Saturday, August 25, 2012


As I glance around my house I know that we have in it:

-A big wooden cot
-A portacot
-A highchair
-A bassinet
-A pram
-5 BIG boxes of baby clothes and blankets

-And One Baby.

It is so funny!  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would still have all this stuff in our house.  
But ... I wouldn't have it any other way!

Oh hold on... I would change one thing.  I think I would rather the BIG WOODEN COT was in a bedroom instead of in the middle of me lounge!  lol
I'm sure Steve will dismantle it and put it in a better place sometime this weekend.

ABOVE:  Keera at 6 weeks and 2 days old.  She is just gorgeous.  She's still rocking the Mohawk hairstyle!

Yesterday Teddy and Coco were so funny, they kept trying to get in the cot... but of course they couldn't... so they just sat and whimpered a few times before giving up.
I told Steve when he got home ... so he did this:

ABOVE: off came one side, on went the blanket... and up they jumped.  Happy little dogs.  SPOILT ROTTEN little dogs too.
But, they are family too, and we love them.

Looking after Keera is just lovely, and I thought, why not let the kids help too?  So... first up for today, Griffin got to change his baby sister's nappy! ...

ABOVE:  heck, where do I start???  This baby wriggles!

ABOVE:  Eeewwww, really?  I've got to WIPE that bum???  Yes Griffin, you do!  And you did a good job too...

ABOVE:  Yaaa... that little bum is finally covered up again... I was getting a bit embarrassed looking at me sister's bum!  (but at least NOW I know the difference between girls and boys!)

ABOVE:  Yes!  The ordeal is almost over... and Keera didn't come to any harm and I can now go and clean me hands!  Baby bums....*shudder*.   

Today:  off to Manurewa to pick up my prescription... NEED more happy pills.  
After that?  Dunno yet.  We have to work around a newborn after all.


What can I say about last night?  It went REALLY WELL.  Keera slept from 8pm until 3am... and at the 3am feed she skulled the lot and went straight back to sleep!  Awesome.
Then she woke at 7am and has been a bit unsettled since that feed... but we don't mind.  

Stew rather liked it that she was awake cos he shot over to her bassinet and picked her up!  Keera liked that.

Keera sleeps best when she is 'swaddled', but the light baby wraps we are using are annoying as she can get her hands/arms free and then she doesn't settle as good.  So after lunch we are going out to get a baby wrap I saw in The Baby Factory the other night ... it keeps the baby wrapped in such a way that it's arms cannot get out.  

Lunch today:  apple pies... cos I've got pastry left over from last night.  Don't intend to waste it!

NOT having pies afterall...we are off to Sylvia Park instead.

Back.  Stew cleaned my car!  First time in months.  I tried to have a nap. IMPOSSIBLE.  PEOPLE keep texting me, phoning me, jumping over me, well... you get the drift.

Stew is cooking dinner.  I can smell something weird.. kinda like plastic burning.  NOT going to investigate.  Will just hope it's edible.

Keera is having a really good sleep this afternoon.  Which means she will be a little shit this evening for her Mummy!  ha ha ha.
Babies... such fun.

ANNA: thank you so much for that lovely comment.  It is much appreciated.  
CHRISTY:  yes he did blush!!!

End of Day: another nice day in the 'H' house.
Took baby back to her Mummy... Mummy ran up the drive as I was driving in, she was so keen to get her baby back!  Very cute.
nite nite.


  1. What a sweet family you have! So much love and happiness :) You and Stew must have done so much right - don't lose sight of that.

  2. Wait a second... I must've missed something. Is the baby living with you now? I'm sooo sorry I've been so busy and not coming to check every post! :D Lately it seems like I've been so much busier and not as much reading time. I love to come read your posts and drool over the beautiful pictures of greenery where you live. Ha ha.

  3. Hi Chris, Keera is beautiful,an what a good idea getting her big brother to change a nappy. I was changing Jude's bot the other day and my thirty year old was here I wanted him to see how Jude loves his nappy of and kicks like mad so I said come here Andy but he said I don't want to see anything smelly so put a nappy back on him, goodness knows how he will cope with his own babies.

    Take care

  4. Chris, I just love reading about your family .
    Keera is lovely
    Griffin is a very brave boy 3***
    The dogs are the cutest
    You and your husband , I award you medals as big as dustbin lids

  5. Oh that baby is gorgeous!! You are like me.. I have two pushchairs, one cot, one highchair, spare baby and boy clohes, trainsets, toys, blankets... on and on - I love it too!!

  6. Yay for looks like he did a great job without TOO much trauma.

  7. What a great big brother! And how good for him. So jealous. Just seeing that baby makes me clucky! :-) Hope you all have a great Saturday!!!

  8. Hi Chris, Just catching up on several posts. The baby blanket is adorable... absolutely love it. And you draw alot freehand, don't you?

    Bex is adorable pregnant. I'm sure you house is filled with (along with all the baby items)lots of love and cheer! Glad to know you're happier! Take care.

  9. Keera is so darn cute that hair is amazing, you are either going to have to build up OR out!! the dogs are adorable they must think ohhhhhh our new bed!!

  10. Just like our house lol. we love the babies and then watching them grow :) Awesome to be able to share in their lives.
    Have a great weekend :)

  11. You are a brilliant Mum and Grandma. How lovely to be able to teach your children how to care for babies with such love.

    Beautiful and beyond price.


  12. She is a beautiful baby indeed!

  13. Awww! Griffin is awesome for changing her. :)

  14. Did you get a wrap for Keera? I absolutely swear by the "miracle wrap"... BEST. THING. EVER!!!
    A little bit complicated to start with, but once you get used to it - BRILLIANT!!
    Google it :)

  15. Actually - I've probably got a spare one or two here you can have! I had them at home and at daycare as well, so have LOTS!

  16. Is it me or is Griffin blushing in one of those nappy changing shots??? xxxx

  17. It is obvious that Keera is being showered with love. Lucky lovable little girl.

  18. What a great family, all around! The doggies look so cute in the crib/cot! Keera is a sweetie pie and it's great that she is sleeping so well. So much love in your life!


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