Friday, August 24, 2012


Righty ho... here's Baby SJ's quilt so far:

 ABOVE:  it wasn't until I was almost finished applique'ing the lemur that I realised I should have used a smaller stitch!  And there was NO WAY in hell I was going to unpick it all.  So, there he is.  DONE.

 ABOVE: the quilt so far... I've got a few more bits 'n' bobs to go on it yet.
And outer sashings etc.

And now... we have Bex in her new 'maternity' clothes:

 ABOVE:  she got two tops like this, they have gathering on the sides so there is more fabric to allow for belly growth.

 ABOVE:  she's chuffed that she finally looks pregnant.  Funny girl!

ABOVE:  she got this maxi dress too... very brave wearing horizontal stripes, but she looks fine, don't ya think?

ABOVE:  pffffft!  She doesn't even look pregnant from the front in the dress!  She says it's lovely and light to wear too... and comfort is a biggie when you are pregnant.
She wrenched her back and was in lots of pain yeserday too... her back gives her lots of grief.  It's one of the disadvantages of her job, lifting patients etc.

Steve, Bex and I went to Sylvia Park last night. Steve was determined to buy a cot .... so he did!
Only problem was... we had gone is Stew's little Holden Viva... and fitting the cot in it was..... difficult.
But... Steve managed to fit it in... I had to drive home though, cos the back seats had to all be dropped down.  
See how we fitted the cot AND us three in the car:

 ABOVE:  he squeezed in UNDER the cot in it's box!!!  He was lying on the floor of the car!  

ABOVE:  doesn't he look like a dork?

ABOVE:  ha ha!  Climbing out when we got home.

And would you believe once we were home he HAD to put that cot together... in MY lounge... *sigh*

ABOVE:  one cot... in me lounge.  Luckily for them, we already had a cot mattress, so they don't need to buy one.

ABOVE:  Steve put the dogs in the cot... on MY new blankie... pfffft.  The dogs did not mind being in it on iota, in fact they snuggled down and went to sleep. 

RANT REMOVED.  Clearly I am easily offended, and I acknowledge that a certain post was NOT directed at ME... but it still bothered me.

Today:  I've got NOTHING on!  So I'm going to just sit and read blogs.  Yaaaa... time to do a big catch up again.  I'm always doing catch up's now!  


Yaaaa, the day is gorgeous out there!  I will get heaps of washing done today.

So... I'm a nasty bitch sometimes.  And I got called on it.  *sigh*   I can't help myself sometimes!  I am too reactive.  I really must work on that... even my psychologist has said I need to work on that!  Derrrr.
It stems from hating myself.  Hating myself for getting OBESE again. HATE HATE HATE MYSELF. And only I can fix me.  

Why can't I do it???  What the fuck is wrong with me?  I know I am killing myself every time I eat rubbish. 

I told Felicity the other day the only way I was going to lose weight would be by being on a desert island with only water to drink... and that I could live off me fat for months!  

Her reply?
"No you would die of thirst real quick cos you don't drink water"!  BITCH ha ha ha!

LYNDA and I have been 'in talks' all morning.  Trying to sort out our obvious differences.  It has been GREAT to air things between us.  We both have strong feelings on certain issues.  We both respect each other's opinions.  And I am no longer going to take her posts PERSONALLY. 

She feels strongly about how she is living her life... and so she should.  
She has done amazingly well with her diet/lifestyle and should be proud of herself.
And I am going to leave it at that.

Right, I've gone from feeling a bit down to really happy!
I am picking Keera up this afternoon and she is staying with us until tomorrow night.  Lacy has a friend visiting from Tauranga and they would like to do a few things without having a tiny baby in tow.... so how neat!  I can cluck over baby for at least 24 hours.

Hmmm... I better tell Stew now!  lol
I wonder if he will be just as chuffed as me???

DANG!!!  It's been sunshine all day, and bang on 3pm when the kids are on their way home from school it starts to piss down bucketloads!  Grrrrr.  Oh well... at least it's FRIDDAY eh!  Their uniforms can go straight into the washing machine.

NOW... It's time to go and pick up Miss Muppet!

It's been a lovely evening.  I made pies for dinner, and then we just watched TV while caring for Miss Muppet. 
I've got the night shift, so am sleeping on the couch so Stew gets to sleep.  I don't mind, the couch is really comfy!

End of Day:  another up and down day... but I am used to it.  So happy to be looking after Keera, she's such a wee doll.
nite nite


  1. Well said Chris. I wear tunics and tights and have never considered myself an old lady. Who is this person with such a high opinion of herself!!!!!

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Bex looks great! And Steve... well yes, a bit of a dork but he's a thinker... most people would have left the cot at the shop and got it the next day!!

    Well must away to work - have to go and get into my fat old lady clothes! Who would have thought... I guess that's why they have tunics and leggings and baggy tops in the likes of glassons etc. surely lots of "old" people are buying up a storm from those shops... oooh and I must let my nieces know they are dressing like old ladies too - seeing as they are 17 and 18 they will be shocked!


