Sunday, August 19, 2012


The following are lots of photos of Tess, Sienna and wee Bodhi that I snapped off Skype last night:

ABOVE: Little Miss Sienna, she's such a wee dot...  I got waves from her last night... and she tried to type too!  My computer's sound is knackered, so I could not hear them, they had to type their side of the conversation.  Such a drag.

 ABOVE:  Tess is looking great, she's lost about 10 kilos since Bodhi was born!  That is an amazing loss in only a month.

ABOVE: Little Bodhi, photo is a bit blurry, but it is only a Skype photo after all.

 ABOVE:  he looks a lot like Russell... except Russell had dark hair like Keera.

ABOVE: he's just a toy as far as Sienna is concerned!

ABOVE:  Sienna just wants to poke him, and hog all Mum's attention.  Perfectly normal for a 15 month old who's had her Mum away in hospital for a while.  And she has an ear infection too... poor bubba.

ABOVE: last one.... hopefully we can Skype again and actually see Bodhi with his eyes open! 

ABOVE:  I got spoilt last night... Griffin wanted to give me a foot massage!  And of course as soon as I take me socks off Teddy gets in on the act too!  He's a weird dog!

TODAY:  I'm going out to the airport to pick up Felicity (blog friend) who is coming up for just one day and night to see a friend in town.  I'm going to take her to Sylvia Park for lunch, then we can kill a couple of hours looking around town/shops before she has to be at the Motel to meet her friend.

So... should be a nice day!


Run down of today:

- Felicity's plane arrived an hour early, but as we are only 15 minutes from the airport, I got there pretty quick.

- Once I picked her up we popped into Lacy's so Felicity could see Keera.

- Then on to Sylvia Park for lunch and a natter... well actually we nattered non stop pretty much for 4 hours!  lol

- After lunch I took her up to One Tree Hill in Greenlane so she could take in the view of Auckland.  But there was no parking at the top so she had to make do with looking out the car's window!

- Then we went down to the waterfront and stopped at Mission Bay for one of the famous Movenpick Ice Creams!

- After that I was going to head off and go over the Harbour Bridge so she could at least say she had been over it... BUT me bladder had other ideas!

So I got off the motorway at Greenland with the intention of using the bathroom at McDonald's in Greenlane.

The lights went from Green to Red just as we got up to the major intersection, and as I SIMPLY COULD NOT HOLD ON ANY LONGER... I jumped out of the car and ran for it!  Felicity had to run around the car and jump in the driver's seat and get the car through the intersection once the lights turned green again!  

I was a little bit embarrassed about ditching her in the car... but it was that or piddle on the  seat!  Seriously, I felt I took the best option!  lol

I can laugh about it now, but at the time is was really embarrassing!!!

- After that fiasco, we did indeed go over the Harbour Bridge.

- Then we got off the motorway in the city, as she is staying in an inner city motel.  ONLY. ... I got a wee bit lost!  So we had to get back on the motorway and backtrack a bit until I could get off at the right point.  After that is was easy to find her motel.

- I hope it is not another 5 years before I see her again!  She's a lovely Chick, and looks AMAZING after her weight loss!   I would never have recognised her on the street, that's for sure!

I have a couple of photos:

ABOVE:  Keera was just fed, and pretty much asleep...

 ABOVE:  Felicity laughing, it was lovely to see her so very happy!

ABOVE:  getting our ice creams!  Doesn't she look a million dollars!  I wish she lived closer, she's an inspiration!  I think she has lost close to 100 kilos?  Something like that anyway!  AMAZING.  

Last night/early this morning... Stew has been snoring something ROTTEN!  I see why he got kicked out of the camp bedroom!  OMG he's really loud at the moment.
Hope like hell he isn't that bad tonight!  Or I might have to thump him.... lots!

End of Day:  it's been a really lovely day.  And best of all, the really bad weather held off until tonight ... so it didn't stuff up our day!  yaaaa.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    What wonderful photos, Gorgeous children ......your poor daughter-in-law does look shattered though. Hope she can manage to get some rest.


  2. Bodhi is home and completely well now?

  3. OMG! Can you please send Griffin down to me? I LOVE foot massages and Stephan won't do them! :)
    Love the skype photos :) Bodhi is looking so cute!

  4. Tess looks fabulous!! So glad that Bodhi is home and doing well. I have a little phobia of people touching my feet. Eeekkk

  5. Enz- Bodhi is home and is recovering he still has a cough but seems to be improving daily. He has had a gp check up on Friday and has another on Tuesday to check that the urine infection is clear as his next Pead appointment is not till the 27th at the hospital. Over all im really happy with his improvement thanks for asking.

    . Also just wanted to say thank you to all of Chris's followers that have had us in there thoughts and prayers it really meant a lot .

  6. Nigella from Nigeria7:48 PM

    Cor blimey! Lost 100 kilos? Man, she was massive! She looks great!

  7. Sienna is truly impishly cute and her eyes and smile who could not fall in love witht hat face!! Gawd lucky you made the P stop in time eh! A busy day for you all round.

  8. Great that you caught up with Felicity,she is an awesome women. She looks fantastic. Great also that Bodhii is on the mend.

  9. Glad you had a fantastic time with Felicity - I would not have recognised her either. She looks fabulous and she wears that smile well ;)

    Convince her to move north.... You know you can!

  10. Looks like a great time minus the bathroom fiasco!


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