Monday, January 02, 2012


Last night after dinner, I was salivating (drooling) constantly ... thinking about the bag of jellybeans Stew had bought me.  

They were right beside me in the lounge.
I thought about them.
I imagined eating some.


Cos then I would only be hurting myself.  My resolve held and I am so bloody happy with myself for NOT eating them.

ABOVE:  I got them and said to Stew "What do we do with these?"
He said "Eat them!" with this expectant look on his face....
Ahhh, NO we don't! 
I think the consensus it that the kids will eat them.

ABOVE: 33 YEARS AGO TODAY, I gave birth to my first baby.  Amanda, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.   I hope you have a good day, and if you are working... may the day goes fast so you can enjoy some time with your family.

As for what we are doing today, no plans yet, but I think some menu planning would be a good idea.  That way there is no excuse to do the 'easy' thing and just have 'whatever'.  
Planning and sticking to my resolve is going to be paramount to winning.

And like Charlie Sheen... I want to be winning! lol


QUESTION: how do you work out the Pro Points value of a food when it is not in the book?  With the old system you calculated the saturated fat X kilojoules on your little 'slider' and it gave you the points.

I'm such a twit!  Look what I just found:  

ABOVE:  I already have a Pro Points Calculator!  Derrrrr.   Off to read the instructions now.  lol

ABOVE:  Look who finally came home!  He has had a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year with his girlfriend and her family. He even went fishing with his girlfriend's Dad and two brothers, I must show you a photo of the 'catch' once I find it.  Lucky bugger.

I have spent the afternoon reading up on me WW books... the new books I didn't bother to read when I got them, cos I was so anti Pro Points!  *sigh*
Now, I shall embrace the new and kick the old to the curb!  
I found another calculator and a brand new, not even opened Points Pedometer!  Such a wasteful tart I am.

The NEW calculator is going to get lots of use, as you need to know the points value of crap in tins, jars and so on.  
I'm still a bit dubious about 'free' fruit and veges, so will 'count' them like I am used to I think.

End of Day:  I can't imagine anything else happening for the day, so will sign off now.  
It's been a good day.
ON TRACK. 2 points under from total allowed for the day.  Feeling a bit hungry, but not starving.
nite nite


  1. All the best to you and the family for 2012. And yes I think you're dead right - planning is the key. Good luck to you and Stew on your journey. You know you can do it - so just do it ! Xx

  2. Well done to you hope todays weather holds a bit of fine stuff we have ducks feet forming!!!!

  3. Way to start strong Chris! Good for you. I hope the kids get those jelly beans eaten fast.

  4. Awesome news regarding the jelly beans - so proud of you!
    One day at a time or one moment at a time and before ya know it you are where you want to be!
    Good luck with the menu planning!
    Weather stillnot the best aye - I am hoping to go for a bike ride today but not looking good.

  5. Way to go!! Temptation is a bugger, but you can beat it one moment at a time! :o)

  6. Throw them away!! Outside!

  7. Good on you Chris, you will be fine! 100gr of jelly beans is 10 points BTW! :D

  8. Good for you, Chris! Way to hold off and start out the New Year strong! I'm rooting for you!



  9. Good job. It's so hard to resist those 'ín your face' lollies after a few days indulging in whatever you feel like.

    You are going to do well.

    Many Happy Returns of your first child's birthday.


  10. O Chris!!!!!!!!!
    Bravo, bravo, bravo for your resolve! I don't think I could have held my ground with a bag of jelly beans so close. But???? so far this "year" I have not caved in either.

    So, when DH wakes up I have beans in the crockpot and a pan of cornbread in the oven. OPPPS, I forgot about exercise???? It is drizzling rain outside? :() What to do - you KNOW we also need exercise of some form- ok- I did 5 pull ups and it was not easy . Especially with my sheltie trying to sit on my chest- she thought it was some kind of game?????

