Saturday, August 18, 2012


When Lacy and Keera were here this week I got to see baby having a bath... and she now loves it!

ABOVE:  I just love how Lacy looks at her baby with such love, and ya know what?  Keera looks at her Mummy so intently and gives Lacy masses of smiles, it's so darling.

ABOVE:  See?  Keera loves her Mummy... She's got a cute wee smile for her Mum.

ABOVE: I'm sure Keera was trying to laugh!

 ABOVE:  I know... how many bath photos do I need to put up???  Trouble is, there are just so many GORGEOUS ONES, it's hard to choose only one or two!

But OK... I'll stop with the bath shots!  
Here is Bex looking a bit tired the other night....

ABOVE:  I don't know why, but the dogs just love lying on her!  I can be in the chair right next to her, but do they sit on me??? *sigh*

TODAY:  Get all the washing done, always a bigger job on the weekend.
Stew wants to get the lawns mown, our's and Lacy's.  That will take him a while.
Doubt we will go out, we are all a bit tired after a long week.


What can I say about today?  Long.  I've got another freakin headache... and it sure wasn't helped by us doing the damn grocery shopping I can tell ya!

Thank god we only do it once a fortnight.  Saturday, what a SHIT day to do it too.. every man and his dog was in the supermarket ... I came close to screaming a few times.

I'm now going to lie down and hopefully get rid of the headache.
Poor Stew feels as knackered as me, but he's got to do the lawns now, just in case it rains tomorrow and he can't do them again.

I didn't lie down.  *sigh*   Stew is using the weedeater and it's making a hooah of a noise, so I did an update on PEPSI instead.


KAREN:  I got the Giraffe from Farmers.

Stew didn't get around to Lacy's lawns afterall.... once he had done our's he didn't feel like doing more. 
And I did get a lie down after he finished the lawns, and now feel much better.

End of day: I just had a lovely, but quick Skype session with Tess.  Because Sienna is so clingy it's a bit difficult when Russ or Haylea are not there to help with her.  But I did manage to see her and Bodhi... which was neat.
nite nite.


  1. Those bath pictures are totally precious!!

  2. love the photos of lacy and keera, just precious.

  3. OK, those baby photos are the CUTEST. I feel clucky now, but NO MORE for meeeee xxxxx

  4. awww she is such a sweetie. Enjoy your at home day.

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Beautiful photos. Keera is such a cute little doll.

  6. Those photos of lacy and Keera are just adorable lot of live and hugs x x x x

  7. Poor Stew. TWO yards to look after. He's such a blessing! Ya gonna make more pies this weekend? Because I love looking at your pie pics. Yummm.

    Keera looks a LOT like her mum. Which is a good thing. Hugs always to you Chris!

  8. The baby photos are delightful just delightful, wehad 3 day karate championships ended to day Samuel got 2 2nd place and a MOST improved technique in Intermediate section and a trophy so he wrapt!

  9. Chris, just a suggestion but is it worth you and Stew doing the groceries on a weeknight? It might be a bit quieter, and Steve could keep an eye on the kids. My mother used to sneak out and do it at 8pm on a Thursday night and leave us with Dad. She would sneak out the back door so we didn't know, although sometimes we caught her sneaking past our bedroom window! If we went it took longer plus we would ask for stuff.

    Hope you get a good sleep tonight!

    Penny xo

  10. Just wondering if you could let me know where you got the giraffe as I am going to a baby shower for a friend who is having a boy and I would LOVE to get one for her if I could...
    Poor Stew having to look after 2 lawns :)
    Hope you got rid of your headache!
    And yes those bath photos are precious!

  11. Those pictures of Lacy and Keera in the bath are just adorable. What beautiful photos. Glad everything is going so well.

  12. Have you ever heard of the program where they teach babies to swim very young? That would be cool!


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