    Happy Days!


  3. That quilt is looking awesome! You are so talented Chris.
    The cot is nice - love the dark wood. Made me laugh him in the back under the cot! Kiwi thinking there!
    That is an interesting comment about baggy tops and tunics from the blogger.

  4. I love that Steve is so excited that he had to get it bought, brought home and put together right now. He will be a good dad.

  5. OMG Steve... that is too funny. I totally "get" where Bex is coming from, I couldn't wait to "show" when first pregnant.

  6. :) Love you Chris...but so gutted I missed out in a rant! Lol!

  7. Chris - you don't need to publish this - just wanted to see that you are ok and thinking of you.
    It is hard when we are angry at ourselves for what we have done through our eating and even harder when we continue to eat the "wrong" food - I know I think what the fuck! - Fat already!
    But we can do this - we have done it we just need to find the right head space!
    Good luck!

  8. Yay I am glad you two have been sorting this out. Enjoy the nice sunny day while it lasts.

  9. Yay I am glad you two have been sorting this out. Enjoy the nice sunny day while it lasts.

  10. Anonymous1:10 PM

    There always seems to be good doses of laughter of your place. The excitement is contagious with Steve and Bex's baby, as was with Keera coming. How lovely you guys get to mind Keera this weekend, enjoy! Cheers Glenys

  11. OMG go steve good thinking tho love the cot.
    Missed the rant too but can imagine, glad u have worked through it, Chris just take each day as it comes and do whats best for you :). OH im glad you get to baby fuss for a few days too enjoy!!

  12. Hi Chris, I hope you are having a better afternoon, sometimes controversy creates controversy if you know what I mean. L is passionate about her cause, justified by her successes. You are justified in how you feel at that moment because it effected you in that moment.glad you and she sorted it out..Just saying! Please don't take offence. You know I have huge admiration for you in all you do and all you are.

  13. I love hearing about your family and all of the excitement! Steve will make a great dad!

    Hang in there with the food. It will happen when it's supposed to. Just keep thinking "healthy" and you will be fine.

    Love the quilt! You are so dang creative!

  14. Bex looks so cute with her little belly. In my day, all the maternity cloths were like tents. Things have changed and the clothes are so cute now.

  15. I love Bex' maxi dress, she looks stunning.

  16. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I think Bex and Steve make a GREAT couple... I really hope they can pull off their plan A.... they child will be a lucky kid with lovely parents (& lovely grandparents too of course). Steve cracks me up!!

    Have a good weekend Chris!

  17. Bex's baby bump and blue top is
    Beautiful, BUT the maxi dress is stunning, the cot and Steve is too cute for words, hope you and your ever growing family have a lovely weekend.

  18. Bex looks so beautiful! She is a very lucky girl as Steve will be an amazing husband and father just like Stu. I can't wait for my cousin to have her baby as there just are not many around in my family as the moment to cluck over however I'm loving all your baby snaps :) Have an awesome weekend!

  19. Miss keera is so adorabke, i'm envious of all that hair, my kids were always blonde wirh fine hair, seems like i passed the gene on.

    will send an email regarding other matters.

    You are a good friend and love you lots. we've been bloggers foe a long time and met, and for me thats what counts the most. xxx

  20. Nancy Medina, NY8:58 PM

    Who is this person that keeps upsetting you Chris? Just let me know..... I'm a champion boxer, you know!!

  21. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Oooh they are a lovely couple , what is their plan A???? being nosy of course.

    Love Bex in her dress, how can she carry those stripes of so well,

    Where do you get all the pictures from to do your quilt.?

    and you having miss muppet how wonderful ,, very jealous here.

    hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    Joan UK

  22. Be looks fantastic and Steve is a hoot! I love the cot! Beautiful quilt Chris, your talents always amaze me.

  23. Hi Chris, I love your quilt the animals are so bright and clear, Bex looks lovely in her maternity clothes thay are so pretty these days, I too remember the days when I wanted people to see my belly and know I was pregnant, now I would give anything to get rid of my belly, I do not like being overweight and I too have days when I hate myself but I still find it difficult not to eat rubbish I like cakes and puddings, but I am trying very hard to get myself in shape because I would love to want to go shopping for clothes instead of dreading it. Jillx

  24. He's a bit of a nutter, your Steve, isn't he? :)

  25. I just wanted to send you some support Chris. It's hard not to take a post personally when A: you're a regular reader/commenter on a blog and B: posts are regularly peppered with "some of you" and "if you haven't got it by now" and other slightly condescending references to people out in blog-land who are not on EXACTLY the same page.
    There is not one right way and you will find the way that is right for you without being School Marmed into anything!
    Forget the coke...YOU rock!

  26. Anonymous8:38 PM

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