Sunday, August 26, 2012


My 'nite nite' pills... prescribed to help me sleep through the hot flushes stopped working with taking 3 at night, so the Dr upped it to 4 a night.  So now I am doped up to the eyeballs!  WELL ... not really... but I'm certainly taking way more than I started with!

Bonus is they are antidepressants, and ya all know I could use them!
I'm looking forward to the day I don't need them for either 'problem' ever again.

ABOVE:  this is the baby wrap I bought yesterday for Keera.  It professed to hold the baby's arms in a more natural position while asleep.   It is "OK", but I think I should have bought the other one now in hindsight.

ABOVE:  this one is called a 'Mum2Mum Baby Dream Swaddle'.  It works like the 'Miracle Wrap' that Jo from Wellington told me about, but it has a zip closure instead of wrapping the fabric around the baby.  

Today:  I think I've got a friend coming over to do some sewing with me.  Must text her and check!
I will be doing some sewing either way.
I've done a good catch up on my blog reading, so that is not making me feel guilty now!  *smiles*


Can you tell I've been busy?
Ha ha... I've been working on the Lemur Baby Quilt.  On me own.  My friend couldn't make it after all.  Shame that... I was looking forward to it too.  Oh well... another day.
The guys and kids are having a lovely lazy day too... playing X Box (the kids and Steve) and watching rugby (Stew).  They are happy.  So I don't feel guilty about sewing.

Wonder if Stew is gunna make dinner again?  Yaaa, I just asked him and he said YES... but he's full of himself!  He said "God I'm good to you!".  Pffffft.

Miss Muppet does not like that wrap at all.  soon as I can I will get her the other one, I'm sure it will be better than the one above.

It's been a quiet evening, just blogging, sewing, watching some TV... usual sort of night.

End of Day: it's been a nice enough day.  Got lots done... which is good.
nite nite.


  1. My Jo has that second wrap. Cole just won't sleep unless he is wrapped up !

  2. Swaddling definately is an art I had a super duper sized homemade muslin wrap Samuel looked like a mummified baby sleeping lol I like the bottom one BUT the top one looks snug and warm, and WHAT ever helps to keep babies settled is a win wim in my book!

  3. Stella LOVED the wrap me up (the one you got) from about 5 months on...

  4. Palmy North - Auckland $55 on grab a seat today :)

    We are getting some wraps to, stuff mucking around trying to secure it ourselves with this baby!!

  5. I can tell Keera is growing quickly!

  6. Precious girl! We have a wrap similar to the second one. Our daughter didn't mind being swaddled, but she hated having her hands tucked in. She even slept with her hands up by her ears! ;)

    Now she starts out with the thumb of one hand in her mouth and the other hand on her ear lobe.

  7. Hi Chris, I am glad you got your dinner, I did'nt, but I went with a precooked chicken so not too bad to add a salad and jacket potatoes.
    Keera looks wonderful her hair is magic, I have not seen the wraps over here, I am sure they use them but the things we use in England are sleeping bags which leave their arms out and zip up the rest of the body, very cosy.

  8. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Just had another look at the pic and it looks too big for her - it should be tight, like a wrap. Hang on to it though, come Christmas I reckon she'll love it. What size is it?


  9. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I can't imagine someone wrapping me up. I'd die and scream. But, babies are different I guess. They feel secure...debbie

  10. My kids never seemed to like being swaddled.

  11. So glad you have managed to get the dosage right to stop the hot flushes. I know how much better I felt when they stopped. I have been taking Wild Yam for them and that seems to have done the trick.
    Have a great day !


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