. Miss Muppet is gorgeous as usual! Love the shawl and bassinet!

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I could just about open my own Spotlight with my fabric stash and now we have two new babies in our family I can start sewing! Oh - now I have to make the time to do it.

    Have a super divine weekend!


  3. Keera is beaming and Lacy looks so well and the photo of her and Keera is beautiful. I would just like a few dollars to buy anything! Fundraising takes all our spare money...

  4. Oh Lacy looks soooooooo happy!!!! I am so pleased for her and for the support you guys have given her.

  5. Have u ever done casts of babys feet and or hands?
    Devine pics of Miss K and Lacy Frame it
    mary h

  6. Lacy looks so happy and content...she is glowing in those photos. Keera is gorgeous, cant wait for my boys to start producing grand babies.

  7. Congratulations to the NZ gold medalists! I'm from the town where Michael Phelps grew up, so I am partial to the swimming events.
    You have a nice looking family.

  8. I love that little Miss Muppet! Congrats to your guys on the gold.

  9. I saw your rowers win the gold from over here is the USA. I thought of you. Miss. Muppet is turning into quite the cutie!

  10. Lacey looks so pretty and soft. She is radiant. You have to take so much credit for this Chris. You stood by her and it has resulted in very well and happy baby and Mum and much happier Grandma. Xx

  11. Isn't a stunning day today. A good day to get out & about.

  12. Lacy and Keera look so wonderful.

    Those clouds are amazing. I can't believe I will be in Auckland in December! It's so beautiful I can't wait.

  13. It was your comment that got me going, well not your comment exactly but the way that people seem to think their way or no way... Chico looks lovely will photo her tomorrow, she has a blood shot eye and am wondering if it happened with grooming cause we are certain it was not there yesterday, she has also been not her usual happy self, so will see how she is tomorrow and may take her to the vet, poor little baby :(

  14. Awww, COME ON! Where's the PLONKER COMMENT!
    I love a good devilled sausage!

  15. Cranky - the comment was on Lynda's blog, in response to a pretty polite exchange between Lynda and Chris. Not sure if they want the comment reproduced here? Or even a link, otherwise I would post it for you to check it out. Up to Chris I guess!

    Chris, I couldn't help it, I went and told them to pull their head in. Hope that was okay with Lynda - tried not to take sides between you two because I didn't think there was a fundamental problem, just frank exchange between friends ;-)

    Penny xo

  16. Anonymous12:36 AM

    The picture of Keera and Steve are darling! What fun to have a baby around. I'd love to hold her for a bit!! They smell so good and are so warm...Mmmmm, nothing like a new baby!! lucky you to have 2!! I've never heard of the term "Plonker", lol, but am assuming it's not so good! lol - Don't pay any attention to those people Chris. I'm glad you didn't post her comment. Don't give her the satisfaction!! ...debbie

  17. Hello Chris! Your pictures are beautiful. Congrats to all! Muppet is adorable! May I borrow your Auckland pics? They are amazing! Your "plonker" comment refers to "L". I agree that what works for some, doesn't necessarily work for all. We have to find what we are comfortable with, and go with that! Yes, I have given up sugar and white flour, but I haven't talked about it to anyone, so I don't think your "L" is me. Anyway, hope your weekend is great! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family!

  18. Hi Chris I have put this comment here because I don't want to stir the pot any more than it already is.

    Ahhh! Now I understand. I went back and read through the comments. No wonder you felt mad.

    The Anonymous comments in question are best forgotten. Who is the Plonker? The anonymous commenter of course. Not worth a second thought Chris. People who cannot write friendly comments don't deserve their keyboards.

    They are not worth a second thought. Sorry I added my tuppence worth. It's something that is best left to die.

    Your photos are stunning. How beautiful Auckland looked.


  19. Lovely photos, Chris xx

  20. I am lovin' the OLYMPICS!!!! The athletes are amazing!!!! Your Steve IS A DOLL!!!! And......of my goodness...could that baby be any cuter???? LOVE HER HAIR!!!!!!

  21. I just noticed the baby has a lot of hair. Just like our babies did. We didn't have a single bald baby, which I think is a bit odd.


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