Monday, January 23, 2012


Right now you would not believe it was summer here in New Zealand!
Yesterday a cold front came up from the south and hit the country.  There was snow falling in the South Island, and we sure felt the chill factor in Wellington yesterday, and Palmerston North too.

Brrrrrr.... I am cold!  Totally did not expect to be cold in the middle of summer.

*sigh*... anyway, heres a few photos from our trip to Wellington yesterday:

ABOVE:  view heading into Wellington city... not as pretty as our Auckland... but still OK.

ABOVE: the stadium in downtown Wellington.  It's 'real' name is the Westpac Stadium, but EVERYONE calls it 'The Cake Tin'... for obvious reasons.  lol

ABOVE:  two Lifeguards on duty down at the waterfront.... but there was NOT A SOUL on the beach swimming!  It was freezing.  I felt really sorry for the two lifeguards, having to sit there all day in the freezing wind and rain!  Maybe they got to go home when it totally pissed down?

ABOVE:  the only 'excitement' of the day!  A fire truck racing by while we sat and waited for Stew to get the kids some food.

ABOVE:  'Picnic' in the car.  Mike being a doofus with his salad.  lol

ABOVE:  the wild and rugged Wellington coastline.  It was even more turbulent a few hours earlier.

TODAY:  probably go into town, check out some more shops (yaaaa) and have lunch with Mike and Joyce again.  Try to spend as much time with Mike as we can because we head home tomorrow.


Sandra C and her hubby went to a car show in Wanganui yesterday... it was an overcast day, with scattered showers.....

ABOVE:  AND... she got horribly sunburnt!  Our sun here is so potent!  She is in pain!

Well, what  a differnet day we are having today!  Glorious sunshine... and not a lot of wind.
We have been out and about quite a bit, had lunch in town with the girlfriends, Mike and Joyce.

AND... I did something today that I have been thinking of doing for a while now, I just needed the prompt... and I got that the other day.
So, this afternoon I did something I hadn't done in about 10 years.... MORE on that tomorrow.

One of our other girlfriends, Anne, popped in to visit us this afternoon too, which was lovely.
I took a couple of photos of us, will post them tomorrow too.

End of Day: a really lovely day, scary in parts!
ON TRACK:  amazing eh?  lol
nite nite.


  1. Hopefully those life guards were enjoying their time not having to be on guard ;)

    Sucks that it's cold on your vacation!

  2. OMG, Sandra C's sunburn looks AWFUL....that must hurt a lot.
    I hope you are having a good time despite the cold. The beach looks too pretty to miss.

  3. OMG that looks so painful.....

  4. Oh my God Sandra!!!!!! Cloudy days are the worst. Never go out without some sunblock on. I just use Oil of Olay (with sunblock) every day regardless of the weather. It is just part of what I do and boy oh boy, does it stop me getting caught like this. Obviously at the beach I put on the proper high power stuff but its the times you don't realise that you get caught. Poor you.

  5. Ouch!! That's the worst sunburn I have seen in a long time, poor bugger. Shame about the weather but hope you are enjoying yourselves.

  6. Poor Sandra! E-Gads! that does look like it hurts like the devil!! Your New Zealand is so pretty. Love the beach area with the little sitting wall. That is really neat!! Hope you drove home safe!!...debbie

  7. O Golly - what a sunburn-OUCH! Was she trying to outdo your sunburn? :-)

    O Man- what ?????? I can't come up with words for what my eyes are seeing with these pictures. That looks like Heaven to me? LOL :-)

    It is only fair that IF I have Cold - then you get to have some too? Bet you don't agree ! LOL

    I like the nickname of The Cake Tin - fits, doesn't it??? And that first picture seems only appropriate for both of us with our love of blue- totally awesome!
    Hope you are enjoying yourself.

  8. Poor Sandra! That looks really painful, and just goes to show how sneaky the New Zealand sun is. All the judgement aimed at people that get burnt is really ill-founded in my humble opinion, it is so easy to get burnt here. I hope it settles down for her soon. Penny xo

  9. Oh my god... tell her to take panadol for it - I had the same thing - and aloe vera on it seems to soothe it.. poor thing!!! ouchies.


  10. Anonymous6:16 PM

    The designer of the cake tin didnt have much imagination! I take it Sandra didnt wear sunscreen? You still get burnt on overcast days! I got sunburnt recently on the chest like Sandra, (but I have always worn a tinted sunscreen on my face) in the middle of a restaurant, behind a big fishtank! It was a rainy day, but I put it down to the suns rays must have been magnified though the fishtank glass! WOMBAT

  11. So the scary part - was it getting a tattoo?

  12. Chris

    Just putting it out there ! I bet you got a tattoo !! Can't wait for your next post. Take care Martine x

  13. I thirds for the tattoo hmmmmmmm one of New Zealand if I remember rightly. Or is that Stew Wellington looks very ominus in the dark.

  14. Short but great to catch up today Chris (and family)!

  15. I used to be a lifeguard, and I'm pretty sure they enjoy those days.
    I always love your photos!

  16. Have a wonderful holiday, hope the weather shines for you.

  17. OMG that looks so painful! Remind me if I ever come to visit to slather up with the SPF 1000!


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