Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Right... here's some photos Lacy took of me and Keera last night... and there's some rare ones ...

ABOVE:  Keera was asleep when I arrived, she was only half fed.... so I'm pretty good at waking babies!  She was not impressed though!

ABOVE:  wakey wakey Miss Muppet.... and .... this is the first rare photo... I'M SMILING!!!!

ABOVE:  Baby still not impressed, me still SMILING!

ABOVE:  I love this photo.. me so happy and Keera gazing at me intently...

ABOVE: hard to not put heaps of photos up when I've still got a smile on me dial..... 

ABOVE:  this one?   Well I look like a twit, but the baby is adorable!


Today:  I've got Hospice Shop today.... and that is all for now!
Catch ya when I get home again...


Bit of drama down the road today!  A major power cable exploded and burnt, cutting power to thousands of homes, ours included... we had power going on and off this morning.  And all the trains had to stop for hours, and parts of Manurewa were blocked off...  lots of people had to find alternative ways to get to work.  Luckily I still got to the Hospice shop!  
NOT that I was going to buy anything... as I only have $5 left till next week.

Hee heee.... didn't stop me though, cos I just 'borrowed' some off Stew!

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist this large cushion, it's so soft !

 ABOVE:  This cane seat is gorgeous, I just had to have it!  It's got a home somewhere in me house!

ABOVE:  how handy is that?  It's got places for magazines on both sides and a big pull out drawer.  Love it!

Mrs Smellypants behaved... no farts and NO racist or derogative comments to any customers... she must have found that so hard!  She used to have a right gob on her before she got asked to leave.  I don't like working with her at all now.  But... it is good to know that if she says or does anything 'wrong' again we can go directly to the big 'bosses' at the Hospice and they can deal with her.

I forgot to meniton, that cane seat thingee cost STEW $30.00  Not bad eh?

I've got chicken thighs baking in the oven, we are having them on rice... yum.

BLOODY KIDS!!!  Having to deal with some bullying going on between (mainly) Griffin and a group of boys at his school.  Seems they pick on him, kick him, and so on,  then run off, all the while calling him nasty names. 

 Griffin being a 'gentle giant' of a boy does not strike back... so he is just picked on even more.  Not too sure on the accuracy of his account of today's incident, but I've just sent a very long email off to his teacher.  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.... cos it makes Stew and I so mad to see our boy crying cos other kids are being mean to him.

Sounds like Brylee and a few other kids are involved too, but they are not the ones hurting Griffin thank goodness.

You look at a newborn, so sweet and innocent... then they bloody morph into little monsters.  Well some do for sure!  WHY can't they stay so small and cute???? 

End of Day:  a lovely day on a whole.
nite nite


  1. Great photos Chris. Love the mutual gaze one as well.

  2. What a lovely babe!!!

  3. Keera has a cute little button nose

  4. Love the photos Chris you both look adorable!

  5. I love the smiles....nothing like a cutie like Miss Muppet to give us a grin. I hope she is helping you feel as good as it looks like she is.

  6. Great photos. Love seeing you so happy and Keera is adorable.

  7. You have a lovely smile Chris .... great to see those pics, they're beautiful :o).
    Joy :o)

  8. Awww beautiful!! Enjoy your little grandy-bubba! She's adorable! (as are you too of course)

  9. look at that hair on keera....... she is so adorable... so good to see you happy chris and that your family is so happy :) all these new born bubs :) so exciting for you xxxx

  10. Nothing like babies to put a smile on your face. You've got gorgeous grandbabies Chris.

  11. love, love, LOVE the photos....

  12. Who wouldn't smile and ooh and ahh over Keera she has your blue eyes Nana! Hope Mrs Smelly pants is behaving.

  13. Love the photos.

    I hope Mrs Smelly Pants didn't explode when she got home from holding in both farts & rude comments - must have been a miserable day for her - if the cable explosion & power cut had happened AFTER Hospice - well conclusions may have ben jumped to.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  14. That cane seat is awesome!
    Glad I didn't catch the train this morning - altho maybe I should have - might not have made it to work!(hehe)

  15. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Look at her hair, long fingers & little button nose!!! So cute
    Look at your hair, blue eyes & little button nose. Well forget the nose bit
    Cute pics love the twit one
    Mary H

  16. oh my gosh..she is beautiful! congrats to everyone!!

  17. Love the pictures! You look great - love your hair, and your eyes are as beautiful as ever. Keera is adorable! You must be so proud!

  18. love the photo's,you both look gorgeous xx

  19. Love the photos, there is just something extra special about grandchildren .

    The cane thingamajig will be very useful. Your hospice job has some seriously good stuff

  20. Poor Griffin, I hate bullies & bullying & it seems to be these days not much is done about it apart from talking!

    I hope it gets sorted soon.

  21. Cant see how you're older than me. You look like you're in your 30's. Nice photos.

  22. Anonymous4:31 AM

    OH, poor Griffin. I hated to read that. So early in the year too. Any way to nip it in the bud?? Nice to see you smiling, but I think you smile all the time. Love all the photos! and the wicker foot rest is really nice!! ...debbie


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