  11. Happy New Year to you Chris, and good going on the jellybeans. (I love the expression on Stew's face in the photo! He has the gleeful expression of a little boy!)

    I'm about to return to extreme low carb Paleo to knock off the 9 - 10 kilos that seem to have snuck back on over the year. It seems to work for me - whan I can stick to it!

  12. Good luck with the healthy eating! I think getting Stew on board will be a really good thing for both of you. If you want anymore of those pills (slim pomegranate), just purchase them from Ebay. Heaps of my friends have had great success with them and they are good for maintaining too. You can do this! Put up a photo on the fridge of before and after:) You can be back to where you want to be, mid year if you go hard. I look forward to the daily progress updates!

  13. So, you are weight-watchers-ing in 2012? That's point calculator gadget looks kind of cool. I'm sure you'll figure it out.


  14. Well done on giving WW another go, Chris. Imgaine that the old points is a completely different method and focus on the propoints. Once you get the hang of it you will find it far less restrictive (and therefore more sustainable) than the old way. As for the fruit ... it's designed for you to snack on a piece of fruit when hungry rather than a biscuit. It's not meant to be eaten willy nilly.

    I'll see you at goal!

    And good on you for the jelly beans. I refuse to treat my body like a rubbish bin any longer!

  15. Jelly beans are tempting little nuggets. Wishing you well in the new year on your goals...

    Happy New Year!

    Moved my blog to wordpress>

  16. I'm glad you are embrassing the pro points. I think WW have moved with the times and it is good to go with the new. Soon it will be normal for you. I know you understand not to eat the 'bad' stuff so you will be fine. I'm really glad Stu is on board to except for those jelly beans... EVIL!!

  17. CHRIS!!!! Give the new points system a 100% chance will you tart ! Fruit is FREE, enjoy! Not ALL veg are, enjoy the ones that are!

  18. Good girl! Oh gosh i love jelly beans, but they are just sugar aren't they? Nothing beneficial forour bodies.

  19. PLEASE don't count your fruit & free'll be wasting valuable points. They're already taken into account the fruit etc.

    Trust me...even on the weeks when I eat ALL my daily points and ALL my 49 extra weekly points, I still lose weight.

    Enjoy the free can make or break your success!

    Good for you for not eating those jellybeans!!

  20. well done on the no Jelly bean time you will find it easier.

    did you work the calculator out?

    As for freee veg and fruit....try doing it the way it was said...Free just for a month
    See when they worked out how many points you should eat they worked it out on the Friut and veg being free....if you count it you muck up the numbers

    the old system and new system dont mix they are two different ways

    Let me know if you need more convincing

  21. It's a strong woman who can stick to her guns! Kudos to you, Chris! I have much work ahead of me, and I will probably come whining to you for support. Best wishes to you and your lovely family in 2012!

  22. I'm hungry just reading about the points system. Today I skipped breakfast (woke up late), ate a light lunch and had a full dinner. And I feel hungry. This eating less is so hard. If I cook more I'll definitely lose weight because I don't like to eat my own food. Must. Be. Strong.

  23. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Personally I would count the fruit.... not so much the veg (not including potatoes). Everyone knows that too much fruit, although healthy, have hidden calories. They will make you put on the weight. For example, bananas, although high in potassium are also extremely fatten (one being around 120 cals). Don't misunderstand, I am not saying don't eat them, you should, especially when it's between a banana and a chocolate BUT too many in your system turn to fat. I don't understand WW pro point system and I don't have that thingy calculator but trust me, they are not so 'free food' as they say. Cut out all fats, oils and sugars. Best of all, exercise.

  24. As for the jelly bean, which I too love,....outta sight...outta mind. Your son must have had a great time visiting with his girlfriend. Must be serious if he's met the entire family!! lol Cute pic of the pooches. Hang in there on the diet. Don't call it a diet - just say your cutting back. It's easier I think to think of it that way...debbie


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